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? about Taurus 327

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by Trad Archer, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Trad Archer

    Trad Archer Well-Known Member

    My wife is kinda interested in a Taurus 327. I have the Ruger SP101 in that caliber, but it has a 3" barrel vs the 2" barrel on the Taurus. My wife prefers the 2" barrel. She would mostly be shooting 32 H@R magnums out of it. Do you guys think it would be a mistake to get her the Taurus? I know Taurus has a sketchy reputation and Ruger is known for quality, plus being American made.

    The other option she and I have discussed would be a Ruger SP101 38 special in the 2.25" barrel, but she really loves shooting the 32 H@R mags and low recoil 85 grain 327 FMs.

    Thanks for any advice and opinions.
  2. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    She wants the Taurus .327........

    Well my mind would be made up right there! Just say'n...:rolleyes:

    And they have been coming down on prices here lately. The .327 will be around for a long time, but it just never filled the expected gap it was supposed to fill.

    I like it and the option to use the .32's as well. Neat caliber.

    And I don't follow the Taurus skeptics.....too many actual firearms with that name on them are in my possession or have passed through my hands through the years with practically zero problems.

    Ruger SP101 is a fine revolver but it will cost about twice what the Taurus will cost. One thing about Ruger that always confused me was there weird barrel lengths....like on a carry gun that is usually 2" on every other competitor, be it S&W, Taurus etc. They go an inch longer..then when it goes to Hunting style hand guns they go a 1/2" to an inch shorter?? Which due to some regulations prohibits you from hunting with under 6" barrel... never made sense to me.
  3. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    1. If you're interested in a Taurus .327 Magnum, go to www.cdnnsports.com who have some at below distributor cost. You may have to call for prices and details, but they have been e-mailing to regular members of their sales community.

    2. I have absolutely no interest in a small/mid-frame snubby in .327 Magnum, but using one in combination with .32 H&R Magnum and .32 S&W Long is a whole different story. While the performance of their service department is sometimes questionable, I have owned a number of Taurus revolvers and had absolutely no problems at all. You often hear the about the occasional bad one, but seldom from satisfied customers.

    With prices under $225 (Plus shipping and FFL fees) I may jump. There is some risk in buying anything. Even S&W has its critics.
  4. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    Wow! $219.00 Jump indeed!

    Thanks Old Fuff!
  5. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Wait until you get my bill. :evil: :D
  6. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    Old Fuff rocks! :)

    I own two of the 327s, 1 Ruger SP-101, and the Ruger Gp-100 in the .327 Federal caliber.

    She's got the right idea about shooting .32 H&R magnum rounds through it.

    www.buffalobore.com makes defense loads for the .32 H&R and .327 calibers. So do other ammo makers.

    These all cover almost all the .32 revolver caliber sources and as the who has the bargains at the moment.

    But I digress.

    I shoot mostly .32 H&R magnum and .32 S&W Longs through my two 327s. www.hksspeedloaders.com has the J-framed 6 shot loaders that fit. Tuff Products :: QuickStrips™ is a product like the Bianchi Speedstrip to carry extra ammo as well.


    The most powerful .327 round I fire through the Taurus 327 is the 85 grain Federal are these two.

    PD327HS1 H

    327 Federal Magnum


    Hydra-Shok® JHP

    Premium® Personal Defense®


    327 Federal Magnum


    Jacketed Soft Point

    American Eagle®

    It still has enough power and penetration to get the job done in most situations.

    The 100 grain-115 gr. .327 Federal magnum rounds I shoot exclusively in the Rugers.

    The versatility of the .32 caliber rounds is what I like about them.
  7. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    By the way. I own over 30 Tauri revolvers and 9 Tauri pistols that are giving sterling service. None have failed for any reason and none are sub-par. Quite the opposite of what you'll hear from others.

    Need a source for 327 Taurus research?
    Specific gun, gun specific forum.

    I do that when checking out other brands,makes,and models. Own a bunch of other brands as well.
  8. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    These are the gun specific sites that V-bulletin has.

    Colt 1911 Forum

    Colt Forum

    Conceal Carry Forum

    Defensive Carry

    FN Forum

    Glock Forum

    Glock Forums

    Gun Forum

    H&K Forum

    Hand Gun Forum

    Kel Tec Forum

    Marlin Firearms Forum

    Smith & Wesson Forum

    Taurus Forum

    Walther Forum

    XD Forum

    You get the picture. Most of the owners of any brand of firearm congregate at the gun specific places. So I use them and gun forums like this to do my research. Most of the research has to do how the guns perform in the real world away from the internet. In other words I use printed sources,word of mouth, and actual sources who print how well the brand of guns is really doing in the real world.

    Then try the gun out and inspect the gun closely using a checklist and common sense. Most so called gun problems would be found prior to the gun being bought if checked out and inspected the right way.
  9. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    And Old Fuff, Bill wasn't able to make it here.:rolleyes::)
  10. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Oh darn!!! I'm never gon'na get rich. :D
  11. Tomcat47

    Tomcat47 Well-Known Member

    Thanks again, Old Fuff...

    They had the Stainless 2" for $249.99 and Blue for $219.99
    $19.99 Shipping

    Great deal! Hopefully I will have one of each next week....:) was looking for something to spend tax money on anyway.

    Is the .327 a poor performer out of 2" ??? I have seen some remarks alluding to such.

    They are out of the 3" Barrel Blue I believe he told me today.
  12. mnrivrat

    mnrivrat Well-Known Member

    My normal carry gun is a Taurus in 32 H&R . A 13 oz total Titanium model it has given me great service and is an accurate shooter.

    I have other Taurus revolvers and pistols as well, and have no problems

    32 S&W Long catridges make perfect plinking fodder. The $219.99 is a steal
  13. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    The one inch less of barrel does not affect the ballistics that much. With todays new powders that need less barrel the drop in velocity is not going to be that drastic compared to other and older cartridges.
  14. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    To some degree, and you can tell by the muzzle flash - much of which is powder burning outside of the barrel. The real issue is controling a small, hard to grip, revolver when firing a cartridge rated at 40,000 PSI.

    Oh darn!!!!! He who waits.... :banghead:
  15. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    The .327 Federal reaches it's high velocity from 3 inch barrel of the Ruger SP-101 with no major problems. It's even better out of the GP-100 with the 4 inch barrel.

    Like I said above I shoot only the 85 gr. .327 Federal magnum round out of the 327. To me the other rounds are harsh.

    The H&R magnum rounds make sense as well.

    Buffalo Bore makes some excellent rounds for the .32 H&R,it's +P (yeah, I know SAAMI has no +P rating for this round) and their .327 Federal rounds.

    Using powder technology like Speer's Short barrel ammo makes something for the .327 Federal, more able than with older gun powders.

    If you aren't sure you want one,fine, no problem.

    Mine work just fine and I am well protected with the ones I have.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2012

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