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Cabela's Pietta '58 ammo

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by kBob, May 17, 2012.

  1. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member

    Anyone have experience with the latest Pietta '58s from Cabela's (which are on sale $180)that can recommend what Ball size to get?

    .451 too small?

    .457 too big?

    .454 Just Right and eaten all up?

    I am thinking......still cheap beyound belief, but this is tempting.

  2. Tommygunn

    Tommygunn Well-Known Member

    Pietta generally uses .451 balls, but I've heard that people do use .454.
    The instructions ought to tell you what to use.
    When you seat the ball in the chamber, a ring of lead should be shaved off from the ball; if not then you need to go to the next larger size.
  3. Greg528iT

    Greg528iT Well-Known Member

    I had that very same question.. an older Cabela's '58.. in the end I took the cylinder with me, the kid at the warehouse outfitters, popped a box of .451"s open and dropped one on the cylinder.. it didn't go in. It'll shave a hair off the .451.
    I suppose if it was a little too small, fell in, but not round enough to roll out, I may have had to take the nipple out and push it with a stick.
  4. Hammerdown77

    Hammerdown77 Well-Known Member

    .454 has proven to be just right on my new Pietta 1860 Army from Cabela's. I don't know why it wouldn't be the same on the 1858 New Army.
  5. towboat_er

    towboat_er Well-Known Member

    I use 454s.
    Last edited: May 17, 2012
  6. mgmorden

    mgmorden Well-Known Member

    I use 454's in my '58 Pietta.
  7. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    I use .454 in mine.
    Good to know that .452 swaged lead bullets will work.
  8. eddiegun

    eddiegun Active Member

    My Pietta Remington NMA(from Cabela's) works great with a .454 and shave's a nice ring. BTW I've got about 500-600 rounds through my 8" model and I have no complaints with her.
  9. towboat_er

    towboat_er Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the 5 1/2 Remmy.
  10. Lunie

    Lunie Well-Known Member

    If the Pietta 1858 is like my Pietta 1860...

    .451's shave a noticible ring.
    .454's shave a more healthy ring.
    The cast balls that came with the starter kit were barely .450", and still shaved a ring.

  11. Hellgate

    Hellgate Well-Known Member

    I use .454s in every 44 I own. The .451s work in all those I didn't ream to .450. I have used .457s occasionally and they were just fine too.
  12. Saddlebag Preacher

    Saddlebag Preacher Well-Known Member

    I've always used .454 in my pietta's to get a good lead ring when I seat the ball. Always had good results.

    Now I have a Pietta Shooter's model from Navy Arms dated mid 1980's and has the progressive rifleing. It takes a .457 ball. But I have a .45 conversion cylinder from kirst and load .454 250gr bullets and it holds good groups. .451 bullets won't engage the rifeling enough.
  13. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    I have one, you're gonna love it! The shorter barrel does just enough to make the revolver into a super easy handling piece! I wish I'd have bought two of them instead of an origonal length Army and the Sheriff model. The Origonal seems to be Soooolong and slow to draw!
    I use .451's in mine and get nice rings. It will handle the.454's.
  14. ssyoumans

    ssyoumans Well-Known Member

    Just to contribute, the best fitting primers are Remington #10, despite the owners manual saying #11. #11 are loose, just saying.
  15. Tinpan58

    Tinpan58 Well-Known Member

    .454 work best in mine, also 2nd the remington #10 caps. Great cap gun, great price!
  16. damoc

    damoc Well-Known Member

    go with the 454 i dont feel like i had much accuracy with the 451 and the
    457 s are just a little hard on the loading lever i thought

    but they all work.

    i do prefer the 451 s when im using paper cartridges though
  17. Jaymo

    Jaymo Well-Known Member

    Yup. The .454s shave a good ring, and are the right size for my Sam Yang 909.

    Remington #10 caps definitely fit best. Don't have to pinch 'em or anything.
  18. kBob

    kBob Well-Known Member

    Turns out the local gun store had all three available and I went with Hornady .454 . Looks like the box changed since I bought same for Colts some time ago and there is now a sealed plastic bag inside the box holding the balls. I had only 4 balls left in my stuff box. I had taken two out to show my kids history class at school that is finishing the year with the ACW as I brought a Colt type for show. (along with an ENfield 3 bander a saber and a large Bowie knife. Little private schools can actually appreciate parents willing to share knowledge) FOrtunately I had mistakenly picked up #10 caps a few months back and put them away so that is taken care of.

    Looks like all is in readiness. Soon I will know how well .454s work in a Remmie.

  19. Dave Markowitz

    Dave Markowitz Well-Known Member

    I have two Pietta 1858s in .44, one blued with a 5.5" barrel, the other stainless with an 8" barrel. Both guns like .454 balls and Remington No.10 caps.
  20. ZVP

    ZVP Well-Known Member

    I have had good results with the .451 size but when they're not available I'll shoot the .454, it shaves just a small amount more of a ring and it likely seals better.
    I haven't had any bad experience using the .451 balls at all. I also use COW for filler and treated Felt wads for flash-over protection.Don't ever want to have a chainfire!

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