What is the last gun that you bought?

Actually two at same time. Wife bought two 1968 "No name/Sneak" Finn M39 rifles. She paid $400.00 each for them and they are like new, nice to see milsurps with square cut rifling right at the muzzle.

Hang Fire, you've got a great woman there! I need to see if Mrs. Hemi would embrace that sort of shopping!
A NIB Classic Hunter 629-2, 6" unfluted cylinder, full lug .44 magnum, on gunbroker. Just waiting for the gun to arrive at my FFL.
two weeks ago I picked up a less than a year old used CZ-75b like new in box with CZ cocobolo wood grips on it and all the do-dads that come with a new pistol. Less than 480 out the door from a gun store no less.

Love that store, he keeps prices down and even sells AR-15's for pre-panic prices when he can get them in. Of couse people line up over night for them....
2nd one in the last 30 days - a Gen 2 Glock 19. It was filthy when I picked it up but cleaned up up like new.
I picked up a Ruger Gunsite Scout. Been wanting to add one since they were announced. Very happy with it. 308 ammo seems to be a bit hard to find at the moment though.
Just picked up a Stevens 200 in 30-06 with a scope today. Dunham's Sports had em on sale today 289 bucks cant wait to try it out.
I just remembered! My mom GAVE me a Colt Woodsman, a Browning Nomad, and a Colt Buntline 22 LR just last month.

Course, I did not buy those, but they are new to me. And having a great time shooing them!
Told my neighbor I wanted to get a trap and skeet gun, he made me an offer I could not refuse to buy his Mosberg Silver Reserve 12ga.



I have only shot clays a couple of times with my 870 pump, but it was fun now I have a reason to get out and do it more.
How about a 1981 AK47 parts kit matching numbers with barrel? Not technically a gun because its not put together yet. before that was a old exposed hammer double barrel shotgun. Actually got a pair of them for 100 bucks! jim