Zero Brand Bullets?

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Oct 14, 2004
Are these guys out of business? Rose Distribution's and Zero's web sites are gone and everyone is out of stock.
I hope not as well, and cannot see how a bullet maker could go out of business in the last 5 years short of very poor management.

I think they are still just behind.
Both the sites are up now. It does say they are very busy and backlogged about 6 weeks.
steve4102, maybe you had a problem searching ROSE instead of ROZE. I was just at their site yesterday so I don't think it was down. In any case Zero bullets are excellent. I use the 230 gr. JHP in .45 ACP as well as the 125 gr. JHP in 9mm. As it states at the website, they are quite a few weeks behind. ;)
I buy tons of them for my 9MM and 357. They all are excellent bullets for a really reasonable cost. Shush ---Don't tell the masses, or I will have to wait even longer for my orders to ship.:eek:
steve4102, maybe you had a problem searching ROSE instead of ROZE.

No, I have them in my favorites. That came up , "Can't be found" so I did the Google, came up the same. Then I went to Zero"s web site and that was also "Not to be found"

I usually don't think twice about a site that is down as it happens all the time. But when both Roze and Zero were both not available, then I got worried.

As a positive they are both up and running now and I was worried for nothing, sorry.
Nice! These bullets look pretty good, will have to look into them some more. Thanks for telling me about them. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody that is part of the masses...
I recently recieved 4K 9mm Zero's and have been addicted to them for comp. Back-up is MG.

Their production is limited, so they rotate calibers they make, several times a year.
There is a period of months that 124/125gr 9mm Zeros are NOT being manufactured and can't be found anywhere. March through a couple months ago as one example for my favorite.
I used to buy a lot of zero's bullets and resell them but they really jacked up their prices for dealers so that they are only a couple dollars less than their retail prices. I sold tons of them and everyone seemed to like them quite a bit.
Yup, good bullets. Been buying them for years and used that brand for my "stash" bullets. Simply a good jacketed product for the price....
I have received 5,000 230 grain FMJ from Zero (Roze) over the last week. They shipped the day after I placed the orders. 2,000 in the first order, 3,000 in the second.

They come back in stock pretty frequently from what I have seen.

I only wish I had found out about them sooner. I also use Precision Delta, but they have raised their price $20 per thousand in less than a year. If not for that I probably wouldn't have found Zero in the first place.
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