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AK-47 Question

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Freedomthroughstrength86, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. OK first let's get all of the n00b bashing out of the way...

    Once that is complete, I would appreciate your opinions, advice, or comments.

    Up until now I have pretty much been strictly a handgun guy, but I would like to get into rifles. I have always been a fan of AK's and am currently trying to sell or trade my Ruger GP100 (6" barrel) for an AK. I have received an offer for an even trade and the AK that i am being offered is not one I am familiar with. The info about it that I have received is below....

    It is in "like new" condition and was manufactured in 1986 by CN Romarm SA/Cugir in Romania, rifle is entirely manufactured of all NEW parts. The rifle exceeds ATF's minimum 922R, six U.S. made parts compliance requirements with the following, brand NEW, U.S. made parts installed: polymer Tapco folder buttstock; Ak pistol grip; Tapco single hook G2 trigger group (3 parts); 30 round, double stack mag, Fully CNC machined aluminum scope mount, Bushnell scope, stamped receiver to military specifications. Overall Length: 36"; Barrel: NEW Chrome-lined, 16.25" long, 1:10 twist rate with four lands and grooves, right hand twist, ; Weight, Unloaded w/out Bayonet: 6 lbs; Action Type: Semi-automatic; Caliber: 7.62x39mm; Magazine: 30 round, double stack; Rear Sight Type: RPK type sight graduated to 1000 meters in 100 meter increments.

    Is anyone here familiar with this AK and have any idea if this is a good trade for my Ruger?

    Any help is much appreciated.

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  2. JohnnyK

    JohnnyK Well-Known Member

    looks like a wasr... you can buy a new one for around $400-475... not sure how much your pistol is worth... scoped AKs rock! it could have some quality control issues... if its a local deal... see if you can meet @ shooting range and put a couple hundred rounds thru it...
  3. Thanks,
    Im in IL so most new gun prices are a lot higher here. and the best offer I have gotten for a trade in on the GP100 is $300. The absolute cheapest new WASR I have found is $525. Is there any positive or negatives of one from 1986 vs brand new?
  4. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    If it was imported in the late 80's, 922R is a non-issue from the federal side of things.

    In my location, that would be a decent trade. I'd probably take it. :)
  5. Great! Thanks for the advice Al!
  6. jhnrckr

    jhnrckr Well-Known Member

    Check out GAT Guns in Elgin for the AK. If your GP100 is stainless I want it and will pay you more than $300. PM if interested.
  7. fallout mike

    fallout mike Well-Known Member

    Sounds fair to me also.
  8. Haha, Gat guns is actually the place that offered me $300 for the GP. Gat has WASR's fpr $525 and that is the cheapest I have found them in IL. Im really leaning towards the trade for the AK that I am being offered. I prefer all wood furniture though. Anyone no the cheapest place to get a wood stock for the gun above?
  9. RobGR

    RobGR Well-Known Member

    I suggest you change out with wood furniture a) because you like it b) because the Tapco folders are garbage and are known to break. You can get a wood stock from a lot of places, even Tapco makes wood furniture (amazon.com) for stamped receivers. You may/will have to do some filing for a good fit. You can also buy used surplus wood at very low prices, just do a google search for - ak47 romanian wood stock

    I didn't want to post a bunch of links on here, but you'll find them on the first page of your search.

    A chrome lined barrel is a big plus. You can do the bullet drop test on the muzzle of the barrel to see how much life the barrel has left once you get it. Centurys are a flip of the coin, either you'll get a great shooter or a frankensteined POS that ends up being a jam-o-matic or worse.

    Please pop off the dust cover and check the interior of the receiver too. Look at the rails the bolt carrier slides on, make sure they aren't severely deformed. Look for rust, don't mistake cosmoline (if it hasn't been shot too much or cleaned) for rust. Crusty rust with pitting in the receiver is obviously something you don't want. AKs are dirty, that's why I like em, but you don't want something that's on it's last leg.

    The big thing everyone talks about are canted sights with AKs. This is typical, but it's the severity of the canted sight that could be an issue. When zeroing, if your front post/ windage drum has been moved all the way to the left or right and you still can't hit paper at 25yrds, then there's a problem. Otherwise you're good.

    It's still a decent trade, I'd do it. Good luck and let us know how it shoots!
  10. JHenry

    JHenry Well-Known Member

    it never hurts to ask for a test fire.
  11. blume357@bellsouth.net

    blume357@bellsouth.net Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a far trade to me.... I'm not a fan of the AKs but it sounds like you should go for it.
  12. RobGR would you mind posting a couple of links for surplus wood furniture for these AKs? for some reason I am only finding $100+ brand new furniture sets online.
  13. brnmuenchow

    brnmuenchow Well-Known Member

    I agree with that, I have never purchased a firearm from a non- dealer or friend/ family member so I would be cautious as well. I also would take into consideration the valve of your pistol vs. the price of a NIB AK and shop around.
  14. fallout mike

    fallout mike Well-Known Member

    I would not let someone test fire one of my guns with 200 rounds. You can shoot 1 box. Not 10 boxes. That's like test driving a car on a road trip from a individual.,
  15. brnmuenchow

    brnmuenchow Well-Known Member

    I agree that 200 rds. would be a bit much, however as a seller for me to let someone take a test drive they would have to be a serious buyer, and as a show of good faith that the rifle is legit and functions proves that you are not out to screw them either.. it's a judgment call really. (In reality give them about 3 mag's worth of range time)
  16. henschman

    henschman Well-Known Member

    WASR's are real decent AKs... but the scope, mount, and stock setup on that one is not very well thought out and looks like it was done by someone who doesn't know *** they're doing (that's the only n00b-bashing I'll do in this thread!). The scope sits way too high to get any kind of cheek weld, and looks like it sits way too far back to get proper eye relief. To shoot that you'd have to have a chin weld instead of a cheek weld, and have your head scrunched way back... not exactly a proper shooting position. Also I will echo the sentiment that those Tapco folding stocks aren't the greatest. Aside from being made from plastic and supposedly prone to breaking/becoming wobbly, they also have a big sharp hinge block that is right where your cheek would tend to rest (when you're actually in a proper shooting position) unless you have a very short neck.

    You could try to sell the scope, mount, and stock and partially finance their replacements, but you won't get much for them.

    But if that really is a good deal where you're at, you could just buy it and look online on auction sites and the classified sections of gun forums for someone selling wood AK furniture for a decent price.

    I actually happen to have a wood stock off my own WASR 10/63 that I would sell you.
  17. RobGR

    RobGR Well-Known Member

    Yeah, here:

    Royal Tiger (IO INC) who make horrible AKs, never buy one plz, but the wood furniture isn't going to hurt you.

    Classic Arms usually has great deals.

    Mil Surp, don't know these guys, never bought from them, but there it is. Quality could be an issue but here is a great link on redoing your furniture - Refinish You AK Stock Calguns

    Sportsman Guide Love em or hate em, just like CTD. But that looks like a good set that is 922r.

    Apex, bought from them several times, never an issue. What you get is what is printed, as in condition. The Balkan stocks look crazy, but those can be sketchy in regard to the racial etchings.

    200 rounds is way too much. You could tell within one 30 round mag, as long as the mag is good. Do a staggered 10 round burst every 10 sec, do a 10 round dump in 5 sec, and then back to staggered.... sorry my terminology isn't correct, but you get the idea. Even simply racking the firearm (pull charging handle back, release, do not ride it forward) will let you know how well the bolt carrier is riding. Make sure it slaps all the way fwd, no gap, chambering a round. Do it with and without a loaded mag (safely plz).

    How to check the FCG:

    The correct procedure to verify if the trigger system is working; with the gun unloaded and the top cover off, hold the trigger in all the way, then pull back the hammer (pushing it past the sear/disconnector) until the sear clicks on to the hammer's flat surface area. You can just push back the hammer manually or use the bolt carrier by racking it. Then, slowly release the trigger very gently until the sear slides off the flat and you will hear a distinctive "click", then pull the trigger all the way back and the hammer will release and you will hear a second click. This is a basic safety check to verify that your trigger system is operating safely and properly, you can also look for any other areas around the trigger when there may be a clearance issue. Repeat at least 5x.
  18. RobGR

    RobGR Well-Known Member

    Yeah, as henschman said, you don't need that scope, everything under 300m is game with the 7.62x39, but eventually mounting a cheap red dot (Bushnell trs 25) on it would be great. The crude iron sights are gtg though, they are better than you would imagine and I recommend using them for your first few outings to the range - AK at 230 Yards with Hickok45, love that dude.

    You could also go full authentic down the road in terms of your red dot - Kalinka
  19. Thanks everyone for all the great advice.

    I have another wrench to throw into my situation now. I have another person who is offering me $525 for the revolver. That is enough to turn around and go buy a brand new WASR at my local gun shop. That being said.... which is the better option? the trade or the sale....
  20. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like a win either way. Forget the scope and stock on the trade. The number of spare magazines are worth about 12 bucks each. That would be of interest to me. :)

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