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Best Brass

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by banek, May 27, 2010.

  1. banek

    banek Active Member

    I've been reloading for a few years for 9MM, 357 Mag, 45 LC. I do it because it's almost as enjoyable as shooting. Almost! I pickup brass at my gun club whenever I find it but have had problems with some brands. PMC and Federal almost always wrinkle when I seat a bullet. I use Berry's Bullets for the 357Mag and the 45LC. I also have a hard time getting a consistent OAL with PMC brass. I don't think it's my process as there is no problem with Winchester or Remington.
  2. right winger

    right winger Member

    Sorry you are having problems with PMC brass. It is one of my favorites along with GFL and military and I get great results with all three of these. It is a little thicker and the primer pockets are snug but not like S&B - I hate that stuff it's almost as bad as a-merc brass. Federal is real soft and I am surprised at it buckling. My experience is that with Federal brass the primer pockets get loose after a few reloads. You may want to readjust your die to bell the brass a little more - I think that will solve your problem. just my two cents Good Luck.
  3. banek

    banek Active Member

    Thanks right winger but why don't I have a problem with any Winchester or Remington? PMC is the least consistent when it comes to seating. I get as much as .020 difference.
  4. moxie

    moxie Well-Known Member

    Win and Rem are perfectly fine. PMC does give me fits in most calibers so now I toss it, as I do with A-MERC. S&B is thick walled but works OK. Federal's fine, as is CCI, Speer, Blazer, Midway, Rem-UMC, WRA, TZZ, IMI, and a zillion others. There are some oddball "bad actors" in .38 special but I can't find my list. Don't try to make stuff work. It's so cheap, toss it.
  5. 1SOW

    1SOW Well-Known Member

    What press and dies are you using?

    Federal/F.C., Blazer and maybe PMC 9mm brass is slightly thinner/softer than ...say 'WIN or PPU. I sort brass. On my Lee turret press the jacketed rounds I use seat noticeably deeper with the exact same pull if I mix an F.C. in with the WIN brass.

    I agree you should increase the 'bell' a skosh on the plated bullets and try a few with no powder or primer to see if it fixes your problem.
  6. sourdough44

    sourdough44 Well-Known Member

    Maybe a touch more 'bell' & take some time to chamfer/bevel the inside of the mouth some. That should do away with your wrinkle problem.

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