What is the last gun that you bought?

Ordered one of these yesterday. Darn good deal for a nice quality single stack…

In MD we have a 1 week waiting period that starts after you do the background check paperwork. A local FFL with the lowest transfer fees requires an appointment for transfers, they can be hard to reach (the phone usually goes to voicemail) and they don't seem to check voicemail often (i.e. it can take a while to actually get an appointment). Buds can sometimes take about a week to process an online purchase before they ship it, and then shipping takes a few days. All that came together so that I only picked up a gun Saturday that I bought a month or so ago.

So, on Saturday I picked up my new Beretta PX4 Storm .45.

Also on Sat., I bought a Taurus 66 at a different local store that I can pick up next Sat.
Ordered one of these yesterday. Darn good deal for a nice quality single stack…

Killer deal. My buddy has the .45 ACP version and loves it, just sent him the link.
Killer deal. My buddy has the .45 ACP version and loves it, just sent him the link.
Gifted my CW45 to one of my sons several years ago.
He carries it concealed to his house renovation projects because most of them are located in sketchy areas of Austin.
Two months ago he was forced to brandish it while running a very aggressive & threatening trespasser out of a valuable family property.
Luckily he did not have to do anything more than let the a-hole know he was armed.
Of course Son immediately called the police to report the event, which was the second occurrence.
Just after holidays and strapped for cash, I traded a Ruger GP100 5" plus $200 for a S&W Model 65-2 3" 357 magnum. Never shot that Ruger much anyway & I've got a weakness for 3" K frames. Now I guess I'll have to change my Avatar.
Love those K frame .357 wheel guns. My 4” Model 13, now owned by my son, was pretty sweet.

First purchase of 2024. Walked into GS and there was a used S&W 442 for sale that was owned by one of the GS workers. I bought it because it does not have the lock to replace my 442 that has the lock, which will now be a good one for range practice. Both shown below. Funny, I started with a 642 and traded it in for a 442 because the silver back strap of the 642 was too obvious in my pocket opening.
Last week was a Smith & Wesson model 52-2 that looks darn near brand new.
This week am back to buying CZs.
Wow, never heard of the model 52-2 but a quick search says I would grab one if it comes up at the LGS
Been wanting and looking for a Swiss Hammerli for years. I always liked the way the old Walther Olympias. The Hammerli 212 looks very close to the Walther Olympia. There are not many Hammerli 212s coming up for sale nowadays. I have learned over the years, the first few months after Christmas is not the time to sell a firearm but it is an excellent time to buy one. Not a lot of extra money flowing this time of the year. Found this one for sale, placed a bid, and won the auction, with no one bidding against me. I think this Hammerli 212 is going to be one of my favorites. It is a true thing of beauty.
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