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Bersa mags

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by jval, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. jval

    jval Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Bersa Thunder 380. I am finding different listing for mags, 380A, Series 95, etc. Will they fit the Thunder 380?
  2. CWatson

    CWatson Well-Known Member

  3. jval

    jval Well-Known Member

    CDNN has the best price at $27, but then charges $10 for S&H. I've seen mags with the thick finger rest and the thin finger rest. Then both apprear to be factory mags. Any insight into the difference?
  4. otomik

    otomik Well-Known Member

    use promag aftermarket mags on this one, promag doesn't have a great reputation but they got a metal baseplate compared to the factory ones with plastic baseplate that has in some cases broke. maybe it's less comfortable and stylish but it's more reliable and concealable.

    series 95 mags should work, the only difference is the series 95 didn't have the goddamn integral lock. i don't know what the 383A is. also anyone with a Bersa be sure to remove the magazine disconnector safety, it's easy and saves weight.
  5. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

    I purchased a couple of ProMag magazines for my Bersa Thunder from CDNN for $11.95ea and they work just fine. I also ordered a couple of finge extesions from Eagle and they fit the ProMag magazines fine too.
  6. railroader

    railroader Well-Known Member

  7. 38snapcaps

    38snapcaps Well-Known Member

    Hoosier Gun Works
    7843 Huber Ct.
    Indianapolis, IN 46226

    I've ordered from them twice. Factory mags with finger rest in original package-$32 shipped.
  8. nvrquit

    nvrquit Well-Known Member

    Bersa Finger Extension Bases from...

    ... Eagle Industries?


    From whom did you order the Eagle finger extension baseplates for the Bersa ProMag clips? A web search didn't tunr up much. Thanks for any feedback!
  9. kokapelli

    kokapelli Well-Known Member

  10. nvrquit

    nvrquit Well-Known Member


    .... that's what me gets fir think'in, arrgg....


    Thanks for the rapid response. With your post, I began to immediately think of "after-market" components, as in not original equipment. However, your links clearly take one to the USA importer/servicing agent of Bersa pistols, Eagle Imports. I didn't even think about them, though I've even posted a link to them as a source in the past. Duh!

    Thanks again!
  11. horge

    horge Well-Known Member

    While we're at it...

    Model 383-A
    Series 95
    Thunder 380

    all come from the sequence of iterations of this single-stack pistol design from BERSA.
    They all use the same magazine.

  12. nvrquit

    nvrquit Well-Known Member

    Don't forget...

    ... the 80 series single stack, Horge, as it uses the same mag too.
  13. horge

    horge Well-Known Member

    I merely wanted to avoid a lengthy explication, as the Bersa models with 80+ suffixes include a few tricky single-stack exceptions:

    Bersa 83 uses the same mag body as the others previously mentioned, though the factory mag for this model is a 6-rounder.

    Bersa 84 (as its variant, the 844) however, uses a different mag body, with the mag-catch slot in a different location, unless I am mistaken.

    There are a few other wrinkles, but these involve rather obscure models.
    You indicated only single-stackers, but as long as we're on 80+ suffixed models...

    Bersa Model 85 and 86 are doublestack (factory 13 round) mag users. Their present-day reiteration would be the 15-round doublestack all-steel Thunder 380 Super, which ought to be available (with Bersa's "ILS" integral trigger lock) in the US once you get past all of your legislated 10-round wussiness.

    :neener: :evil: :neener: :evil: :neener:

  14. nvrquit

    nvrquit Well-Known Member

    Yes, my one time...

    ... favorite, the Bersa model 85. All steel blued 13 round mag wide bodied .380 ACP Bersa. It's cousin, the nickel plated model 86, wide body. Curse Hot Pants Bill and his AWB. Perhaps in a few short months.....


    I didn't think the 84 and sub-model 844 had been imported into the USA. These were .32 ACP caliber pistols IIRC.

    Strange how the 383 series had a slide stop, the 80 series didn't and with the 90 series and the Thunder series, the slide stop was again present. Though, the slide stops on the differing series are of different designs.

    Now, do we really want to go down the road of out-wussying each other.... non-productive at least. Enough said.
  15. horge

    horge Well-Known Member

    Bersa 84 and 844 were indeed .32 ACP, and my point really was just that:
    There is much potential for confusion with Bersa 80+ suffixed mags and pistols.
    I rather like the present, simple regime of using the caliber as the numeric suffix to the 'Thunder' apellation. I'm certainly not clear on importation into the US of most of the earlier Bersa issues, but there it is on the off-chance.

    As for wussy legislation...
    That was meant in humor (what with the appended smilies, and all),
    and I regret any impression that it applied to those enduring said law.

  16. nvrquit

    nvrquit Well-Known Member


    On all counts Horge!

    Those smiling devil heads just push the wrong buttons....

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