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AR-15 slings

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by sprice, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    What are the best AR-15 slings? I'm only interested in the best close quarter/ do all ones and how I should mount it on my gun but feel free to recomend other types.
  2. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Well-Known Member

  3. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    I really don't think I want a one point, I think I want something that allows me to be more active/ actively transport my rifle for several miles.
  4. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Well-Known Member

    Well, the best choice would be a 2-Point Quick Adjust then...

    But your first post didn't indicate that, but that is why I posted a link about the different sling styles. However, a 2-Point Quick Adjust is going to be much more secure and comfortable for traveling distances.
  5. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    arighty, thanks rcky mountain tactical. Do you know of any good slings like that?
  6. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    Your not marshal wirig are you?
  7. Zundfolge

    Zundfolge Well-Known Member

    Go to RockyMtnTactical's web site (in his sig line)
  8. RockyMtnTactical

    RockyMtnTactical Well-Known Member

    Marshall Wirig, that is me.
  9. Shung

    Shung Well-Known Member

    if you own a collapsible stock AR, I suggest you go for a Magpul MS2 slings.. 1 an 2 point sling with lots a features. A must have. (get a magpul ASAP plate as well to use it in 1 point)
  10. Heck

    Heck Well-Known Member

    Vtac all the way
  11. sprice

    sprice Well-Known Member

    Always nice to see another American Forker on here ;)
  12. Avenger29

    Avenger29 Well-Known Member

    I'm a fan of the Viking Tactics 2 point quick adjust (padded). There is also Blue Force Gear and a few others, I believe, out there. My Viking Tactics sling cost me about $43, IIRC.

    The Magpul 1 point with 2 point capability is also an option. I have, however, seen a home rigged copy of the Magpul idea done with a wider/more padded sling for more comfort.
  13. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    Yes the one thing I don't like about the MS2 sling is how thin it is. After a couple hours it can dig into the shoulder a bit. However there are ways to fix this. I am working on one now, hopefully it works out.
  14. Zak Smith

    Zak Smith Moderator Staff Member

  15. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    I really like the Super Sling 2, but the original USGI leather and web slings are great for the money. :)
  16. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Well-Known Member

    I suggest the Vickers Combat Application Sling from Blue Force Gear.
  17. Z-Michigan

    Z-Michigan Well-Known Member

    Read Zak's article. Ponder it. Be ready to buy more than one sling. Don't discount the possibility of a 3-point sling, even if some of the HSLD guys are saying they're obsolete.

    The mounting method is important. If you get a good sling like the Vickers and then just run it through the stock loops you will probably be disappointed in how the sling works for you. Look at the mounting options on Vickers' website and the videos they link from there. Also compare that to how many 3-point designs attach, such as those from Spec-Ops and Blackhawk.
  18. GreenTN

    GreenTN Well-Known Member

    Urban ERT- custom weapon slings... www.urbanertslings.com...
    if your AR is over 8.5 lbs or so get the 2 point, under its OK to go with the single point variety.
  19. Shawn Dodson

    Shawn Dodson Well-Known Member

    I agree!

    I use the Vickers Combat Application Sling (VCAS) on my AR-15A2 and M4 carbines. On the AR-15A2 I use a Daniel Defense A2 Burnsed Loop, which fits between the buttstock and lower receiver, for the rear mount. For the front I use a GG&G Sling Thing (although a standard M4 front side sling mount would probably work just as good).

    On my M4s I attach the VCAS directly to the MagPul CTR buttstock exactly as suggested by the VCAS instructions and to a GG&G Sling Thing in the front. This setup is very versatile for me.

    Good luck!
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2009
  20. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    my favorite, and what i use while patroling the streets of Iraq, and best all around in my opinon is a single point sling. there are many advantages to a single point.

    i am not a fan of 2 points and i hate three points. if you get a good 2 point that allows you to switch to support side and back with ease then you will be fine.

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