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Average distance a well hit deer will run

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by jlbpa, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. jlbpa

    jlbpa Well-Known Member

    I've shoot two deer. One with a 30-30 at about 45 yards and it took a few steps and fell over dead. I shot another with an arrow double lung ran about 30 yards and fell over dead. With my 30-30 and 170 gr winchester superx powerpoint what if I put a shot in the chest vitals or tried to bust up the front shoulder at say 150 yards. If I make a good shot and it runs too far it will be beyond the property I'm allowed on.

  2. Captcurt

    Captcurt Well-Known Member

    You never know. One deer may drop on the spot and the next may go 100 yds when hit in the same place. Depending on the angle of the animal, I like to take a shoulder out. That usually drops them in their tracks. I know a lot of guys that take neck shots but I don't care for them myself. I feel more confident shooting for the heart/lung area. At my age I need the biggest target that I can get.
  3. desidog

    desidog Well-Known Member

    Now that is the first good reason i've heard to invest in hunting camo. :evil:

    Where are you hunting that they allow rifles on such small acreage? That sounds dangerous for the neighbors...I'd be much more worried about the deer that are not hit well. It happens.
  4. ssfeldjager

    ssfeldjager Well-Known Member

    Where did the OP state that he was hunting on "small acreage"? I missed that in his post. :scrutiny:
  5. jlbpa

    jlbpa Well-Known Member

    The acreage is there as long as it doesn't run the wrong way. Since I've only shot a couple deer I'm just looking for the laws of average. On the tv shows they usaually show shooting and the deer runs and then waiting but I'm thinking that's just to make the show last longer. I'm wondering what happens in real life. Things I've shot alot that aren't quite easy to kill I know what I'm doing and where to place the shot and know what to expect. I just haven't shoot enough deer to have a idea of what to expect.
  6. W.E.G.

    W.E.G. Well-Known Member

    I had a four-pointer run 50 yards into a thicket after a close-range through-and-through shot, pulverizing the heart with Remington 30-06 Core-Lokt ammo.
  7. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    This is exactly right! I've had deer run over 100 yards with a it's heart shot out. I've also had double lungs shot deer fall stone dead. Caliber is a non-factor. I've used 30.06 mostly but have also used 7mm/08 and.308win. Those shot with the .308 ran off,having to be tracked up(double lung) while the 7mm/08 had DRTs as well as run offs to be tracked up. A CNS hit is the ONLY garanteed DRT shot.
  8. JEB

    JEB Well-Known Member

    its really hard to say. with a 30-30 ive seen one deer with half its heart blown off run a full 70 yards before diving up. ive also seen them go down like they were hit by a amc truck with a high lung hit (not spine). if i had to make a guess i would say around 30 yards. lots of them drop on the spot or after only a few steps, but then again a lot of them bolt off after being hit. depends on what is going through the deer's mind at the time of the shot.....btw, if it happens to be a 12ga slug that is going through its mind, they almost always eat the dirt right there!
  9. slicksleeve

    slicksleeve Well-Known Member

    I've shot deer with a .243 win., 7mm-08, .270 win., .44 mag. pistol, .41 mag. pistol, .444 marlin, compound bow, and 12 gauge shotgun. Several of 'em. The only deer that I've had not run off to die was one that I hit in the head with 12 gauge 00 buckshot. At this point, I have accepted that most well hit deer, (through the heart), will go 30-100 yards, running dead. I enjoy tracking deer myself.
  10. brandon_mcg

    brandon_mcg Well-Known Member

    The only deer ive dropped was with a .243. Ive shot a few with .308 that have meandered 40-80 yards and have killed one with buckshot that ran 50 yards. however, every deer my brother has shot with his .308 has dropped dead. so who knows. just have to shoot them and see
  11. AKElroy

    AKElroy Well-Known Member

    I've never had a deer take a step with a center-shoulder broadside hit. I have probably taken 20+ with that shot; not a stellar placement for meat retention, but on reduction game-management cull hunts it prevents having to waist time chasing them down. If I had my freezer full & had a good trophy in my sites, the shoulder is where I am aiming.

    I might see a 50 yard run after a solid boiler room shot, but that is rare. A few yards, a stagger, and flop is more typical. I am now hunting with Remmy corelokt exclusively & it really opens up & shreads the vitals. It's also cheap, allowing a lot of practice with the hunting load.
  12. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    My favorites as well. I have only lost one well hit deer using core-lokts. It was a VERY large buck with great mass. I shot it at bayonet range(actually about 30 feet) broadside with a 7mm/08(Remington Model 7)through the lungs. As the deer ran off,I was distracted by a larger buck that almost stood on me trying to figure what just happened. When I was able to start tracking my buck all I could find was tracks and lost them after about 80 yards. I searched for over 4 hours and never found a blood trail. My brother found what was left by the coyotes about 2 weeks later over 250 yards from the shot.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2010
  13. slicksleeve

    slicksleeve Well-Known Member

    For heaven's sake don't get mad at your 30-30 and go buy a .300 super nitro express short ultra buzz light year magnum, so you won't have to track a deer.
  14. AKElroy

    AKElroy Well-Known Member

    Good advice. Some of the fastest DRT dust raising flops were from my tried & true 94's launching 170 gr corelokts. Hits em' like a truck if you do your part.
  15. jimmyraythomason

    jimmyraythomason Well-Known Member

    AKElroy's mention of the 170gr core-lokts reminded me of the 2 bucks I got with 8x57 mm Mauser using 170gr core-lokts. No tracking of those.
  16. jlbpa

    jlbpa Well-Known Member

    I'm sticking with the 30-30. I like my marlin 336 bought new at kmart for $79.00 back in the good ole days. Trouble is using the 30-30 I've shot more ground hogs, coons, and chickens [in the head for butchering - I like shooting :)] than deer. I'm just trying to make sure I make the most of it on the deer and do right by the deer. I'll get some cor lokts tomorrow.
  17. 41magsnub

    41magsnub Well-Known Member

    My experience has been if you catch the deer unaware before any adrenalin builds up, a boiler room shot drops it right there or within 10 yards. Just bang.. flop.

    If you get one that has the fight/flight response going a non-CNS or non-structural hit will let them run for a short distance.

    A poorly placed shot in either case can result in some tracking.
  18. juk

    juk Well-Known Member

    I have shot a small buck with an 06 (core-lokt) and thought it vanished. Turned out it literally fell over. The deer I hit with a 308 (AMAX) I never found. Made a solid hit, and followed a gnarly blood trail for a few hundred yards. I am now a believer of proper bullet selection and shot placement.
  19. Daniel Boone

    Daniel Boone Well-Known Member

    Most times I shoot my deer in the neck.
    Makes it a lot easier to gut out - not a lot of blood in the chest cavity and no spilled guts to worry about.
    If I shoot one in the neck they usually drop 3 feet - straight down!

    I don't think I had to track more then 20 deer in my whole life and I have shot 200 deer so far.
  20. AKElroy

    AKElroy Well-Known Member

    Last time I had that happen I looked for hours & finally gave up only to find the animal verticle in a forked tree as I walked out. Never thought to look up, even a foot or two. I bet your animal was within 10 feet of where the blood trail ended & just figured a way to hide itself.

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