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6th Sense - re: Home Invasion

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bruss01, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. bruss01

    bruss01 New Member

    My wife and I find we are often on the same wavelength... i.e. she says something that is exactly what I'm thinking, and vice versa. I'm talking not just general subjects, but often times exact wording and turn of phrase. It's cool and almost freaky sometimes.

    But this was a new one on both of us. Last night we both had home invasion dreams with very similar elements. In the dream, we are both home but one of us goes to answer the door and is met with someone who forces their way in. The person answering the door is unarmed, tries to get the other of us to get the gun, but for some reason can't get them into action in time. In my case it was that I called out but the words seem to get stuck in my throat, in her case she yells but isn't heard.

    We both do believe in premonition, and we're wondering if this is somehow our "head's up" to be a little more on guard. We have loaded firearms in the home, but we usually do not have them on us when we go to answer the door. We've started locking our storm door as a precaution because of this, and will be a bit more aware about checking who is on the other side of the door before opening it (always a good practice, but we live in a neighborhood that is perceived to be very "safe" and get lulled into a false sense of security sometimes).

    Anyone else had a dream that caused you to be more "on alert" and then it paid off shortly thereafter?
  2. mustanger98

    mustanger98 New Member

    I don't know but it sounds like ya'll better have a sidearm in your pocket when you answer the door. If you get Biblical or American Indian on it, dreams do have meaning. The spirits may be trying to tell ya'll something.

    If it's your neighbor needing to borrow a cup of sugar and they don't see your gun, no harm/foul. If it's a home invasion, you better have your weapon where you can get it into action in a hurry.

    I can't say it's been like this, but I recall a year and a half ago I had a crazy dream that involved a pack of coyotes and, lucky for me, they turned out to only be two-legged laughin' hyenas in reality.
  3. romma

    romma New Member

    These people just pushed their way in to someones house a few days ago around here.


    Stonington — The two men arrested in Tuesday's home invasion in Pawcatuck refused to waive extradition from Rhode Island Thursday and are now scheduled to appear for a hearing Jan. 23 in Washington County Court in Wakefield.
    Stonington police announced they have obtained warrants charging the two men with the assault and robbery of an elderly couple in their River Road home and then leading Stonington and Westerly police on a high-speed chase through both towns before they were apprehended in Westerly.

    Gregory L. Whiting, 42, of East Providence, R.I., will be charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, third-degree assault of an elderly person, threatening and fifth-degree larceny. Edward Northup, 37, of 2 Wall St., Westerly, will be charged with being an accessory to first-degree robbery, accessory to first-degree burglary and accessory to fifth-degree larceny as well as a number of motor vehicle charges related to the chase.

    Because of the outstanding Connecticut charges, they have now been charged in Rhode Island with being fugitives from justice. Whiting is allegedly the man who forced his way into the home, assaulted the couple and stole a large amount of cash, while Northup was the driver of the car.

    They both face a long list of charges in connection with the chase from Westerly police and also have been charged with violating their probations for prior felony convictions in Rhode Island. They are being held without bail at the Adult Correctional Institute.

    The men have lengthy criminal records in Rhode Island involving robbery, assault, drugs, gun possession and driving violations. Northup, who was driving the tan Chevy Cavalier as it raced through the busy downtown area, was convicted in 2002 of driving to endanger in an incident that resulted in a death.

    Whiting has also been charged with the armed robbery of the 7-11 convenience store on Post Road in Westerly on Monday. On Thursday, Westerly police said they arrested his partner in that robbery, 29-year-old Jason Bolduc, who has a last known address of 45 Pearl St. The house at that address is the one Whiting ran into when the car chase ended on Tuesday.

    Westerly Police Chief Edward Mello said his officers arrested Bolduc at a residence on Marriott Avenue. He was held Thursday night at police headquarters and is scheduled to be presented in Fourth Division Court in Wakefield this morning. Bolduc also has a lengthy criminal record including convictions for receiving stolen goods, drug possession, reckless driving, resisting arrest, shoplifting, obstructing a police officer and driving violations.
  4. TallPine

    TallPine New Member

    Opening the door to strangers is your first mistake :uhoh:
  5. mustanger98

    mustanger98 New Member

    Yeah, and there's right and wrong ways to answer the door.

    According to a segment Massad Ayoob did on PDTV, if you can't see 'em or don't recognize 'em through the peephole, move back away from the door while talking to them and telling them your calling for help... for them if they sound like they need it. If they really need help, they'll be there waiting on it. If not, they'll either leave or the door's coming crashing in on you and you don't want to be right there behind it. And the door ain't bulletproof either.

    Since Ayoob is a member here, I'm hoping he'll see this thread. He can expand on all that better than I can.
  6. tblt

    tblt member

    I would carry in home for a while
  7. ambidextrous1

    ambidextrous1 New Member

    As a minimum, you should respond to these dreams of failed defensive response as a warning that maybe your defensive/protective plan may need review & revision - this week, next week, and probably the week after.

  8. markallen

    markallen Member

    I'm not a psychologist. And I haven't stayed at a Holiday Inn in twenty years. But I used to read anything, and everything that I could find on dreams.
    Some of what I learned, and this, is in simplified computer terms.
    A dream is your subconscious defragging while you sleep.
    Your senses pick up more stimuli during the day then your conscious brain can process. Your brain has to get rid of it.
    On that point, your eyes, or ears, nose, has picked up something that your conscious self has failed to notice.
    When your subconscious defragged at sleep it probably found something it couldn't delete, or file, and it's warning your conscious self about it.
    I know it sounds stupid to word it this way, but a computer functions like our brains.
    Most people dream in black and white. Most of my dreams are black and white But when I dreamed in color my dreams have a way of happening.
    For me a color dream is a red flag !! And I take extra care.

    Take extra care for awhile.
  9. jad0110

    jad0110 New Member

    Sounds like your gut is trying to tell you something ...

    ... I'd listen to your instincts on this one. Both of you had the same dream, well, you know what they say about God working in mysterious ways.

    A S&W 642 airweight snubbie in the pocket is my best friend, even while at home. I too was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get to my safe in time if we were surprised by a sudden home invasion. The little 642 serves the purpose quite well. It is reliable, lightweight and unobtrusive to conceal (hence I carry it whenever it is legal to do so), and I can shoot it pretty well.

    That being said, I will be grabbing my 12 gauge if at all possible.

    Your tastes in a small, concealable handgun may be different than mine. Just curious, what is the smallest gun you own? Is it something you would carry all the time, or is so combersome that you wouldn't keep it handy?

    I wish you well, I hope your dreams were just that.
  10. 230RN

    230RN Marines on Mt. Curibacci

    And they let them out? I wanna know who the judges were.

    And so should you, romma.
  11. gbran

    gbran Active Member

    Both of you should have a piece on for a while.

    Oh, and BTW, please send me a private message on your tips for the stock market............
  12. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Both of you have similar dreams on the same night? I'd say it was a warning. I'm no psycho-babblist, but sometimes dreams are not to be ignored. Carry you cell phones too and discuss your plans in case something does go down.
  13. fearless leader

    fearless leader New Member

    I had a dream of coming up on a crime involving 3 children, where in which a gunfight ensued.
    It was very real and was the first dream in which I could actually fire the weapon. Usually it gets stuck or I can't locate the safety or something.

    I told my boss about it and he offered me some good advice: "Don't eat pizza before you go to bed."

    I thought about what he said and recalled that was EXACTLY what I ate before retiring! Go figure.
  14. fearless leader

    fearless leader New Member

    All kidding aside, if I had such a dream, I would feel I might be picking up on someones vibe that was watching from outside, particularly if we BOTH had the same dream.

    If you and your wife pick up on each other's vibes (for lack of a better term), you might have been picking up on someone who is actually planning the attack, while watching your house, assuming you may be psycically sensitive.

    I would get some trigger time at the range, were I you, and not be unarmed for any reason in the future.

    If by some freak of nature, your "would be" invader is also psycically sensitive, he may pick up on your confidence and go elsewhere. Sort of like the normally biting dog that doesn't bite someone who isn't affraid of him.

    I'll go put my Tin foil hat on and sit in the basement now.:) Good Luck!
  15. scorpionjcd

    scorpionjcd New Member

    This interest me.

    I drempt one night that I was coming home from the army with some friends. We got out of the truck and someone from accross the street started to fire an AK-47 and it looked like a terrorist. Me and my friends had AR-15s in the truck and we started fireing back. I am not even in the army yet and during that time I was planing on joining the army which now since im 17 I can. I think I had the same dream a year later. I wonder if that was a sign:uhoh:
  16. Freightman

    Freightman New Member

    Home invasion may become a very dangerous thing as is car jacking, since the "Castle Law" went into effect in September we have had two invaders killed and one carjacker, and all the shooters were "NoBilled".
  17. Chindo18Z

    Chindo18Z New Member


    Hmmmnn…very interesting and on several different levels.

    Spousal synchronicity (I made up that term) is pretty commonly accepted (at least among long term married folks :D ). It’s also common among twins. Reading each others thoughts, finishing sentences, having mutual premonitions, simultaneous thoughts, identical daydreams, or identical thought response to stimuli is not unusual in my experience. I’m sure there have been studies and money expended debating this phenomena, but I’ve observed it enough in my lifetime to simply accept it. I’d say that at a certain point, people who are closely paired begin to live somewhat in “stereo”.

    Sixth sense, ESP, prescience, paranormal sensitivity, luck, hunch…whatever you want to call it, human beings exhibit such a capability to varying degrees. I believe that it is just another biological sense (or combination of input from all your other senses). Unfortunately, the ability is atrophied in a lot of folks. Some folks are more switched on (although they may not be conscious of it except on rare occasions). Expressions in the English language such as “…the hair stood up on my neck” or “something was walking across my grave” are semantic descriptions of subconscious physical responses to danger. Your body and subconscious are ahead of your conscious mind. Your hair really IS standing up (fight or flight reflexes). It’s best to pay heed to the warnings.

    Subliminal signals from the environment set off alarms in the brain. Sometimes this gives rise to immediately acting on a hunch (duck, don’t open that door, watch that guy, check the stove right now, etc.). Other times, I believe the signals must be coming from an ability to sense the future (however limited in scope). Nobody questions that various animals (mammals, trees, insects, birds) can sense impending storms, earthquakes, or trouble from strangers or unknown enemies. When people do the same, they are scoffed at by others.

    As a young Ranger I was taught a number of things by extremely experienced SE Asia veterans of small recon teams (MACV-SOG, LRRP, Ranger Companies). They preached the reality of a combat sixth sense. Things like not staring at the back of a sentry’s head (he will become aware and turn around). Things like going with a gut instinct that screams danger even when everything appears to be non-threatening. Things like paying attention to the little voices in your head and ambiguous internal alarm bells.

    I believe that some predators (animal or human) give off readable “vibes”. We all know how to spot “trouble” when it walks down the street. Body language and other cues can be read like a book. Sometimes (IMHO), predators you have not yet seen can give off thought emanations or emotions that your brain can tune in to. Perhaps someone has seriously cased your house or your neighbors and you have picked up on their mental rehearsal or visualization of the planned crime. It’s a threat warning system…prey/predator interface.

    I’ve had several occasions in my own life where I have dreamed of events, places, or conversations which later unfolded exactly as remembered from the dream. Not simply dé jà vu all over again…but prescience…the ability to see certain future events across a limited period of time (minutes, hours, or a few days). I think it’s a manifestation of a biological survival mechanism present to varying degrees in all of us. If it were frequent or even consistent, I’d have bought Microsoft stock the day it went public and avoided a lot of pain and bruises over the years.

    I was once riding in a vehicle with two friends at about 70mph, screaming down a dark range road on Ft Benning, talking about a parachute jump, cracking jokes, etc. For no apparent reason, all three of us became suddenly silent (in mid-conversation). After about 2-3 seconds of total silence, all three of us (including the driver) simultaneously shouted out “DEER!” and our driver stood on the brakes, slowing down to about 40mph. Much to our chagrin, nothing had happened and we began to laugh at ourselves…just as a big doe flashed directly into our headlights as she bounded past our front bumper. We hadn’t seen a deer all night, we weren’t talking about deer, we had no reason to even be thinking about deer, but…without that early reaction, we would have wrecked with a doe through our windscreen.

    I dream almost exclusively in color. When I dream in black and white…it’s usually a warning. I won’t explain, but I trust my personal track record on this subject.

    I’d not try to explain away the dream you and your wife had. I’d take precautions. Keep a weapon close at hand (if not on your person). Get one of those collapsible burglar bars from Lowes or WalMart that can be jammed under a doorknob (rubber foot jams against floor; other rubber fork end jams under knob). That will give you a few extra seconds to stand-to in the event of a door kick-in attempt. Don’t just arbitrarily answer and open the door.

    Most importantly…don’t get complacent and relax procedures after a day or so. Stay at heightened security stance for at least a week or two. Start watching your outer perimeter/neighborhood for unfriendly new faces or vehicles. Try and discover anything new which doesn't belong. Call police if your suspicions are aroused.

    You aren't oblivious to the danger signals or you wouldn't already have taken precautions and brought it to our attention on this forum. Trust your instincts.
  18. Keegan

    Keegan New Member

    It's possible that the dream isn't entirely literal. Do you have adequate locks on all your windows and doors? The garage? What about an alarm system? If you don't have a home security system, you can get individual alarms for doors and windows. Smith & Wesson makes one that's pretty cheap and is deafeningly loud. Would let you know immediately if someone snuck in and might just scare them off. I would definitely keep guns and maybe phones on both of you, maybe just for now but it wouldn't hurt to make that a permanent change. I have a little .380 that easily fits in a pants or robe pocket and doesn't get in the way when I'm just lounging around the house.
  19. mustanger98

    mustanger98 New Member

    But with some of the opinions we're reading in this thread, you better treat it like it IS literal.:scrutiny:
  20. dvdivx

    dvdivx New Member

    You also have to be careful not to over react. I had a dream I won the lottery but I'm not going to quit my day job. The only dream I had with gun violence in it was Idi Amin was shooting at me at night. I had that dream over 20 times. Considering he's now dead and I never traveled to Africa I think that one's unlikely now.

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