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.454 casull load data

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by Drop45, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Drop45

    Drop45 Well-Known Member

    This may have been discussed about a thousand times, but I was thinking of loading 30gr of Accurate #9 using Hornady 240 grain xtp bullets with sm mag rifle primer. Lee showed a 32gr max load with 240 jhp, and Lyman showed a 28gr max I believe (but I think with a 250gr jhp). Any thoughts please. I'm not worried about recoil just don't want to hurt anyone.
  2. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    Sounds ok to me, but I would definitely confirm the data before loading the charge your considering. I only mentioned that because you seemed a little bit unsure of the data.

    Also, it is never a real bad idea to start with a published start charge. I'm not suggesting you load 50 rounds at start, but a few rounds at each increment would be a wise / safe approach as always.

  3. Edster12

    Edster12 Well-Known Member

    Accurate load data -- Load Manual

    You are under the max charge (this is for the Sierra) so you should be good. Hornady's load data is going to be different, but I don't have the manual with me to check. I know that for AA#9 in 41 mag the Hornady loads are higher starting and max weights, than those Accurate shows.
    The other thing is make sure you are using XTP-Mags not the plain old XTP's. Standard XTP's will not hold up under the 454 velocities.
  4. GBExpat

    GBExpat Well-Known Member

    I remember reading about the .454Casull in the '70s in one or more gun mags.

    At that time they said that the velocities were possible because the cartridges featured a "Triplex" load; 3 separated propellants that would burn, in-turn, during the projectile's trip thru the bore.

    Sounded silly to me, but it was In Print, so ... <shrug>

    Question: When were the Triplex Loads phased out?

    Just wondering ...
  5. Drop45

    Drop45 Well-Known Member

    Yes they are the xtp mags. I was only a bit confused because the two manuals had two different max loads. I wound up going to Handloads.com to confirm my data. Thanks for the replies. Happy loading.
  6. Drop45

    Drop45 Well-Known Member

    Well I loaded up 95 rounds the other night and they all fit my Wilson case gauge without a problem. Went to the range today and was only able to chamber two rounds. Seems as though the last half mm or so was too tight in my Freedom Arms revolver. Is it safe to resize loaded rounds or should i get a lee factory crimp die and use that to resize them. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Edster12

    Edster12 Well-Known Member

    EEEEEEEEK---well time to find out why they won't fit. Everything I have read on the 454 says Seat and Crimp separately. That's exactly how I do it and never had a problem . Lee FCD in the last station.

    Once done and testing I load all cylinders, except the last. Pull that one and grab the calipers to make sure I don't have any set back. If I do I will increase the crimp.
  8. Domino300

    Domino300 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with Magtech cases, Starline was fine with the same setup.
  9. jinxer3006

    jinxer3006 Well-Known Member

    Any chance you've been shooting .45 LC in that gun? If so, you may have a ring of crud built up short or where the .454's reach.
  10. Drop45

    Drop45 Well-Known Member

    I found my problem and posted in another thread concerning re-sizing loaded rounds, seems I over crimped and re adjusted my dies. I was able to get away with pulling only 15 rounds. Thanks for all the insight. THR rocks!!

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