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Buying an M70A Tokarev, need holster.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by bigdogpete, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    Can anyone suggest a holster to carry a Tokarev for CC, outside belt? I am aware of all the pros and cons of carrying a Tok. Just looking for compatible holsters.

    If you have good idea for inside the belt and would look at that also.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I carry mine in a plain old nylon holster that fit it.
  3. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    Do you remember what gun your holster was originally made for?
  4. A Glock 20, believe it or not. I had to go check the package, keep spare parts in it.
  5. amd6547

    amd6547 Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2013
  6. That's not a bad idea at all.
  7. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    OK. How do you wet mold it. Water soak and ? You can't leave the gun in the wet holder very long, can you?
  8. If you don't mind drying and cleaning afterwards. Getting wet comes with the job.
  9. PabloJ

    PabloJ Well-Known Member

    I would try something made for FN-HP. In "ballistic cloth" type rigs that translates to medium size category. The Glock 20 is almost twice as large as a Tokarev.
  10. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Any of the G-slide type holsters that can be tightened (retention screw) that fit the 1911 and BHP should fit it very closely. They are pretty minimalist but if you're on a budget they can be had inexpensively.
  11. jhb

    jhb Well-Known Member

    If the m70 is anything like the modern m57 with the slide mounted sfety? Then the half cock notch is gone. So carry boils down to condition 1 style, chambered with slide mounted safety on or condition 3.

    Unless I got a defective modern zastava m57, mine doesn't have the half cock notch anymore. All my c&rs do, but my modern does not.

    That said......I won't type the name but there are whole line of holsters built for the toks bsed in europe. Never bought or owned one myself, but I've read good things. Might be worth some research and a look over. Just a thought.
  12. lowercase

    lowercase Well-Known Member

    I have an M70, and I believe that holsters made for the Colt Officer's Model 1911 will work.

    I bought one when I got my M70, but I don't carry it because I'm way more of a revolver guy.

    I'll dig out the combo and snap a pic later.
  13. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    Looks like I have some options to consider.

  14. el indio

    el indio Well-Known Member


    Hey bdp, The tokarev was a Russian knockoff of the Colt 1911. I think any holster for the Colt will work. If not,let me know and I'll make one for you.
  15. el indio

    el indio Well-Known Member

    Tokarev holster

    Hey BDP, The Tokarev was a Russian version of the Colt1911. I think any holster for the Colt should work. If not, let me know and I'll make one for you.
  16. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member

    Iwill look into the 1911 and see how it fits. I bet Cabelas will let me try one.
  17. lowercase

    lowercase Well-Known Member

    Here are pics of my M70 and the Colt Officer's Model holster.

    Definitely not a perfect fit, but it works.

    * Update, on a whim, I tried a 1911 holster for the full-size 5" model, and it fit WAY better than the shorter Officer's Model holster.



    Here is the 1911 5" holster. It is a Don Hume H-721OT.

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2013
  18. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member


    PM sent.
  19. amd6547

    amd6547 Well-Known Member

    Wet molding is easy...
    Soak the leather holster.
    Place handgun in a plastic bag and put it in the holster.
    I use the plastic handle of a small screwdriver to work the leather into the pistol...push the leather into the trigger guard, the ejection port, around the safety and slide stop...
    When you are done shaping the leather, you will see the outline of the pistol in the leather.
    Let it sit for a night.
    Pull the pistol out and let the holster fully dry.
    Now you have a perfectly fitting custom wet molded holster.
  20. bigdogpete

    bigdogpete Well-Known Member


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