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CCW on law school campus

Discussion in 'Legal' started by beerslurpy, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    Florida statutes for CCW list as no-carry places of nuisance "schools and universities" but not specifically graduate/law/medical campuses. Would this vagueness work for me or against me?

    Also, does anyone know if FSU College of Law is on the same campus as the undergrad?

    Guess I could purchase some fire snot (pepper gel) if I cant carry a gun.

    Victim disarmament zones suck.

    edit: relevant text in 790.06(12) FL Criminal Statutes
  2. Gatman

    Gatman Well-Known Member

    Are you a law student? If so then you could consider this pretraining?:)

    Unfortunately I thin they will count it as a college/university.
  3. Mulliga

    Mulliga Well-Known Member

    Errr ... no dice, man. ;) It'd be nice if I could carry at UF's law school, but I'm certain it counts as University property.
  4. beerslurpy

    beerslurpy member

    So fire snot it is. Needless to say, I will be living off campus because all my relatives live in AWB states.
  5. Rockstar

    Rockstar member

    So much for the standards of FSU Law School! ;)
  6. Vermont Guy

    Vermont Guy Well-Known Member

    As I read that places of nuisance are something other then universities.

    I think I'll ask the Florida AG for a list of these places. You know, just so I don't carry there by accident.

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