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870 recoil pad upgrade help

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by JBrady555, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. JBrady555

    JBrady555 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys my Remington 870 has a recoil pad on it that is hard as a brick. I can shoot 4 games of trap(100 rounds) with low recoil target loads and turn my shoulder purple. I'm not a small dude either, lol, 6'0 240lbs. I need to replace the pad in a bad kinda way. I buy most of my gun accessories from midwayusa but when I look at all the reviews for the different 870 recoil pads, they all say that the fit isn't correct. Its either too small or too big. My 870 is a express magnum with wood furniture. Is there a pad that fits my gun perfectly with no modification needed? Also if I'm gonna upgrade, I want the best upgrade. As little recoil as possible.

    I'm also open to a complete stock change out. I looked at those choate mark 6 stocks that look kinda like a dragunov style and they hold like 5 extra rounds. My gun already holds 9 rounds in the mag tube alone due to a choate magazine extension, it would be nice to stay with the max on board capacity theme and hold rounds in the stock. But I'm not sure if I want any kind of pistol grip on my shotty, I have a bad right wrist and I don't want to put extra stress on it by holding a pistol grip that is going to transfer extra recoil to my hand.

    I would like to hear suggestions on taming the recoil with stock upgrades or recoil pad upgrades. Please don't suggest that knox recoil absorbing stock, I have researched that already and am just not into that particular stock. Thanks for any info you may have for me.
  2. Cesiumsponge

    Cesiumsponge Well-Known Member

    I would try recoil management by using the push/pull method. I've shot several hundred rounds of full powered slug and buckshot with a hard 1/2" rubber pad. Not even a red mark at the end of the day.

    Currently I swapped my recoil pads out with Kickeez's dual compound pads. They absorb recoil like crazy and would probably benefit more traditional shooting methods that rely on the shoulder absorbing all recoil. Unfortunately I use grind-to-fits so I couldn't offer help on how well the fit and finish is in on pre-fitted pads.
  3. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    A recoil pad like Pachmayr's Decelerator or similar might help, but the main issue is the stock doesn't fit you - and there's more to fit than LOP
  4. JBrady555

    JBrady555 Well-Known Member

    I worked at a clay target range from age 15 to 20. Belonged to the NSSA and NSCA. I sometimes would shoot thousands of rounds a week with no problems whatsoever. I don't doubt that my technique wasn't perfect or that the gun doesn't fit just right, but I have never had a problem like this and I don't think just changing shooting methods or gun fit would remedy this problem 100%. Does pachmeyer make a pad that doesn't require fitting? I don't think kick eez does either.
  5. rodinal220

    rodinal220 Well-Known Member

  6. stormspotter

    stormspotter Well-Known Member

  7. ZGunner

    ZGunner Well-Known Member

    I have a Remington SuperCell, it came stock on my 870 Tactical. It's very nice! I only shoot Sport Loads but I've never had a sore shoulder even after 200 rounds in a day.

    It will also fit the gun perfectly.
  8. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    I work at the local gun shop which is in the process of closing - however today I listed on Ebay a Limbsaver pad that was specific to the Remington 870 and 11-87 guns. I am not 100% sure the fit is perfect but it would seem to me they should fit with no trimming needed when they call out the specific model ?
    Not trying to sell you a pad - just giving info .
  9. Captains1911

    Captains1911 Well-Known Member

    I put a Remington supercell on mine. I've never really paid attention to the fit, so I can't comment on it.
  10. hey.moe

    hey.moe Member

    I went through the same dilemma a while back. It would seem there should be no trouble finding any part you want for what's probably the most popular shotgun in the world. Boy, was I wrong. I'd heard and read good things about the Limbsaver and the KickEez, but like you, I couldn't find confirmation they would fit my gun. Seems like there are plenty of choices for Wingmasters and Expresses with synthetic stocks, they just left out the laminate Express.

    I finally decided on a Pachmayr Decelerator which was claimed to fit the wood laminate stocked Express to within 0.05 inch or some such. In actuality it was a bit oversize all around and exceeded the claimed tolerance by just a bit at the heel and toe, but it doesn't look bad on the gun.

    Installation did require that I drill out and dowel the original screw holes, as they were not centered on the stock. All I can figure is that the original pad was installed before the stock got its final shape - which might explain the difficulty in finding anyone to guarantee pre-fit pads for the laminate stocked 870s.

    The Decelerator seems to do the job. Though I haven't fired a lot of higher powered shells through the gun since installing the new pad, I have put quite a few target rounds through it with no ill effects on my shoulder.

    Hope this helps,

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2012
  11. gamestalker

    gamestalker member

    I have a bunch of 870's and have as well replaced a number of the recoil pads when they get crispy and hard. But as for fitting, it is almost a sure thing that you'll have to do some fitting regardless of which one you by. All of the one's I've ever used have a fit chart which includes more than one application, which means they are larger than the intended application and must be custom fitted, if you want it to look good?

  12. oneounceload

    oneounceload member

    They might all require a little tweaking to fit your gun - again, it isn't just LOP and a recoil pad - Pitch, cast, toe in or out. thickness of the comb, height of the comb, height of the rib in relation to the comb, type or grip, etc..........

    YOU should NOT have to fit yourself to your gun; rather your gun should fit itself to you
  13. robhof

    robhof Well-Known Member


    I've replaced a few recoil pads and even when you buy pads made by the same company as your gun, they tend to run big for a more perfect grind to fit. I use an orbital grinder and start with a large grit and as I get close, I switch to med and finally fine and they all come out looking great.
  14. bushmaster1313

    bushmaster1313 Well-Known Member

    The blonde is a Wingmaster 870 fitted with a vintage Jostam Hy-Gun:


    The other gun is a 1956 Ithaca 37 fitted with a Galazan reproduction of the Ithaca pad.
  15. 45crittergitter

    45crittergitter Well-Known Member

    The Remington Supercell supposedly doesn't fit earlier/wood stocks, but I haven't tried it on one. I think it's made by Limbsaver. However the actual Limbsaver does work and that's what I have on mine. It's outstanding.
  16. Drail

    Drail Well-Known Member

    Bushmaster, that blonde is very very nice. It looks like a 50s Telecaster.
  17. RaceM

    RaceM Well-Known Member

    I've put LimbSaver pads on all my shotties. Definitely takes the sting out of 2+oz turkey loads. You can have your choice of grind to fit or made for your specific model. On my 870 synthetic stock there was no fitting required.
  18. bikerdoc

    bikerdoc Moderator

    Another advocate fore a limbsaver here. Use it on my mossberg 500. comfortable .
  19. JBrady555

    JBrady555 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the info guys

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