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Anyone Got A Taurus 740?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by CDW4ME, May 30, 2010.

  1. CDW4ME

    CDW4ME Well-Known Member

    I've got a Taurus 709 and it's been trouble free for the first 150+ rounds. I've mostly shot +P and +P+ hollow points in it.
    I could handle a little more recoil than the 9mm produces and the 740 looks like it's the same as the 709 except a bigger bore.
    Anyone shot a Taurus 740 yet? How is it?
  2. weregunner

    weregunner Well-Known Member

    This is over at TFL gun forum as well.

    Here's my reply from over there.

    That is not being released until much latter this year. Somewhere beteen July and the end of the year is all we know right know.

    Taurus is finishing up runs of pistols of various models and is getting ready to start newer models.

    State side manufacture of the 738 TCP is to stop and the PLY22/25s and maybe the 740 will get started. No final release date has been issued at this time.

    No need to panic for those who like the 738TCP. Taurus is going to still produce it. Just not in the States. It will still be available.
  3. truthhurts

    truthhurts New Member

    740 is Great!!

    Got my 740 last Friday and it's awsome.
    Shot 50 papercutters when I got home and just like my 709 it was low and left, Raised the rear and some slight Kentucky windage and I like it a lot.
    The gun wieght is identical, I guess because of the wieght saved, 6+1 on the .40 makes up from the 7+ 1 on the 9mm, the extra metal is not noticed.
    The 740 is 'slim' which makes a bit of a handfull after 6th or 7 th clip.
    It is a Hand cannon.

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