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2005 Reloading Review and Observations.

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Peter M. Eick, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Peter M. Eick

    Peter M. Eick Well-Known Member

    Well 2005 is over so I finished up the reloading spreadsheet and noticed a few observations. 2005 was a weak reloading year. I shot a lot more then I loaded. I only reloaded 15,751 rounds in 2005, but I shot 16,737 rounds. The ammo pile is getting smaller so I will really have to pick up the pace in loads this year.

    I am currently out of ammo in the following calibers: 10mm, 40 s&w, 25-06, 357Sig, and 12 gauge. As a corollary, I shot the most of 10mm (3750 rnds), 40s&w (2009 rnds), 38 special (1586 rnds), and 357 Sig (1500 rnds).

    I found a new powder Trail Boss that seems to be replacing most of my fast powders for revolvers.

    I only added back in 1 caliber in 2005, ie: the classic 30/30 winchester. No new pistol calibers added to the reloading equipment.

    I started using an RCBS Lockout die for all less then half full loads. Works great!

    I started using Redding profile crimper dies for all revolver calibers in 2005.

    I am still shooting a lot of AA7 and AA9 for the 10mm and the 357Sig. These are the powders I bought the most of. 2400 is the next one for the 357magnum. Bullseye is still the favorite for 45acp, Power Pistol for 9mm and 40, and Trail Boss is the new favorite for the revolvers.

    Reloading goals for 2006?
    1) Get all brass into a loaded state and build up the stock pile.
    2) Try to reduce my stash of powders down to just a few or at most 1 per caliber.
    3) Start to learn up on casting lead bullets and start to cast my own in 2007.

    Any of you all have observations from 2005 and goals for 2006 you want to share?
  2. dakotasin

    dakotasin Well-Known Member

    my goal would be to be so organized that i could make use of a spreadsheet for my loading and shooting!

    i burned a lot of rl-22 - more than any other powder. this is the first time in 3 years that rl-25 didn't have the top spot.

    i burned a significant amount of power pistol. the first time since i started reloading that 2400 wasn't the most used powder for handguns.

    i added maybe a half dozen rifle and pistol calibers, which brings my total number of dies up to a lot - i have more dies on hand than all but the most well-stocked gun shops. not sure if that is a bitch or a brag, but there it is.

    30 cal 165 grain bullets were 2005's most-used bullet, unseating the 162 grain 7mm for the first time in 6 years.

    goals for '06:
    i need to shoot more 22's, so i have decided that a 1000 yard prairie dog out of my ar-15 is top priority.

    i want to add 2-3 dies at the absolute most. this will require an incredible amount of discipline because i load for every gun i have, which means my gun shopping has got to be carefully executed... which is asking a lot out of a gun addict to not buy so many guns... very unusual for me to not have 2 new guns at any given moment - 1 for me to work on, and 1 that is in the mail for a gunsmith's consideration...

    last goal is i want to shoot 1500 yard targets out of one of the 7 rums. this will probably bring the 7mm 162 grain bullet back to the top of the pile, and will probably put rl-25 or retumbo back in the drivers seat...
  3. TooTaxed

    TooTaxed Well-Known Member

    After looking at all those canisters of different...and expensive!...powders Ive accumulated over the last 50 or so years...I FINALLY got smart! Checked my shooting test data, and standardized on #231 for everything from 9-mm MAK to .45 Colt, and #4895 for all rifle from .223 NATO through 8-mm.

    Bonuses...MUCH cheaper, as I buy in bulk. No more risk of mistaking one powder for another...it's obvious which one is in the powder measure. Gained a LOT of space, which I can fill with other gun stuff.

    Can't understand why I didn't do that sooner.:what:
  4. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Me too!
  5. Peter M. Eick

    Peter M. Eick Well-Known Member

    Easiest way is to start one. I just started in excel and listed all of the parameters of the load across the top. I then serial numbered the boxes and listed the serial numbers down the side in the A column. Next I added all of the parameters from when I shot the loads, chrono and pressure ring measurements. Finally I added comments and a column should I repeat the load. I then added tabs for every caliber, created a master tab for each years shooting and each caliber. I then merged in a sheet to keep track of which gun fired how many rounds, details on each gun (serial numbers, mags, accessories). The most recent addition was a maintenance page showing the last spring change, trigger pulls, maintence work etc done to every gun.

    Just start today and see where you go with it.
  6. Kamicosmos

    Kamicosmos Well-Known Member

    2005 was a pretty hefty shooting year for me. But, alot of it was through my AK, so milsurp ammo was bought. Also took a rifle course with the AR, so more milsurp ammo bought there, along with bulk ammo purchase for the .45.

    But, I did switch to a Turret Press from my progressive. So, while my reloading volume went down, my handload quality went up! So that's good. No idea how much I reloaded. I know it's no where near your numbers, Peter! Well under 1K rounds. Wow, that's pathetic!

    So, one goal for '06 is to load more!
  7. Lennyjoe

    Lennyjoe Well-Known Member

    Didn't someone have an Access program that he was using? I remember him having problems with it just lately.
  8. StrikeEagle

    StrikeEagle Well-Known Member

    I cast and it saves a LOT of money... and it's a fun sub-sub hobby. You know how reloaders feel it's simply inspired good sense to reload? Cheaper, shoot more, better control of ammo, satisfying in its own right, etc?

    That's EXACTLY the way Casters feel about casting.

    Hope you do it!

    Happy New Year! :)

  9. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    It's been a big loading year for sure. The shooting is another story.

    223 AI has been one heck of an adventure. Lots of load development and I feel like I'm still scratching the surface of the guns capabilities. I'm also still preparing for the big varmint hunt this spring. Hell, I've been on the press the entire day today and most likely tomorrow if the rain doesn't let up.

    Started loading .45-70 and .405 Winchester just for fun. :p

    Got the Dillon 650 set up for 38 Spl. It had been on my To Do list for the past few years. Loaded a few large ammo cans with .45 ACP and haven't touched them since. I should get out and empty them, but I'm just not motivated.

    Shotgun is progressing well also. I have over 1k in both trap and skeet loads on the shelf with 75 more pounds ready to load tonight.

    Spent $100 at both Sinclair and MidwayUSA in the last two days. Also planning a big powder purchase in the next few weeks. Need 8 of H322, 4 of Unique, 4 of H4895 and the regular 4 of TiteGroup and TiteWad.

    The HS-Precision rifle should be here this month. I have to start getting ready for that. Scope, dies, brass, bullets, tools, etc...

    I'm also ordering a 243 AI this spring. Hopefully, I can get everything done before it shows up. :p :D

    Life is tough, eh? LOL


    I have some goals, but they're not necessarily reloading related.

    1. Get the 260 going and develop a good varmint and hunting load.
    2. Buy the 243 AI and get all set up for it.
    3. Buy some nice pistols (I want a Baer and a Springfield 9mm before they're discontinued)
    4. Get a confirmed kill on a varmint at 500+. Two years from now is 1,000 yards.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2006
  10. GunAdmirer

    GunAdmirer Well-Known Member

    I started reloading at about the end of the first quarter of 2005 and have learned a great deal.

    I have just about figured out how to load near perfect .357, 9mm and .45 acp rounds. I have been blessed to have not had a problem with any of my reloads.

    I resolve to:
    Master the above calibers in 2006.
    Introduce a new person to the shooting sports and reloading.
    Spend more time teaching my young daughter to shoot her BB gun.
    Spend more time teaching my wife to shoot.
    Build up an ammo stockpile of the above calibers.
    Carry my pistol almost daily as soon as my license gets here.
    Spend less time reloading when the kids are around or awake.
    Stop shooting low and left with my Glocks.;)
    Move up to the next classification in IDPA competition.
    Acquire an AR type rifle.

    Major highlights of 2005:
    Started reloading - no problems with my handloads. All fired safely!!!
    Started shooting IDPA.
    Shot a wild hog and a deer with my Ruger GP100 .357 and one of my own handloads!
    Acquired several awesome pistols at great prices from other forum members.
    Got to take my wife the range several times.
    Joined the leadership team of the local chapter of Legacy Outfitters.
    Discovered and joined THR.

    I've had a great shooting and reloading year.
  11. Matthew748

    Matthew748 Well-Known Member

    Wow, some of you guys are super organized. For 2005 I accomplished the following:

    -Began loading for the .243
    -Began loading for the .44 Mag
    -Discovered the joys of Hodgdon Lil Gun
    -Scored a brand new Redding Ultramag Press for under $ 100.00
    -Began transitioning from Winchester powders to Accurate Arms powders (Matthew2230?!)

    For 2006 I would like to do the following:

    -Add a progressive press to my tool collection
    -Find a better way to trim .308 and 30.06 cases that does not cost a fortune
    -Find a powder that meters well and works within the M1’s pressure limits while using 150 gr bullets
  12. Citadel99

    Citadel99 Well-Known Member

    After spending most of 2005 in Iraq, I purchased dies for almost all of my calibers. I picked up a Rock Chucker to add to my 550B.

    In the New Year I hope to develop a "perfect" load for my new M1A. Develop a good load for my AR (mostly fun shooting). Mostly, I plan to be able to do a LOT more shooting. That means a lot more reloading...

  13. armoredman

    armoredman Well-Known Member

    Gee, I am slow - I think I load about 2000+ rounds of 9mm this year, and shot about 1700.
  14. esheato

    esheato Well-Known Member

    Great thread by the way. I'm surprised it hasn't received more attention though.

  15. Tang

    Tang Active Member

    Reloading 2005

    I started reloading .45 ACP late this summer on Dillon 550B.

    I don't have a round count like some of the more organized members, I did go through four pounds of powder since middle of year.

    I am still on the big learning curve for reloading.

    I started with Winchester 231 powder and also gave VVN320 a try.

    I like the Laser Cast 200 gr. SWC for a lead load.

    I also like the Hornady 230 gr FMJ, very accurate round and my .45's like this round.

    Here's to a better 2006 and many more days of learning about reloading.
  16. Sam Adams

    Sam Adams Well-Known Member

    Ditto for me.

    I had a pretty good year, especially considering that I have a 4-year-old and an infant, and a wife who likes me to help out a lot when I'm home. I did a lot of organizing, and got a lot of miscellaneous equipment in 2005 that I had been missing, plus some new equipment and supplies for new calibers, plus did some load development:

    1) bought a primer pocket swager;
    2) bought a stuck case remover (which I hope to never use);
    3) bought reloading trays for the rest of my calibers;
    4) bought dies for 2 new calibers that I added (7.5x55 Swiss and 7.62x54R);
    5) bought cases for the above 2 (from Grafs - thanks for the cheap stuff, unlike Lapua or Norma);
    6) bought lots of new bullets, mainly for rifles;
    7) bought a (manual) Lyman case trimmer - it beats the Lee tool, but I'm thinking about getting something powered or which will let me use my drill;
    8) bought a Lee hand press (handy for depriming/sizing and belling of handgun cases in front of the TV) and (FINALLY)
    9) bought a vibratory brass cleaner with corn and walnut media from the local ag store (way cheaper that way). No more of the less efficient and time-consuming cleaning of each case with a rag for me!

    I also organized my reloading bench and storage area a bit, consolidating brass into fewer and larger containers (powdered baby formula containers and screw-on pretzel barrels are very handy). I first sorted and then cleaned all of the brass that I'd accumulated over the last 16 years (that took a good 2 weeks of running the brass cleaner every night for 5-6 hours, and about 12 hours/day on weekends - my wife got REALLY annoyed at that sound after a while). I also deprimed/sized, belled and primed over 2,000 cases of .45, nearly 3,000 of 9mm and roughly 800 of .38 Special.

    Goals for '06:

    1) Fill those prepped cases with powder and bullets so that I don't have to keep buying ammo to go shooting (the whole point of the exercise, after all);

    2) Continue load development (mainly for rifles, as I've got the handguns pretty much where I want them to be);

    3) Get rid of at least one or 2 types of powder (through use, not via the garbage can) to simplify things and save space, and to be able to buy in bulk;

    4) Buy a few thousand more handgun primers (I used up quite a number last year);

    5) Get all of my rifle cases deprimed/sized, trimmed (I'm not looking forward to THAT) and primed.

    6) Continue organizing the reloading bench and storage area.

    7) Possibly get a computer program for reloading (to simplify coming up with accurate loads).

    8) Buy a .22 autoloading rifle, so that I can shoot a lot without reloading. :D

    9) Get out and shoot more - that's what I really enjoy doing.

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