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Arsenal AK in 5.56 or Sig 556 Classic

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by InkEd, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    I have narrowed it down to these two rifles. (Please no other suggestions)

    Which would you guys suggest for just a range toy.

    FWIW the AK is about $700 and the Sig is about $1000.
    I can't decide if the extra money is worth it.
  2. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    It's a no-brainer.

    This thread is a waste of electrons, IMHO.

    The SIG, of course.
  3. Halv

    Halv Active Member

    I would go arsenal, Its cheaper, and has the AK reliability. The 5.45's and 5.56's are actually quite accurate too. Plus IMO there is no better looking gun then an AK. Ive been considering an SGL-31 personally.
  4. wojownik

    wojownik Well-Known Member

    For a range toy, just plinking and blasting downrange, I'd go with the Arsenal - cheaper rifle, cheaper ammo.

    For a bit more accuracy, though, the Sig 556 is said to be better. Do you already have an AR? To be honest, I've been wrestling over the 556 classic since they've dropped the price, but between my AKs and ARs, I think I'm pretty well covered.
  5. Hizzie

    Hizzie Well-Known Member

    The SIG. Better ergo, uses cheap AR mags, more accurate.
  6. docnyt

    docnyt Well-Known Member

    More fun factor with the SIG but the Arsenal is also a good choice. The SIG has come down a lot in price recently so it's a best buy.
  7. kwelz

    kwelz Well-Known Member

    5.56 AKs are not the most reliable AKs. The main problem is magazines They can be very hit or miss. I am not a hige fan of the Sig 556 but of the 2 it is a better option.
  8. deadduck357

    deadduck357 Well-Known Member

  9. Gelgoog

    Gelgoog Well-Known Member

    Only if your buying **** mags. It's circle 10 or nothing...and if you buy circle 10s then you will not likely have any problems.

    Both rifles are reliable platforms and a better choice then an AR15 IMHO.
  10. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    Yeah not an AR-15 fan.

    I plan to go and fondle them both at the large store in town. They probably won't have any Arsenal AKs but for overall ergos, I think I can get a good enough idea.

    I really want to do something in 5.56 but Ive heard about 5.56 AKs not being the best reliablity. Is this a problem with the higher quality ones like the Arsenal or more of a Century Golani type issue?

    My concern for the Sig is the magazine release (shoot lefty) being awkward. The AK is very lefty friendly.

    Still looking for owner feedback about both guns. Likes and Dislikes?
  11. Quentin

    Quentin Well-Known Member

    Well definitely not the SIG, to me it looks like an AR/AK hybrid and offers no real advantage over an AR in that price range.

    I'd be interested in the Arsenal because I love my 7.62x39 AK but at that price for 5.56mm I'd rather kick in a couple hundred for a good AR. Sorry, I know you don't like them but I do. :D
  12. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    Well, Century is responsible for this (is that a surprise?).

    They shipped thousands of SAR-3s and WASR-3s with East German 5.45x39 magazines that had been painted and had their floorplates stamped ".223".

    Unfortunately, it takes more than paint and a stamp set to overcome geometry, as stuffing 5.56x45 cartridges in a 5.45x39 magazine will lead to failure every time.

    The above snafu is single-handedly responsible for the ".223 AKs suck" myth floating around, IMHO.

    As Gelgoog pointed out, if you use quality magazines designed for .223 ammo, you'll not have any issues.

    On another note, statistically 5.56x45 is less reliable in an AK due to the shape of the cartridge. This statistic is interesting, but doesn't effect real-world usage.
  13. JHansenAK47

    JHansenAK47 Well-Known Member

    The 556 AK mags were never standardized like the 545 or 762x39 mags were. So they don't all interchange.
    Either way if it is an Arsenal you have to use bulgarian spec mags. So cry once and get the nice bulgarian waffle mags. The bulgarian rifles did have teething issues when they came out. The current mags are 3rd generation. Long story short they are much more reliable now.
    My 106FR has been a great rifle. I would definitely get another if I didn't have the one I have now.
    It's pretty easy to work the mag release with your right thumb and strip your mag with your right hand.
  14. Girodin

    Girodin Well-Known Member

    Sig to the best of my knowledge doesn't give money to Harry Reid. That is enough to sway me apart from any other considerations.

    I like AKs but would rather have the Sig. It is the better rifle IMHO. Even if I decided I was going to get an AK over the Sig I wouldn't get the Arsenal.
  15. briansmithwins

    briansmithwins Well-Known Member

    I had a SLR106FR (5.56 Arsenal AK) that I sold only because

    1) 7.62x39 ammo is ½ the price of 5.56 ammo.
    2) Buddy offered me crazy money for it.

    The SLR106FR is a very nice rifle. If I needed another 5.56 rifle it would be high on my list. I agree about only buying the ((10)) mags for it. Other are going to be hit or miss.

    My only reason for dismissing the Sig rifle is (from what I've read on the interwebs) is that Sig too a proven military design and tried to see how cheaply they could make it for the US civ market. The SLR106FR is very close (just lacking FA capability) to the rifle Arsenal Bulgaria makes for countries that want 5.56 AK rifles.

  16. Averageman

    Averageman Well-Known Member

    Everyone eventually buys a Lemon.
    I got a Lemon Sig 556 Patrol Swat. It is at the Sig Shop and it has been there for about 3 weeks. The essential question is why it left the shop Q/C in the condition it was.
    Buying a Sig hasn't been a highlight of my Rifle shooting.
    I havent got a message back from Sig, but I did get an offer to buy Sig magazines for almost twice what I would pay for a better quality AR magazine.
    I left this for the Sig big wigs.

    Mr. Lavertu;
    I am having serious issues with my Sig 556 and it is currently back with your armorer. I contacted Sig with a list of items for repair and to be honest I'm not your happiest customer right now.
    Before sending me an offer that would cause me to spend more money, fix the rifle I had to send back to you that should have never left the factory Q/C.

    FMJMIKE Well-Known Member

    Arsenal AK in 7.62 X 39 would be my choice. Lots of mags and relatively inexpensive ammo too.
  18. InkEd

    InkEd Well-Known Member

    I think the scale may be tipping toward the Arsenal AK.
  19. Mr.Davis

    Mr.Davis Well-Known Member

    I personally would get the Sig. It's because I don't have an AK and would want my first to be a traditional AK caliber, such as 7.62x39 or 5.45x39. Kind of like buying a 9mm 1911 before getting a .45.

    Also, keep in mind that the Sig is selling for insanely low prices right now. Buds has price drops of $400 plus in effect. What I'm saying is that the Sig is on sale, and there's no guarantee it'll stay this low.
  20. nalioth

    nalioth Well-Known Member

    You're kidding, right?

    The SIG uses M16/AR15 mags.

    . . and the "inexpensive ammo" is only inexpensive until the Zero signs the appropriate piece of paper.

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