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Announcing the Second Amendment March

Discussion in 'Activism' started by Maximum1, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Maximum1

    Maximum1 Well-Known Member

    We gun owners complain about the anti-gun movement in this Country. Soon we will ALL have an opportunity to voice our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It's Time Our Voices Are Heard!

    Do you want to be HEARD or has it been just cheap talk? Well, if you truly feel strongly about the Second Amendment and your RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms then get involved join up and get ready to march.


    Spread the Word!
  2. 2RCO

    2RCO Well-Known Member

    All it will take is about 5 guys to carry in DC and this whole event will do us nothing but harm.

    I will in no way support this event unless they condemn the carrying in DC. As much as I like the Nuge I also don't know if he is the best speaker. He tends to get a bit wild for a soundbyte on national news.

    I have said before I would go and support one of these events if everyone participated in a civilized manner.
  3. hso

    hso Moderator Staff Member

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