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878 Remington Automaster (need help piston magazine problem)

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by bob5573, May 27, 2012.

  1. bob5573

    bob5573 New Member

    On the 878 the magazine assembly (magazine follower and spring) and the piston assembly (piston and spring) are both housed in the same tube separated by plug called the ACTION SPRING STOP. You will note when looking at the outside of the reciever (the tube that houses both assemblies you will see a small vent hole and just above it 3 dimplles in the tube.
    What is happening is that the action spring stop is being pushed into the magazine (due to the piston recoil) which then relieves the necessary pressure on the piston spring (called Action Spring) and put more pressure on magazine spring. What this all means is that your shells won't be loaded or ejected properly and your breach bolt will not close properly because there is not enough tension on action spring. You see that as the spring stop is pushed farther into the magazine the piston spring gets longer thus weaker. I had to take the stock off so I could ramrod the mag assemble to get the STOP back to the dimples. WHAT HOLDS THE ACTION SPRING STOP IN PLACE. If you have the answere please email me at uppermichigan@hotmail.com OR CALL ME AT 906 374 0745

    I am new on this site and don't know how to check for replies to my post. Thats why I ask you to email me or call. Thanks : Bob
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