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AR Magazine Replacement from Auction Blunder

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Vincent1966, May 9, 2013.

  1. Vincent1966

    Vincent1966 New Member

    I won an auction for 3 gen M3 pmags (with dust covers) and 1 gen m2 windowed pmag. Total of 4 (30 rnd each). Paid about $70.00.

    I immediately contacted the seller (both email and phone) and told him the address to mail the mags to. He still managed to send the mags to the wrong address. He tried to intercept Fedex, but to no avail. I am sure once the people at the wrong address realized what they had, they kept the items and claimed ignorance with Fedex. This was during the height of the magazine (and anything else AR related) shortage/panic so I paid a premium.

    After several attempts to get the items back from the wrong address, they seller wants me to chose from other mags that he has. It does not seem as though he has a replacement of those same pmags that I won (and REALLY wanted). He mentioned Lancer L5 mags. I looked those up and they are windowed as well. He also mentioned some GI mags, all in 30 rnds.

    My question for the forum is given that he has no more pmags and the original price I paid for them, what would be a good choice/mix for him to replace the pmags with? I'd like to give him an answer by Friday. Not trying to get more than I paid for, just trying to be fair.


  2. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Active Member

    Are you sure that he mis-addressed the package?

    Because I've had FedEx deliver two packages over the years to a wrong address while the package was addressed properly. One was a valuable stereo system that was delivered to an address a block away. After tracking the package as delivered, I contacted FedEx and they sent the driver back to verify where he delivered the package. It was no longer on the porch where he placed it. The resident there kept the package and claimed nothing. FedEx gave me one or two hundred dollars for the mistake because the package wasn't insured but they do have a default coverage for situations like that.

    During the recent Boulder Airlift, FedEx delivered a box of Pmags to an address a block or two away from my office. The business there was gracious enough to bring the package to me and not steal my property. The label was addressed correctly but FedEx screwed it all up again.
  3. Vincent1966

    Vincent1966 New Member

    Yes, unfortunately, he did. I contacted him immediately after winning the auctions with the correct address, but he still sent it to the wrong address. Fedex confirmed delivery to the address he used. I've been trying to work with him and retrieve the items. In doing so, I've found out how completely incompetent they can be. He said they would try to intercept the package while out for delivery but that did not happen...
  4. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Active Member

    I'd ask him for five of the L5s and be happy if he only agrees to four.
  5. Warp

    Warp Active Member

    If you paid $70 for 4 PMAGs you almost certainly didn't win an auction during the height of the panic. PMAGs were going for $80-$100 each in auction settings at that time (such as Gunbroker).

    Anyway, the Lancer L5 AWM is a VERY GOOD magazine. In fact, I think they are better than PMAGs. BUT that is comparing to Gen2 PMAGs, and the Gen3 might be a little tougher. At any rate, the L5 AWM is a very, very good magazine. Choose it with confidence. They do not have windows, though. They come in a variety of colors, including translucent that allows you to see through the magazine. Most of the mags are opaque (solid, cannot see through). The translucent ones are, IMO, far more useful than window'd PMAGs, because you can see so much more.

    There are L5 mags and L5 AWM mags, though. The AWM is the upgraded replacement.

    What USGI mags? A lot of people say "USGI" to generally mean any and all aluminum mags, and that is false. If they are NHMTG, OKay, Labelle, D&H, they are good mags...but not as tough or durable as PMAGs or Lancers.
  6. Vincent1966

    Vincent1966 New Member

    I most certainly did win this auction during that time. I am not a stranger to online/traditional auctions ( like Gunbroker) estate sales, etc. Point is, that is how much money is involved. Trying to be fair with the guy. I've called Fedex under his authority and tried to work with them at great length.

    As far as GI mags, the person mentioned that he has some Elander magazines, 30 rnd.
  7. adelbridge

    adelbridge New Member

    ask for a refund and tell him to file a claim with fedex. if that doesnt work do a chargeback with your credit card bank. You can buy them for $15 these days

    OARNGESI New Member

    4 l5s or a refund
  9. 1KPerDay

    1KPerDay Active Member

    I'd be happy with Lancers in place of Pmags, personally.
  10. highorder

    highorder New Member

    Same here.


    Five would be reasonable considering the circumstances. Four would be acceptable.
  11. MaterDei

    MaterDei New Member

    The Lancer mags are great. I'd settle for 4 as well.

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