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AR for farm patrol

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by txhoghunter, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    So out on the farm we have been having problems with aggressive wild dogs. We can no longer go out for a walk or a run unarmed, and I honestly feel quite unprotected with my Sig P220 on my hip. I am looking for an AR to fill a need for more power and still have a very versatile rifle. First off, what would you suggest as the base rifle, and then what type of add-ons?
  2. tkcomer

    tkcomer Well-Known Member

    If your going to pack the rifle around, I'd suggest a 16” gun with a collapsible stock. The lighter, the better. I'd also get the flat top upper and no front sight for optic duty. Range to target will determine what optic to use.
  3. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Range out there varies from one area to another. I'm considering an Eotech with a magnifier on a QD mount. Has anyone used this setup? And if so, how does it handle?
  4. X-Rap

    X-Rap Well-Known Member

    I use a 16" with an Eotec for similar use and the sight without the magnifier is pretty good to a couple hundred yds. on coyotes and the like.
  5. C-grunt

    C-grunt Well-Known Member

  6. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Well-Known Member

    I often use the buis on mine. I've never taken it to a range, just for around the property plinking.

    16" barrel with an eotech suits me nicely, although lately I've been wanting a magnifier. I've also been looking at the specter length yankee hill machine free float rail fore ends. I'm wondering if the extra inch or two of sight radius will make a difference. Since the yhm rails join to the flat top upper rail, it seems to me that I would have a ton of room for the eotech, magnifier and buis.
  7. highorder

    highorder Well-Known Member


    You might want to consider some more practice/training with your Sig, as opposed to looking for security from a different weapon.
  8. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, that Sig is the only sidearm I will keep with me, but the fact is, when there is a pack of pit bulls around you, a .44 mag can make you feel inadequate. I have had a .45 round ricochet of the skull of one.
  9. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Basically, I am wanting to hit these animals before they are within .45 ACP range.
  10. highorder

    highorder Well-Known Member


    Instead of walking every day with a pistol, perhaps just a few days with a scoped rifle? If they are dangerous, and on your property, can you eliminate them as you see fit?
  11. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    10.5” with a suppressor and an ACOG. No batteries to die, no buttons to push, always on and ready. With the suppressor you don’t need to spend any time protecting your ears and with the 10.5” barrel you are still shorter than a regular 16” AR.
  12. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Yeah a full out scoped rifle (like my .270 WSM) is just too much magnification and recoil for quick follow up shots, and I don't have a semi-auto rifle which, with a pack of dogs, is quite necessary. My only concern with an ACOG would be that it will be too much magnification should the dogs catch me off guard a little closer.
  13. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    If your going to use a 1x red dot and magnifier: The Aimpoint CompM3 in a Larue Lt129 and the Aimpoint magnifier in a Larue flip mount match up perfectly. Far better than the Eo combos I've tried.

    Handles excellent. Very durable. The magnifier is a bit of dead weight, but that's why you put it in a QR mount.

    A 1-4x Trijicon Accupoint or Nightforce scope may work for you as well.
  14. Sky

    Sky Well-Known Member

    A 14.5 with fixed flash suppressor can be had for not that much or under $1000. It is light and maneuverable; put a cheap $150 Vortec Strikefire on top, zero in, and u be ready for anything you are likely to come across. I have no problem taking game up to 200 yards with that rig ( I use a scope out further but I am old ). You can spend more and even get stuff that works better but for the money what I posted is hard to beat. Ammo from aimsurplus and tell the dogs to "bring it on"!
  15. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    I carry an Eotech equipped AR-15 for LE duty use, and I love the Eotech. It provides fast target acquisition, and works great in a low-light environment. I haven't added the magnifier to mine, but the non-magnified Eotech still works well for my needs (I've shot to 300 yards with the non-magnified version).
  16. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    The ACOG reflex (center below) is just like a battery powered zero magnification red dot, except that it uses tritium and fiber optic. It is self adjusting with no buttons or batteries. I also have Aimpoints, Cmores (top/bottom) and others but they require the user to do something at some point to turn on or adjust for ambient light. The rifle at the bottom is one of my 3-gun rifles with the 1-4 scope and 1 o’clock Cmore, it is both quick up close and accurate at distance but if you shoot a compensated rifle like that without plugs you won’t hear anything except ringing in your ears for a few days. That is why I use suppressed for non game animal, “surprise” type situations.

  17. txhoghunter

    txhoghunter Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for all of the suggestions, now for another question: What ammunition do yall recommend? What ammunition do you use in your AR when you are on duty colorado kev?
  18. jmorris

    jmorris Well-Known Member

    I use 55g soft points most of the time, they cost less than the other bullets I use except for 55g FMJs. If you don't mind the cost ballistic tips, V-max and some hollow points perform better. Some hollow points with thin "varmit" jackets come apart leaving fast twist AR's, just so you know.
  19. DoubleTapDrew

    DoubleTapDrew Well-Known Member

    I have EO Techs on my ARs and love them. I wouldn't bother with the magnifier since they are perfectly fine for a few hundred yards without it and adding one will get the price up towards ACOG territory.

    For dogs any 5.56 ammo will do as long as it shoots ok in your rifle. Lately the prices are down to about $300/1k for M193 (mil-spec type stuff which fragments nicely out to about 150yds in a 16" barrel) from the major online retailers. You can get steel cased non-reloadable ammo like Wolf for around $200/1k but buy a couple boxes first to make sure it functions reliably in your particular rifle. They are fine in most ARs but there's a few that don't like it. It's not usually as accurate as the brass cased stuff, it stinks, and the bullets have thicker jackets and usually won't fragment, but it'll do the job on dogs and it's cheap.
  20. Maverick223

    Maverick223 Well-Known Member

    I think you missed, or perhaps grazed the target....45ACP has a nasty habit of penetrating pretty well. That said, I too feel more comfortable with a long gun. In this instance I believe a shogun may be the best medicine as it affords near instant incapacitation with a decent hit as well as a little more forgiveness in shot placement than the average rifle. Range shouldn't be a concern unless you are hunting dogs and, well, that'd be a bit weird. :p I would recommend No. 4 or 1 buck, but Double Ought will work pretty well too (and do a bit better on bigger critters).

    If you just want a rifle (nothing wrong with that), then the AR-15 would be a decent choice, as would most other SA intermediate cartridge rifles (like the M1 Carbine, Mini 14/30, AK, SKS, et al). Loaded with most any cartridge, any of the aforementioned should work well enough, though a good Ballistic Tip, HP, or SP will probably afford the best performance.


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