Would you find this interesting? Sporterized Amberg 1914 Kar 98 in .270 for $475


May 25, 2005
Colorado Front Range
A LGS has a 1914 Amberg Kar 98 (direct ancestor to the WWII Kar 98K) that was modified to a mid-grade sporter in probably the 50's or 60's. It has a non-cheek rest sporter stock, new .270 Win barrel and was fitted with a rear peep sight. The recoil pad is cracked and tired (not surprisingly), but the whole package looks good, and as definitely a few steps above the work completed by Bubba's Gunsmithing, Bait Shop, Dry Wall and Septic Services. The cool features include: factory 90° bolt handle, nice receiver markings, and all matching serialized parts (except, of course, the barrel and other missing forward metal), and pre-war / early-war action build quality. The original parts have not been refinished, and have a pleasant patina. What do you folks think?
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i have been shooting some of the newer cartridges in the newer rifles of today. aka savage axis in 6 arc and ruger predator in 6.5 grendel. while i like the performance i cannot stand the construction of them.
...nicely put buy the sporterized by bobo gun. no doubt in my mind....just saying
I really like sporterized bolt-action milsurps when done right. I own several myself. Most were already sporterized to some level before I got my hands on them. A picture would be cool like @JeffG mentioned.

For me, I would have to do a scope which means probably altering the bolt handle and drilling and tapping the receiver for bases. Factor in a new butt plate or pad and you're probably $200 ish over your purchase point. For that $ you could get a factory 270 but it wouldn't be unique. Is the trigger factory 2-stage or has it been changed out? If it's a original, I'd add that to my to-do list as well.
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I like vintage cars, newer car styling just can’t compare.

Similarly, I’d be inclined to buy a vintage military conversion over a new gun, if it was done well.
Generally sporterized milsurps don't interest me unless they are very lightly sporterized or very heavily customized.
Something like this:


The average D&T'd, rebarreled action dropped into one of those plain clunky aftermarket stocks that were so popular in the 70's doesn't hold any interest to me.