What is the last gun that you bought?

Now THAT IS COOL! I just just traded for an XD 45 Service. I had one before but I traded that one because I needed a Turkey Gun. This one's a keeper. But the last one was a keeper too. I was stupid...
These are just barrels. Do they count??

.44mag & .357mag Desert Eagle barrels, in the grease. Plus Master series ProHunter 2~6x32 scope.
the last gun that you bought?

Mauser CZ-96 (all matching numbers)with matching stock/holster and documents from War Department (July 1945)
have a S&W 15-3 2" nickel.......siting in a UPS truck as we speak :)

last gun, was actaully 5 guns I got at once, all S&W's, 585 4" ,Nickel bodyguard, 37 3" another 19-3 2.5" and 64 4"
The last gun I bought was my Mossberg 590 in April. Best damned shotgun(for my purposes) I've ever used. Before that, it was my Mosin Nagant M38 in March, and my AMD 65 in February.

But, I am buying a Bersa Thunder .380 here in a few hours. He bought it new about a month ago, put 50 rounds(25 of which were fired by me) through it, and decided he wants something else. $140 from a friend. I think I'm getting a pretty good deal.
Well, here's a picture of my last. Ruger 10/22, All Weather model, Bushnell 3-9x32 scope, extended mag, Butler Creek autoloader for steel lips mag. Have boresighted, need to take to range and zero this weekend.


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i've never bought any guns............. i don't own any guns................ NOW LEAVE ME ALONE....................................:neener:
Actually, it was probably a Crickett for the kids-- I did trade my Bersa T380 for a new Remington Express w/2 barrells, a box of chokes, a case, and $150---

Yesterday in the mail a Smith-Corona 1903A3, 9/43 on the barrel. Cleaned up real nice, washed the stock with hot soapy water, dried, litely took a fine steel wool pad and scrubed in some BLO, let dry and rubbed in some Birchwood Casy's stock wax. I oiled all the metal with WeaponShield.

Everything looks original except for the small R on the trigger. The bolt has a lightly struck X on top, The bore is nice and shiney with good lands and grooves. The rear sight had some light surface rust but a tooth brush and oil took care of that. It has black parkerizing and black blueing, 98% plus finish. A very nice looking rifle.

Yes pictures
Ruger LCP ..... yesterday. The XD40 was just to much for the 100+ weather right now. I'm not a big fan of small caliber firearms but a .380 is better than nothing at all.

LCP vs XD40
12 yard target
Last Bought

July: Colt Combat Elite (serial # just above the recall range).

May: Colt 1918 WWI replica: recalled, sent to Colt and returned in less than a week.

April: Kimber Eclipse Ultra II.