Your go to self defense pistol - what spare parts do you keep

What spare parts do you keep on hand for your self defense/competition pistol

  • None, just some extra mags

    Votes: 61 59.8%
  • A few action parts

    Votes: 36 35.3%
  • All action parts, slide, etc

    Votes: 5 4.9%

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I keep spares of all the springs that my glocks use. Spare recoil springs, trigger springs, firing pin springs, slide stops, mag catch spring so forth and so on. I also keep spare ejectors and extractors as well as spring cups because they are evil little things that like to get missing when taking the firing pin assembly apart.
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I don't have spare parts, I have spare guns. If something breaks or wears out, I fix it when I get around to it.

Generally, this ^^^

However, I am not opposed to picking up spare parts here and there where it is convenient, and I do have a few spare barrels for various guns. And lots of magazines.

Probably not a bad idea to buy spare parts like pins, extractors, hammers, springs, etc. My luck though that I would not be able to find them when I need them!
While having a second gun is gonna be the best answer, it doesn't occur to people that one might not be able to have 2 or 3 of the same guns laying around just in case. However another excellent reason to have extra guns is in case you were forced to use your ccw and it gets thrown into an evidence locker till doomsday
I keep a few extra springs and firing pins, but that's about it. I've only had one of each break on me over the years so I don't think it's a serious concern for someone like me. But if I were shooting thousands of rounds on a regular basis, I would definitely be better prepared.

For my carry spare gun, spare RSA, spare extractor and spring. A good rule of thumb is if something breaks buy two of them so you have a spare. RSA and magazines are expendable items, you should always have extra expendables on hand.
I don't specifically stock spare parts, because like others have mentioned, I have multiple firearms. With that said, I probably have enough odds and ends to fix most common problems with most of my autos. I know for sure that I have a spare striker for my XD, though I couldn't tell you why or how I came to have that, and I know I have a couple of extractors somewhere. I do not have any parts at all for my revolvers.
I have numerous guns that fill the role, so even if one breaks, the next one comes out to take its place.
I shoot Sig 1911. I have a back up for my main comp shooter, and a back up for that one if it happens to go down too.

be safe
If you shoot and or train enough you will eventually need spare parts. Or you will take several trips to fed ex to ship your guns back. Things break and things wear out. Not to mention that if you are a high volume shooter your guns need to be on a maintenance schedule. IE. when you reach rounds x,xxx you replace the recoil spring, when you reach round number xx,xxx you replace the trigger spring etc. It is called preventative maintenance. I do understand that most people do not reach that quantity of rounds in their guns but those that do typically have spare parts.

For example on my Glocks, at 5,000rds I replace my recoil spring and firing pin spring. At 10,000rds I replace the trigger spring, slide stop, mag catch spring etc. I just completed a 10,000rd service on My Glock 19 not too long ago.

I have spare guns also, but that doesn't mean there is no need for spare parts(for me).

Of course you could just send the gun back to the manufacturer and let them take care of it. Then you are out of a gun for a few days, or weeks , or months.

I have a Springfield xd service model in .40 S&W with 21,000rds through it. It broke twice on me. Yes, SA CS is excellent and did take great care of me. However, if I would have had the spare parts for it (which were hard to get at that time) I would have been able to fix it myself and put it back into service.

Another reason that I am Glock shooter now and have been for the last few years. Spare part are easy to find and they are easy to replace.
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My carry guns include J & K frame Smiths, Browning Hi-Powers, Glock 19s, and Kahr K9s. I don't keep spare parts but I do have a duplicate of every gun. Around town is one thing but if I'm going to be more than a few hours away from home I bring along the duplicate of whatever I'm carrying.
It depends on the gun. I usually wait until something gets broken, lost, or worn out. Then if the part is cheap, I might buy extras.

If there's one thing I have had bad luck with, it's trigger return springs in older DA milsurp pistols.
I went with all action parts, slide, barrel, frame, grips, sights, etc since I keep complete spare weapons....
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