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Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by leeroy71, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. leeroy71

    leeroy71 Well-Known Member

    Anyone own an armscor revolver? Are they worth having? Local Gunshop has .38spl 4in and snubbies for $220 and tax. I'm on a budget so price seems great IF worht having. I've not went in to check in person yet. Saw them on the stores web site. Anyone think they are worth checking out?
  2. cyclopsshooter

    cyclopsshooter Well-Known Member

    bad colt copy, but likely reliable... if i were you, and on that budget, i'd also look at used smith model 10s
  3. leeroy71

    leeroy71 Well-Known Member

    I thought they looked familar. I should have mentioned I'm on a budget but not that strict:). The price looks good, but, if the gun is iffy I have no problem in investing a little more for a better gun.

    BTW what is a fair price for a model 10 s&w?
  4. Quoheleth

    Quoheleth Well-Known Member

    Buds still has some model 10s for $269. JG Sales has model 64s (stainless model 10s) for about the same price.

    If you look a little bit, there are Taurus police trade-ins (imports) available for $150 or so. Pretty ugly, but they seem functional.

    I've not shot the Armscor revolvers, but I've handled them at a gun show or two. IMHO, they definitely don't live up to the standard set by their 1911s. The 1911s feel solid but inexpensive; the revolvers look and feel cheap.

    I would, personally, roll the dice with the used Taurus before the Armscor, but I recently ordered the 64 and am waiting for delivery to my FFL.


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