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Auto body filler as stock filler???

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by CarsAndGuns, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. CarsAndGuns

    CarsAndGuns New Member

    Hey guys, first post here but have seen a lot of good stuff so hopefully I'll get an answer to my odd question. I have a "sporterized" 1903 Springfield with a cheap injection molded stock that is so limp in the forend that I can move it with my bare hands. In reading a book about gunsmithing I read that the author used auto body filler in the forend to stiffen it up and used tape to free float the barrel. I can see it working in theory, but I have my doubts about it.
    Anybody have any similar experiences with this method? Recommendations? Just an opinion?

    I'm pretty convinced the stock is causing accuracy problems because it moves so much. I already checked the barrel, action, and scope, all are in pretty good condition. All suggestions or experiences are appreciated.

    Thank you

    Also, I am not the one who sporterized it.
  2. rcmodel

    rcmodel Member in memoriam

    Find yourself some carbon-fiber arrow shafts.

    Hollow out the forend to hold a stack of three cut to fit in a triangle stack.

    Then pour the void full of Brownells Acraglas epoxy.

    It won't add as much weight as auto body Bondo, but it will be stiffer then a billy goats --- ahhh!
    Never Mind.

  3. Buzsaw

    Buzsaw New Member


    I used jb weld and aluminum arrow shafts in a milk jug stock, but it just moved the flex point back closer to the recoil lug. I have just learned to not sling in strongly, and to pre load my bipod carefully. Eventually I will replace the stock, but the gun shoots well if I am careful.
  4. inclinebench

    inclinebench New Member

    I would venture to say that monkeying around with garbage in an attempt to make it better, could just leave you in a time and money deficit. Bite the bullet and purchase a good stock, and you will get something that works well, and can be trusted. 1903 is a fine rifle, treat it and yourself right and invest in a proper stock.
  5. josiewales

    josiewales New Member

    Welcome to the forum!:)

    I would agree with what inclinebench said. Better to just do it right.
  6. BCRider

    BCRider Active Member

    I was going to suggest something along the same lines as what rcmodel suggested. But the others are likely right and it's better to put the money you'd spend on trying to save the present stock towards a known good replacement.
  7. CarsAndGuns

    CarsAndGuns New Member

    Thanks guys, I'll be ordering one shortly!
  8. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe New Member

    '03 stock...

    Cars And Guns--There are a TON of retro stocks out there for the '03 Springfield.

    My suggestion would be to go to the Boyd's Gun Stocks website, www.boydsgunstocks.com and have a look.

    I've used their laminated stocks for a customization project, that turned out prettier--and more accurate--than I had any right to expect.

    Boyd's is very much used to talking newbies through such a project, too. They have printed directions, and their 'phone people are helpful too.

    Boyd's is where I always suggest people start in a search for a replacement stock. You will find cheaper out there, of course, but none sturdier in the long run, nor a more helpful company.

    Good luck on your project, and PLEASE keep us posted. With pix. We all like pix! :)

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