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Another hijacked gun "buyback"

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by Ranger Roberts, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Ranger Roberts

    Ranger Roberts Become a THR contributing member!

    This happened outside of Philadelphia.


    Basically a few guys set up a table outside of the "buyback" with a sign that said "we pay more for your guns". They said that they purchased a few guns but the majority that were turned in were junk. I never hear about these buyback programs until after they are over, otherwise I'd be out there with a cash box and a folding chair!
  2. Ryanxia

    Ryanxia Well-Known Member

    It's a good idea, some real rare pieces of history have turned up in those voluntary confiscations (they are not buybacks because the government never owned them to begin with).
  3. PGT

    PGT Well-Known Member

    you'd be taking a risk of receiving stolen property by buying like that unless you know the provenance of the firearm. not worth the risk, IMHFO.
  4. Ranger Roberts

    Ranger Roberts Become a THR contributing member!

    You would be taking that risk in any FTF transaction though.

    That is exactly why I'd love to find one and set up shop! I'm sure there has to be a few family members selling off deceased relatives collections. It really seems like a shame that these guns just get melted down for scrap.

    Does anyone know how these "buybacks" are advertised? (I realize the government never owned the guns, that's why I keep putting "buyback" in quotes)
  5. PGT

    PGT Well-Known Member

    of course but one is a bigger degree of risk than the other.
  6. 19-3Ben

    19-3Ben Well-Known Member

    I plan to attend the one coming up in New London CT in March. I will be careful about the seller. I plan to bascially look for the old women who looks like her husband passed away and she wants to get rid of the guns. Or perhaps the clean cut preppy kids selling dad's "old worthless junk" so that they can buy a new iPad.

    Basically, I have to make a judgment call, and will not buy from people who I feel are less than scrupulous. I'll just have to follow my gut and really air on the side of caution as much as possible. But if I see grandma about to turn in an old Garand, you'd bet I'll offer twice the buy-back price!
  7. roadchoad

    roadchoad Well-Known Member

    Just be careful. These "buybacks" are often in bad neighborhoods. It wouldn't take a genius of a thief to figure out that the guys with the sign saying "Cash for guns" probably has a few hundred or more bucks and/or a ripe load of guns.
  8. whipper

    whipper Well-Known Member

    I yahooed how to buy a gun, and this is how eHow said to do it.

    • If you sell guns at retail to the public, you must be a registered federal firearms dealer and all your sales are subject to federal and state laws regarding gun sales, including background checks of buyers, waiting periods, record-keeping and reporting requirements and the like. Gun sales between private parties, however, require none of this.
    • Protect yourself by having the seller and you both sign a dated bill of sale that describes the firearm, includes its serial number and any other markings (especially custom markings or modifications), and includes the parties' names, addresses and telephone numbers. Provide identical copies for both you and the seller. These steps will help you legally establish when you came into possession and ownership of the firearm in case it is later found to have been stolen or is found to have been used in the commission of a crime.

    Read more: How to Buy a Gun From a Private Party | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_6930607_buy-gun-private-party.html#ixzz2KFACmdkG

    I do believe it depends what state you are in.

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