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Another reason why Hi Point Carbines are cool

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Bowlcut, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Bowlcut

    Bowlcut Well-Known Member

    I bought mine used about 4 months ago. It came with a BSA reddot on it cause the owner didnt trade in the stock sights for some reason. So they stuck the reddot on it. Well the reddot is fun but the pep sights that the carbine comes with are really good. I wanted them. I went to Hi Points website figureing eventualy calling them. Well I filled out the little form for emailing them, explaining what I was looking for, a place to buy the sights. That was about a week ago. Well I just got home to a package in the mailbox for me. Its a package with the rear sights and the sling I inquired about. No questions asked or anything they just bagged them up and mailed them here. So while I shoot outsite the reddot is coming off. Its fun and super fast reaquisition of the target, but out in the sun it can get hard to see the dot well even on the highest brightness. Iron sites are better tho ;)
  2. Geech

    Geech Well-Known Member

    I've heard a lot of good things about Hi-Points customer service. Even if they make cheap guns, they seem to take some pride in their product.
  3. Bowlcut

    Bowlcut Well-Known Member

    their pistols arent much more than boat anchors that can throw lead down range.....but they do go bang.

    the carbine is a pretty nice piece for its price. yea kel tec is cooler and better, but dang it....i got a carbine with a red dot for 200 out the door. it hits pretty accuratly....dont have my reddot totaly zeroed in. but it groups 3"s at 15 yards as fast as i can pull the tigger. slow fire....havent really tried, id say less than 2"s and less for benchrested. 16" or so barrel, forget how long exactly, 9mm....so decent accuracy. and soooooooooo much fun to shoo. only the mags run out too fast :d
  4. telewinz

    telewinz Well-Known Member

    The only thing wrong with the Hi-Point is that it won't take hi-cap magazines and isn't available in 40 S&W. If I can lay my hands on either one of these features, I lay my mobey down!
  5. Geech

    Geech Well-Known Member

    The .40 model is supposed to be coming out soon, along with a .45 model, in fact they're supposed to become available this summer. Unfortunately, both of these models will use their proprietary handgun magazines, like the 9mm carbine. I would ask them again when they are supposed to come out, but when I've asked previously they've given me very generic answers.
  6. Mannlicher

    Mannlicher Well-Known Member

    Life is just too short, to own or shoot ugly guns.:D
  7. Bowlcut

    Bowlcut Well-Known Member

    not ugly.....just pecular looking. it has a face a mother would love :D
  8. Tropical Z

    Tropical Z Well-Known Member

    Im still feeling a little guilty about getting a Kel-Tec sub 2000 instead of a Hi-Point.Its kinda like betraying a good friend.:(

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