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Ammunition Prices (gun show vs internet)

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by bennadatto, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. bennadatto

    bennadatto New Member

    Has anyone had any luck finding ammo prices (7.62*39 specifically) that is equally or less expensive at gun shows vs internet prices? So far, I havent't been able to find any real deals whatsoever at gun shows (Atlanta area) so I suspect the internet will continue to be my value dealer!

    thanks in advance!
  2. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew New Member

    Very rarely, and not on 7.62x39. Remember to add in shipping for internet prices when comparing, that can add quite a bit to the cost.
  3. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Active Member

    So can the jacked up admission prices and gas to get there with gun shows. The last show I went to, which may be my last, charged $9 to enter.

    None of the vendors had prices anywhere close to Aim Surplus or Ammoman.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2008
  4. Pure Kustom

    Pure Kustom New Member

    guns shows seem better. 250 rounds .44magnum swc 77.95:D
  5. Scratchy

    Scratchy New Member

    Crossroads of the West gun show in august? $200 for 1000 rounds of wolf and $180 for golden tiger plus $8 to get in. I don't know how much that would cost to ship but I feel for 7.62x39 gun show is the way to go.
  6. lions

    lions New Member

    Ammoman seems to be the best I've seen, $199/1000 rds 7.62x39 delivered.
  7. lonegunman

    lonegunman New Member

    I really hate gunshows anymore. If buying on line will put the ammo creep that comes to my area out of business, I'll order online everytime.

    9 out of 10 dealers who show up in my area are priced well over internet and well over the local stores.
  8. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre New Member

    Hell the last two gun shows I attended didn't even HAVE ammo <sigh>.
  9. camslam

    camslam New Member

    Crossroads of the West show in Phoenix last month - 7.62x39

    - $185 for 1,000 was the absolute cheapest and they wouldn't even come down $5 per 1,000 if I bought 2000 rounds worth. Most ammo carriers were up in the $195 to $200 range for 1,000 rounds.
    -$11 entry fee.
    -$7 parking fee, with the benefit of lugging 1 or 2 thousand rounds out to the car.

    Total for 1,000 = $203


    $199 INCLUDING shipping right to your door for 1,000 rounds.

    Total for 1,000 = $199

    Go with Ammoman unless you get into the gun show for free, that way someone else is doing the lifting and carrying.
  10. Rmart30

    Rmart30 New Member

    price at the last show here was $5 less per 500 than what it cost shipped to my door...... after lugging those last ammo cans full of it around next time I will have it shipped....
    I do feel sorry for my 90# mail lady though :)
  11. Speedo66

    Speedo66 Active Member

    I don't know about other locals, but at the last show I attended in Middletown, NY the large ammo vendors insisted local sales tax be added to the quoted price upon purchase, further diluting any price break.

    I have no trouble with tax, my salary is paid with it, I'd just like it included in the original price quote.

    Added tax + admission price + gas= no bargain
  12. ZeSpectre

    ZeSpectre New Member

    Get one of these....Staples folding crate with wheels

    Surprisingly sturdy, compact when not in use, and will haul a lot of ammo!
    I keep one in the trunk of my vehicle for "whatever" use.
  13. Griz44

    Griz44 New Member

    This reminds me of why I started reloading my own. WAY cheaper.....
    My mainstay is 45 ACP.
    Wally World WWB at 32.15/100 (w/tax)
    My reloads, 7.35/100 for the last batch of 1000 I made.
    Poke around in the reloading section, get hooked on saving money and shooting a lot more. Sure beats watching the garbage on TV these days.
  14. contenderman

    contenderman New Member

    As previously mentioned the shipping charges often negate any "bargain" price from the internet. However, there are exceptions. As with any venue you have to shop, and part of that process is figuring the total cost of your purchase which includes shipping, handling, or potentially "other" special charges.

    There have been times that I have managed to save a couple bucks a case by buying from the internet, but then I've got my friendly UPS "mope" dumping the cartons on my door step or yard.

    In my part of the country Gun Shows do (typically) offer some good prices, but again base your purchase decision on the total cost. Make sure that the quoted price includes any applicable taxes.

    Another source are places like Gander Mountain, Cabela's, Dicks or other local sporting goods stores. On selected brands and calibers they often run some darn good sales.

    Lastly, there are stores in rural areas where some really good buys can be made. Some of these places have had that ammo setting on their shelves for quite a while and the pricing reflects both the local economics as well as the cost/pricing many, many, price increases back. Of course we are not talking about availability of all calibers, mfg., or loads. However, as an example, I've found 22 Hornet, 221 Fireball, and 6.5 Swiss for $10-12 per box. And older stuff such as 25-20 for $8.

    When I'm taking a trip, especially when it's an area that I've not been in before, or it's been several years since I was in that area, I make sure that I have the time to poke around the countryside.

    Popular military calibers will occasionally dry up and of course the price goes up accordingly, regardless of venue. And when that happens your not going to find any bargains. I still chuckle to myself on some 7.62x39 that I'd had on hand for 5-6 years. At one time my boys were heavily into SKS and AK "blasting" and I bought several cases of Eastern Euro Mil Sup. that factored out to be about $1.80 per 20 rnds. ($90 per thousand) When the big crunch hit about 2 years ago I took a couple cases to my local gun show and sold them in less than 1/2 hour for $5 per 20 rnds. ($250 per thousand). Went back the next day with a couple more cases and same thing happened.

    After all the preceding ramble ... the net of this is to shop carefully, and when you run across some good buys take advantage of them. But, never trap yourself into thinking that any one venue will always be the best (across the board) source for your ammo.
  15. Slapnut

    Slapnut New Member

    Just out of curiosity, where do you do business in the Atlanta area?
    I'm a transplant from up north, and I've yet to find a "good" shop to deal with.
  16. BBQLS1

    BBQLS1 New Member

    I haven't found better ammo deals at gun shows.
  17. bennadatto

    bennadatto New Member

    Slapnut: I'm actually a Marietta guy. I shoot indoors at Nick's range. I like them, but there are many on the other side of that fence that don't! There's also a mom and pop shop I like called Deercreek. They have an ok selection; a bit overpriced, but I like supporting locals. Also check out Adventure Outdoors. They've got some good stuff at decent prices.

    As far as "downtown" Atlanta is concerned. I don't travel "inside the perimeter" unless I have to!

    Thanks all for your responses!
  18. Kevinch

    Kevinch New Member

    Griz44 said:
    I can agree with the TV statement, but you haven't added in the cost of the reloading equipment in your cost per round. Maybe you've been in it for a while & it has paid for itself - but I've always wondered how many rounds of *whatever* you have to shoot before reloading begins to pay off.

    I'm talking $$ here - not the hobby aspect.
  19. Griz44

    Griz44 New Member

    YUP Kevin, your point is well taken. I took the time to do some math and here is where I stand with just 45 acp at this time.

    32.50 per hundred store bought WWW at Wally World
    7.35 per hundred cast and loaded my yours truly.
    25.15 per hundred savings
    Investment in equipment including 45 acp,40 S&W,25 auto, .270 Rem, 30.06 Spr, .308, tumbler, casting pots, molds, extra tool heads, extra powder measures, scales, trimmers, and a bunch of other stuff I did not really need but wanted, is around $1150.00

    Payback, based on hard costs, would be 1150.00/25.15=46 boxes of ammo or 4600 rounds.

    At this time, I am closing in on 25,000 rounds of just .45 ACP. This does not take into consideration all of the other caliber reloads I have done. The savings on the rifle is not as dramatic since I buy premium bullets from Hornady or Remington. I know on my rifle rounds I save at least .65 per round from what a premium cartridge runs. I have loaded around 500 rounds of .270 and around 250 rounds of 30.06.

    The equipment was paid for in the first 4 months I had the press.
    Some folks on here have cross the half million mark and one post I saw claims closing in on a million rounds over a 40 year period. Think of the money he has saved!

    And I love reloading. Best of both worlds. Highly recommend it to anyone not just because it saves money but is a great hobby.

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