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22 magnun rifle

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Alex_100_man_slayer, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Alex_100_man_slayer

    Alex_100_man_slayer New Member

    Does anybody know any good ones for fun
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2012
  2. Safety First

    Safety First New Member

    Henry Golden Boy.
  3. MCgunner

    MCgunner Active Member

    Remington 597 magnum. I traded a guy out of one for a little motorcycle I didn't really want. I mean, heck, it was a gun with a scope. It's VERY accurate and reliable despite what some will say. Now, I don't really know what to HUNT with it, but it's great fun at the range, good 100 yard shooter, and ammo doesn't have to be reloaded, just leave the brass on the ground. :D
  4. lobo9er

    lobo9er Active Member

    I am fond of a savage 93 I picked up used not to long ago. Bull barrel synthetic stock, and a scope.
  5. ShowMe2

    ShowMe2 New Member

    Winchester 94/22M...

    Polished blue steel and walnut; love it.
  6. dprice3844444

    dprice3844444 member

  7. Michael R.

    Michael R. New Member

    savage 93g, best trigger in the world. amazingly accurate too
  8. gbran

    gbran Active Member

    Savage 93FVSS, Accutrigger, Weaver V16.

  9. 303tom

    303tom member

  10. viking499

    viking499 Active Member

  11. Ghost Tracker

    Ghost Tracker New Member

    magnun? ;)
    Are you more interested in a bolt, lever or autoloader? Heck, they're ALL "good ones for fun"! Every last one :D.
  12. NeuseRvrRat

    NeuseRvrRat New Member

    my savage 93 in 22 WMR is one of the most pleasant-to-shoot guns i own. the accutrigger is amazing and it's just fun to shoot a gun that drives tacks like that. they don't break the bank, either. only downside is the somewhat expensive ammo. mine loves the hornady v-max.

    with that said, there are plenty of other options, but if you enjoy running a bolt gun, i'd give the 93 a hard look.
  13. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson New Member

    savage,cz, or ruger
  14. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    I bought a Remington 597 WMR because I wanted a semi-auto. After some reading I've learned that I MAY need to tweak it for 100 percent functionality. That doesn't bother me.
  15. Hocka Louis

    Hocka Louis New Member

    .22 Mags in a semi-auto are less reliable. If that is not a critical issue, the world's your oyster. I do like the Ruger bolts...
  16. Mike1234567

    Mike1234567 member

    ^^^ Are you saying that one can't make a .22WMR S-A as reliable as a .22LR S-A or that rimfire S-A are less reliable in general? If the latter I guess you're probably right.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2012
  17. batmann

    batmann New Member

    If you like lever actions, I do, then a Winchester 9422M is hard to beat. The main problem with those is they don't make them anymore. I have a 3x9 Bushnell rimfire scope on mine.
    Another .22M I like is the Ruger 77/22. Classic lines, rotary mag, all in all, a very classy rig.
  18. Uncle Grinch

    Uncle Grinch New Member

    Got one almost just like yours, except no bipod. Love it. I did have to try various brands of ammo before I found the "sweet stuff" that mine likes... CCI Maxi-Mag.
  19. CaliCoastie

    CaliCoastie Member

    Just to throw you for a loop, Marlin 57m, a short throw lever action, our and this is my current project a Marlin 1894m, if you can find one that is. I have 3 different Marlins in 22 mag and I life the tubular mag, find a few you can put you're hands on and see what you like.
    PS I haven't heard of a "bad" 22mag rifle. Good luck.
  20. az_imuth

    az_imuth Member

    I'll second the 9422M...and the Henry Golden Boy. My 9422M has been one of my all-time favorite rifles and the only one I own in .22 WMR. I have a Golden Boy in .22 LR that has also been an excellent rifle, and I have no reason to doubt that a GB in .22 WMR would be any different.

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