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Best place to sell/trade pistol (here or otherwise)?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by AR, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. AR

    AR Active Member

    I've got a Sig P6 that I bought a few months ago, and a bunch of stuff that goes with it. I was wondering where the best place to sell or trade it would be. Buying it through an FFL was a new experience, so I don't know where to begin for the sale.

    I'm not sure how many average joes sell on gunbroker vs. dealers, or where to start if looking for trades.

    Just for info's sake, it's a 10/81 P6 with minor holster wear and 1500+ clean rounds put through it with 3 failures (related to the specific ammo). I'll probably pack it up with:

    - Holster/box/manual
    - 5 sig factory mags (8-rd.)
    - Wolff 16,17,18,19lb mainsprings (19 installed, factory still here, too)
    - Hogue Handall grip

    ...I think that's all of it.

    Pics here:
  2. CypherNinja

    CypherNinja Well-Known Member

  3. AR

    AR Active Member

    Thanks - I looked around and somehow missed the trading post the first time around.
  4. Phonetic Diabetic

    Phonetic Diabetic Well-Known Member

    I was looking into one of these German police issue imports awhile back. How did you like it?

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