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(CA) Lenwood man shoots at home intruders, kills one

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Drizzt, Dec 31, 2002.

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  1. Drizzt

    Drizzt Well-Known Member

    Lenwood man shoots at home intruders, kills one

    Wounded burglary suspect flees to Barstow hospital

    By SCOTT SHACKFORD/Desert Dispatch City Editor

    LENWOOD — A Lenwood resident pulled a gun on two men he said had broken into his home, shooting one to death and injuring the other early Christmas morning, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

    A 66-year-old homeowner in the 34700 block of Birch Road called 911 at 12:20 a.m. Wednesday, the report said. Two men had just broken into his home. He said that he had shot at the men, but one of them had fled on foot.

    When deputies arrived at the home, they found Antonio Guerra, 23, a Barstow resident, dead from a gunshot wound to the head. According to the report, Guerra was wearing dark clothing, gloves and was armed with a handgun.

    A sheriff’s homicide team was sent to the scene to investigate. According to their report, evidence at the scene indicated that Guerra and an accomplice forced entry into the home in order to commit burglary.

    The homeowner, fearing for his life, shot at both men with a handgun. Guerra was struck at least once in the head and killed.

    Guerra’s alleged accomplice, Jesse Tafoya, 24, a Barstow resident, sought medical attention at Barstow Community Hospital about an hour after the burglary, the report said. He was transferred to Loma Linda University Medical Center for surgery.

    The sheriff’s department is withholding the name of the homeowner for his protection. Anyone with any information about the crime is urged to call the Sheriff’s Barstow Station at 256-4838 or contact Sgt. Bobby Dean of the sheriff’s homicide detail at (909) 387-3589.

  2. Leatherneck

    Leatherneck Well-Known Member

    One KIA, one WIA. Let's hope the hassle is minimal.
    TFL Survivor
  3. Standing Wolf

    Standing Wolf Member in memoriam

    I like news stories with happy endings.
  4. enichols

    enichols Well-Known Member

    Good guys: 1 1/2
    Bad guys: 0
  5. Jim V

    Jim V Well-Known Member

  6. riverdog

    riverdog Well-Known Member

    In his home, masked, packing ... even in CA this should get a walk -- good shoot.
  7. PKAY

    PKAY Active Member

    Guaranteed Guerra's family (parents, GF, brothers, sisters, grand parents, etc.) have already been contacted by a trial lawyer recommending they sue the homeowner for wrongful death. Even without a criminal complaint, he will be sued civily alleging he was negligent in firing at the two intruders when he should have shouted a warning instead. It will be further alleged that he couldn't have been in fear of his life since he didn't see the concealed gun on the turd who took a round in the head. And there will be more creative allegations as well, a veritable bucket full of them; all there awaiting the inevitable settlement negotiations offered the homeowner by the "family's attorney". Homeowner will have legal expenses, and insurance problems and may have to sell his home to pay the tab. Don't believe it? Just wait and see.
  8. Elicia madrid

    Elicia madrid New Member

    Elicia guerres wife

    so is ths true ? could i really sue for wrongful death ? I believe it was wrong for the home owner to shoot my hasband.i believe he could have took a differnt approach . He did not have to kill him i do look at bopth sides and I dont think n e 1 has the right to take some one elese's lifeeeeeeee.I believe he should hav gave it to God .the shooter was Trigger happy.
  9. bigun15

    bigun15 Well-Known Member

    I believe it was wrong for your husband to break into the house. I believe he could have taken a different approach to life. The homeowner did have to kill him. I look at both sides too and, from what we know from this article, the homeowner was right in taking his life. God's plan went through. The shooter defended his life properly.
  10. knuckles

    knuckles Well-Known Member

    Why would someone mascarade as someone they are not, just to wake up a 4 year old thread?
  11. Helstrm

    Helstrm Well-Known Member

    In my state any forced entry at night is a good clean kill. Even if the intruders were not armed. Since it was dark and they were wearing masks.. ect.. When will we get laws that protect us from lawyers in the event that we had to shoot someone in self defense. I just do not understand our legal system.

    They let all of the killers and rapists out of jail faster than drug users and then allow the families to sue us if we are forced to shoot to defend ourselves.:fire:
  12. EddieCoyle

    EddieCoyle Well-Known Member

    Don't feed the troll.
  13. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    Guys this is a troll. The original thread happened like 4 years ago.

    If this really is the wife of the goblin, then I have zero sympathy. It was in her husband's power to prevent this entirely. If you dont want to get shot, dont break into people's houses at night.

    And speaking as someone with only a modest knowledge of tort law, even I know this is a case with zero chance of success. The courts generally dont have much sympathy for people who break into other people's houses at night and attempt to commit felonies.
  14. exar

    exar Well-Known Member

  15. Phenom

    Phenom Well-Known Member

    Your Scumbag killed himself by choosing to break into a person's home. Your Scumbag had a handgun with him meaning he was willing to kill to steal :mad:
  16. rbernie

    rbernie Well-Known Member


    Enough, folks. Let it slime back under the rock from whence it came, OK? Comments like these ARE NOT HIGH ROAD. They do not help us.


  17. DerringerUser

    DerringerUser Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the antis, these storys wont have a happy ending for much longer.

    Itll read "Lenwood man killed in burglary, suspects still at large or something of that sort
  18. DerringerUser

    DerringerUser Well-Known Member

    Nope, it was self defense. Your husband had a gun, and he was a burglar. If you had a handgun in your hand and you see a burglar in your house with a firearm what would you do?

    And your husband should'tve been breaking into peoples houses with a gun anyway. He got what was coming to him.
  19. Art Eatman

    Art Eatman Administrator Staff Member


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