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5 yrs of pocket change + CoinStar = new handgun?

Discussion in 'Handguns: General Discussion' started by yitty, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. yitty

    yitty New Member

    I have been reading THR for years now and am thankful for all who share their opinions and knowledge. This place is a great resource. Now I have a reason for posting. So for my first post I have a story which leads to a question.

    Wife says to get rid of all the pocket change I have been collecting for the last 5 years because its taking up too much room. So I gather it all up and take it to the local grocery store to feed the Coin Star machine. Amazing to me, and to the store clerk, I had accumulated a little over $340! (thanks honey for the suggestion!:)) So with this added little bit of fortune I want to go shopping :D

    I have one handgun, a S&W 9mm Sigma, which I have had for years and like it just fine (no bashing please :) ). So I am wanting to increase my handgun collection but am not sure which direction I should go. Currently the sigma plays the role of the bedside gun. I would like something a little smaller for concealed carry. I have narrowed it down to a couple of options and would like any feed back you guys are willing to offer.

    Option A - .38/.357 snub nose revolver. But I have to stock a new caliber which is good if I for some reason 9mm becomes scarce (or scarcer depending on your viewpoint) Note - thought about a 9mm revolver but am split on the Taurus 905 series and cant wait for Charter to start producing theirs.

    Option B - get a small pocket 9mm, thinking kel-tec maybe. Already have plenty of practice ammo.

    Option C - "Trade up" to a M&Pc 9mm (or something similar) and use smaller magazines for CC and larger ones for HD use. But I don't think this will be small enough for what I am looking for.

    So gun #2 would have to be smaller then what I have, because I see no need to have two guns filling the same role. And am wondering if caliber diversity is a pro or a con. Depending on current and future availability, simplicity of storage and cost.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. codybrown

    codybrown New Member

    I carry a S&W M&P 40c and love it. I would sell the Sigma, combine that with the money you already have, and buy yourself the caliber of choice in the M&P. S&W is also doing their $50 rebate again if you need any more incentive.
  3. hogshead

    hogshead New Member

    Trying not to be harsh ,but if you pay someone to count your change. You should be able to afford whatever you want.
  4. Special_K

    Special_K New Member

    He didn't pay someone to count his change, a machine did the job.

    I would personally go with the revolver, it will make you a better shot if you can operate it well and for nostalgias sake they are wicked fun to shoot with!
  5. nalioth

    nalioth New Member

    For you guys who read this in the future, check with your bank first. Many now have their own "CoinStar"-like machines which count change for their customers at no charge.
  6. hogshead

    hogshead New Member

    Thank you for your enlightenment special k. I thought they had trolls in those machines, and they got 7 of your pennies out of 100.
  7. Texas Gun Person

    Texas Gun Person New Member

    Yes... please use your bank. Not the machines sitting in grocery stores.

    Bank - free
    Coin Star - 10 cents per dollar

    I also have a change jar for gun related purchases. :) I was bored the other day and counted it all. $84
  8. yitty

    yitty New Member

    I didn't know about the bank machines. Thanks for the information. I did have to pay about 10% for coin star. I will know better next time. Also didnt know about the M&P promotion. Thanks codybrown.
  9. Bass Ackwardz

    Bass Ackwardz New Member

    My suggestion would be to find a good Ruger Speed/Service/Security Six used. They can be had for under $300 usually and are built like tanks. Take the extra funds and buy some target rounds, and have a ball.

  10. forindooruseonly

    forindooruseonly New Member

    I would choose a good .357 or .38 snubbie. Can't go wrong for a carry gun with that.

    I saved spare change for over a decade. In the end I had a water cooler jug full of coins and it paid for a study abroad trip to Vietnam. And yes, in the future use the bank. Don't bother to roll it, either, cause they will just ask you to break it up.
  11. Erik M

    Erik M New Member

    I would recommend buying used and joining the 642 club.
  12. Elvishead

    Elvishead New Member

    I'm so there with you, I too have lot's of change, and I'm ready to turn it in for "Gun money"

    First, I owned a Sigma SW9VE that I sold to my brother, you'll never get any good market value for that gun, so just keep it.
    It's been good to you, and you like it. I sure miss mine.

    I'm going with a .38 +P, or a .38/.357 snubby, it's a great carry/pocket gun, as I own a S&W Airweight.

    I've shot, and really like the M&P, but your Sigma will serve you just as well although it's a crude version of the M&P. It works! If it aint broke don't fix it.

    Just seems logical to me, and hopefully the .38s (Ammo) will come around soon, and I'm sure they will.
  13. BMF500

    BMF500 New Member

    I vote:
    Option A - .38/.357 snub nose revolver. S&W for sure. But, follow your own heart.

    BTW, saving pocket change, and breaking few 20's for quaters here and there to speed up the process, is how I bought my BFR.
  14. mgmorden

    mgmorden Active Member

    9mm is cheap to feed, cheap to practice with. Unless you have reservations about it's stopping power (I certainly don't, but some do), then IMHO I'd say stick with that. If you are nervous about 9mm stopping power, grab the .357 snubby and all your fears should be gone there.

    So, if you want 9mm, you're down to B or C. Now, truthfully, if it's for carry, I don't think you're going to do a whole lot upgrading to an M&P. Sure it's a better gun no question, but it's about the same size (so you're not going to get more concealable), and for carry, if the Sigma has proven itself reliable it'll do you just fine already. Do you honestly foresee a situation where an M&P would save your life while a Sigma wouldn't? I'd only recommend going to the M&P if you want to expand your purposes to target shooting or just fun shooting in addition to carrying.

    The Kel-tec on the other hand, is much cheaper, AND is much smaller than the Sigma. You're adding a gun to your roster that can do something your other one can't - fit easily into a jacket pocket (maybe even a pants pocket if it's a bigger loose pocket).

    Plus if you just want your toys on the budget you're looking at you can afford the Keltec and still have room for a 9mm Makarov gun to play with (PA-63, P-64, or maybe even a CZ-82 :)).
  15. wnycollector

    wnycollector New Member

    I'm very happy with my Kel-tec PF-9. For $260 it is a very serviceable, warm weather CCW. Are its fit and finish up the the standards of a Kahr PM-9...nope, but it it reliable and accurate and half the price...ohhh ya!

    If you had a larger budget and wanted small .357 I would suggest the ruger SP101. It will eat all the .357 ammo you feed it all day long...but that comes at a higher price than $340! Another option is to try to find a ruger "six" (security or speed) snubbie. I saw a blued ruger speed six sell for $240 two weeks ago on gunbroker...so super deals are out there if you look!!! With a good holster it acts as a CCW easily.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2010
  16. bdb benzino

    bdb benzino New Member

    Keep the S&W,so you do not lose your butt on the deal. I would go for a Makarov or snubnose revolver for CC.
    Trust me, I regret selling my SW40GVE, nice and reliable piece with a large capacity!!

    I just picked up an E German Makarov with a holster and two mags for $270, awsome CC!!
  17. steveracer

    steveracer Active Member

    You have a handgun you like. KEEP IT!!!!!
    I cannot stress this enough. If it runs, and you can shoot it well, and you sell it to get something else, and it's your ONLY HANDGUN, you're silly.
    Get something in .38 SPL. Nothing wrong with that round. Get a nice little one for carry. I tell people in your shoes to get a Detective Special or a M-12. These are great little guns for carry. In your case, a used M-12 might be out of your price range. Try the Taurus 85 series. These are a very good quality firearm, and now they have a six-shooter.
  18. Wishoot

    Wishoot Active Member

    My vote is for Option A only make it a used Ruger GP-100 or SP101.

    Everyone should own a good quality 357.
  19. yitty

    yitty New Member

    Thanks everyone for your opinions. Looks like pretty strong feel for keeping what I have and adding to my collection. It looks like a used revolver or a new kel-tec. So a follow up to this is the pros and cons of having more calibers on hand. I have X amt of 9mm already. So is the general rule to have X amount of your given caliber on hand? or X amount per gun. If the later is the case I will need to increase what I have anyway, and getting another caliber wont really matter then?

    Thanks again everyone.
  20. gordy

    gordy New Member

    keep your 9mm and pick up a smaller one in 9mm.
    Or buy a S&W 642 you will not be sad:)

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