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1920s/30s Pistol Suppressors

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms and Accessories' started by 7.62mm.ak47, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. 7.62mm.ak47

    7.62mm.ak47 New Member

    I've tried to check into which handguns could be fitted with a silencer from the "gangster era" but I haven't had much luck. I know a Maxim had a few models out but nothing specific. Does anyone know which calibers or handguns could have a can attached? Thanks.
  2. kingcheese

    kingcheese New Member

    first to come to mind is a 1911, 1920-1930 era handguns that could be suppressed would have you limitted in terms of american made stuff, mostly revolvers and not many of thoose can be suppressed
  3. bcp280z

    bcp280z New Member

    A Luger perhaps? Or a few of the many, many, early, Brownings and Berettas, I dunno if there's any truth in them for I don't have one, but there are a few suppressed in games in movies ;)
  4. AethelstanAegen

    AethelstanAegen New Member

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