Whittaker Guns, Owensboro, KY

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Aug 20, 2006
Hey folks,

Have any of you dealt with Whittaker Guns before? They have a great price on a firearm I would like to purchase but wanted to get some feedback on how those guys are.

Thanks in advance!
Bought a CZ Kadet .22 conversion kit a few months ago from them. Upright and prompt, no complaints.
I have purchased, sold and traded many firearms and related items with them. I think they are one of the best if not the best store to buy from. I have to drive 90 miles one way to get there and do so about once a month. I don't think you will find better people to buy, sell or trade with.
Bought my CZ 527 from them, got the rifle in a week after placing the order on the phone, and that was paying via snail mail. No problems whatsoever – highly recommend.
I bought a used gun from them online/unseen. It was exactly as described over the phone. I'd use them again. I frequent their website often just in case something pops up.
It's the only shop I buy at...I drive close to an hour out of my way just to go there. Darryl's prices are pretty much second to none.

Their accessories are a bit pricey, but the prices on firearms are as good as you are going to get.

I was just in there yesterday actually.:)

There website SUCKS though...If you look at their website and go to their store, you'd see what I'm saying...That place is MASSIVE...The gun mecca of the tri-state.
Fantastic group of folks, I've bought several guns from them, one of which was a CZ 452 listed as "Having some damage to the stock". When I called they made the gun sound like it was pretty beat up and they had adjusted the price accordingly.

When it arrived it had 2 very minor, non deep scratches that were barely noticeable and which apparently knocked about $100 off of their already low prices.

Deal with confidence.
Good experience selling outright to them, and purchasing a handgun. Interesting 'huge' selection.
I'd read so many good things about them over the years that I didn't hesitate to send them a $1600 check for a Cooper Custom Classic. I'd do it again, too.

Have bought CZ452 mags from them. Good price, good service, friendly people over the phone.
Wow! Seems like they are a top notch dealer. Great! I will order from them with confidence. Thanks for all your feedback.
Another happy customer. Bought a CZ 452 from them. They were nice on the phone and shipped promptly.
jeez still a busy signal

maybe some back-hoe operator cut their phone lines

maybe the atf is on their ass
He's probably busy, hunting season just started here and a few wayard souls wait until the last minute to purchase guns & supplies.

They are great people to deal with and stand behind thier merchandise.
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Bought a CZ 452 from them. Answered questions on phone politely. Shipped immediately. Would buy from them again w/o hesitation.

Lots of good feedback on rimfirecentral.com
Been trying to call for days.... Busy signal. No email address on website. No 1-800 number. Schedule for shoots on website is for 2006! Are they even in business?
Yes they are in still open for business. Deer season starts tomorrow and I can imagine they are covered up. With something like 5000 guns in stock normally and probably closer to 7000 this week they will be very busy. I will say I've been there many times always very professional people to deal with. They have some of the best prices you will find anywhere and have a very good selection of used guns as well. Keep calling you'll get through and will be glad you did.
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