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best glock sights

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by glockky, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. glockky

    glockky Well-Known Member

    looking for info on sights. I am wanting something for more pinpoint accuracy and was wandering what you guys have had good luck with.
  2. Big Mike

    Big Mike Well-Known Member

    Lots of options. I've owned several and have shot Glocks with several different types and never had a preference. But that said, my G26 with the stock sights shot the most accurate of them all (in my hands); front sight a white dot/rear sight the square "u".
  3. jrenscore

    jrenscore Member

  4. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Well-Known Member

    I love my heinie straight 8's.

    Yes, everyone will point out that stock sights work just fine...and they do. I didn't like them and that silly white U distracted from my focus on the front sight. I painted the u black with a sharpie and that helped very much...for me. Shooter problem, not the sight. I'm accustomed to flat black, serrated rear sights with no markings and that is my preference. I got the tritium model as the one dot doesn't distract me. Are they necessary? No. Do they "disappear" after muzzle flash when shooting in the dark? No. Will I ever need them? Not likely. Does your weapon mounted light cause them to wash out and be useless? Yes. But they are a value added feature with no negative drawbacks, other than spending money on something other than ammo.

    Some people will passionately tell you night sights are a total waste of money. I disagree. While they will likely never be needed, in the off chance that they will ever help...they are there. Here is a pretty unbiased review of night sights in general:

    I also prefer a thin front sight blade. Sights are all about personal preference, and they're about as personal as underwear. Some will love a set like mine and the next guy will hate them and say they are just silly.

    In short, just get a set you feel comfortable with and shoot the dang thing. :)
  5. kalashnikov74

    kalashnikov74 Active Member

    I personally like the factory glock sights, I wish they made night sights in the U pattern.
  6. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    Get the thinnest Dawson front sight you can find. Match it up with a Warren Sevigny Comp rear. Dawson Precision usually has both in stock. I think my FO front sight is .110" wide. But plain sights may be even thinner.

    Plain black sights will also be the most accurate because they are clean and plain. You won't accidentally use the silver, white, or center of a night sight instead of the black edges of the front blade.

    But red fibre optic sights don't seem to hurt my shooting and really increase my speed in day light.
  7. ProCarryNAustin

    ProCarryNAustin Well-Known Member

    Another vote for Dawson Precision. Have used them on Glocks and 1911.
  8. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    Been seeing more and more of these IPSCA, IDPA etc. etc.

  9. BleysAhrens

    BleysAhrens Well-Known Member

    The wife has the white "U" on the rear sight of her ISSC M22. For some reason it seems real accurate to use with that U. I was looking to see if I could get one for my P99, but could not find one.
  10. Joker19

    Joker19 Well-Known Member


    DUH! The ones that YOU can hit the target with!! Don't ask someone else for hells sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. beeenbag

    beeenbag Well-Known Member

    I think the OP is asking for personal experience from other people, not for smart comments.
  12. ForumSurfer

    ForumSurfer Well-Known Member

    What are those?
  13. Zerodefect

    Zerodefect Well-Known Member

    post #6:D
  14. Hk Dan

    Hk Dan Well-Known Member

    Scott Warren makes some of the best sights I've used, and they're cheap. They are set up for a G17/22, so if you're using a G35 or a G19 you'll need to play with front sight heights.
  15. Joker19

    Joker19 Well-Known Member


    Ones you can hit the target with!
  16. Joker19

    Joker19 Well-Known Member

    Actually it is NOT a smart comment! Don't follow others, do what works for you!!!!
  17. Joker19

    Joker19 Well-Known Member

    Night Sights work great to see the sights BUT NOT the target....it's not visable! Night sights are absolutely worthless! Laser..............well now there is a point it and shoot it senerio!
  18. Kingofthehill

    Kingofthehill Well-Known Member

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