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CCW Stories

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by EdLaver, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. EdLaver

    EdLaver New Member

    I would like to hear of any CCW encounters with any crooks, criminals, or robbers. What was your reaction? How did you handle the situation?

    I'll go 1st. Back in february of this year I ventured down to Houston, Texas (I live on the outskirts of Austin) to visit an old friend. She had recently moved into a downtown area loft apartment which was way out of my environment. We got together and talked, had a few drinks, ate some chinese take-out and enjoyed catching up again. It was a cool saturday night and she wanted to rome the club district of downtown Houston which was only a few blocks away. I declined and walked her to her car inside the complex's parking garage on the lower floors. After I saw her off I ventured back up the garage on foot to my own car. I carried a Glock 29 10mm at the time in a Don Hume leather holster. I can honestly say that I had let my guard down and didnt feel threatened a bit.
    As I approached my car a guy walked up from the stairwell and asked for some change and I replied that I had none. I proceeded to chirp my car's alarm and open the door when the same guy asked the same question again only closer. Now he has my attention but I dont want to react suddenly without cause, again he is no threat to me yet. Now he pulls what appeared to be an S&W 59 series pistol from his right jacket pocket and demanded I give him money. The "pistol" was stainless and the garage lights obviously showed that it was some sort of airsoft or BB pistol. ( I could see the barrel clear as day) My adrenaline and nerves calmed instantly and I knew had control of the situation. " Give me a second, let me get my wallet out OK?" I told him. I then drew the Glock upon him at chest level and took a few steps back for a distance of about 2 yards. I told him that his gun was obviously fake but mine was the real deal. I then told him to drop it to the ground. He froze for a second and then followed my commands and not a second sooner took off running. I let him go and picked up his "weapon" to inspect it using a rag from my trunk. It was indeed a BB pistol complete with an empty CO2 catridge. I then wrapped it into the towel and walked out to the packed downtown streets to find an officer. In the club district downtown Houston police are literally everywhere. I approached an officer and explained what happen giving a him the BB pistol and full description of the perp. I showed him my permit and he then dropped the BB pistol in a ziploc and then tossed it into his squad car.
    The next day I called my friend and told her the odds of me visiting her loft apartment again were slim to none. I suggested to her to take a CCW class and protect herself (which she later did and now carries a Taurus Ultra lite .38 splc) To this day, that encounter has been the only time in my 32 years of living that I needed a firearm for protection. I can honestly say that having a CCW and making the right decisions really can be a life saver if the situation presents itself and personally I rather it didnt...but if it did I feel prepared.:)
  2. AStone

    AStone New Member

    Very interesting story.
    Thanks for sharing it.

    I'm just going to reflect on that one for a while...
    ...may have something to contribute at a later time...

    <...adjusts the position of the 9
    on the right side for greater comfort...>
  3. Warren

    Warren New Member

    This brings up an excellent point.

    If a BG pulls something on you and you KNOW with a certainty that it is not a dangerous weapon can you even pull your gun?

    In this case it was a pellet gun. A pellet or BB can do damage, maybe even kill if the victim is really unlucky, but what if it is a cap gun, or airsoft or a even a water gun painted black?

    It would be like the guy threatening you with a banana, or a GI Joe doll. You could not shoot the dude in either of these cases and morally I don't think you could if you knew the "weapon" was harmless. But could you even draw?

    And I'm sure in some places (NYC, NJ, SF, Chi, Mass, etc.) if you are threatened in a dark place with something that sure looks like a gun, and you draw, shoot and kill the BG but it turns out it was a toy the DA is going to try you for murder. Even though you had very little time to assess the situation and were in genuine fear for your life.
  4. AStone

    AStone New Member

    Speaking only for myself, a bb gun can "put an eye out".

    If said eye is mine, you bet chur ass i'll pull a gun out.

    I happen to like both my eyes.

    Any one that would point even a bb gun at me has hell to pay.

    "Gun" = weapon meant to damage biological system.

  5. R.Edd

    R.Edd New Member

    My driveway encounter

    I live in deep south Texas about 15 minutes from the border. My home is at the end of a cul-de-sac in an open community. I was driving home from a late shift at work last December about 10:30 PM and was turning into my street. Driving in the cul-de-sac was an old rusted-out brown two door Pontiac with its windows down. It was passing slowly in front of my home and had already crossed my neighbor’s mailbox when my front tires hit the driveway.

    By the time my back two tires hit the driveway, I saw the Pontiac was in the middle of a very fast turnaround, tires squealing, and was coming up the driveway right behind me. It had switched from regular lights to its bright lights.

    I slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, threw open the door and ran up to the Pontiac driver’s side mirror. I had turned sideways, had my left arm extended in a stop gesture and my right hand behind my shirt with my Springfield in hand - but still in my holster and not showing. I got about one foot from their car.

    I remember asking them what they wanted in English. The Pontiac driver was young, glassy eyed, and had a very surprised expression. His passenger was bending over for something but not moving from his position. I asked again what they wanted in Spanish, but not as politely as I had phrased it in English.

    After a few seconds, the driver asked if uh... I knew uh... if there were any houses for rent in the area. I said no, anything else they need? The driver said no. I said they needed to leave my property.

    I walked them out as they backed out of the driveway. I lowered my left arm but kept my right hand where it was before and stayed turned sideways and not facing them full-on. I got near a lightpost midway between my home and my neighbors’ home and stayed there as they sped off.

    I’m still kicking myself for not getting their plates. (I remember an N for all the good that does). Dumb as it sounds, I wasn’t even thinking about that.
  6. Wesker

    Wesker member

    Pretty big chance you took IMO. Even if I did see it was a toy gun trained on me, if I was quick enough to draw my piece and get a bead on the perp I would have blasted him. I'm confident that I would have been justified since theres really no way of knowing that his gun was fake in a poorly lit parking garage. Besides that, I'm just not willing to take any chances.

    Since you can't shoot a guy in the back whose already made off with your property, I seriously think I would have shot the guy dead. Does this make me unfit for concealed carry? I don't think so, because you can't deceive people the way this guy did and expect to NOT get killed. I tend to get my backside chapped each time I watch one of these Jackass spin-offs where someone runs around pretending to be kidnapped or assaulted, or something stupid of that nature. What if somebody decided to intervene and take what they thought necessary action?

    Does anyone else tend to agree? To the OP, what made you decide not to kill this piece?
  7. Autolycus

    Autolycus Active Member

    You would be better off not shooting him.
  8. EdLaver

    EdLaver New Member

    I definetly would have if I hadnt seen the barrel. But because of that it wasnt worth it. When I saw him pull it from his coat pocket my heart dropped and the adrenaline started to flow. The 1st thing I did was look at the barrel and the garage was well lit enough to see that it was a hole the size of a small ball bearing. I knew I had control of the situation and blasting him would have felt wrong to me because I knew before-hand that he wasnt really armed. Now if I hadnt seen that barrel I definetly would have tried to drop him without a thought.
  9. Wesker

    Wesker member

    Yea, I guess you're right. While legally you would have escaped unscathed, knowing you just killed some innocent piece of crap with a BB gun would bear on you pretty heavily.
  10. raytracer

    raytracer New Member

  11. EdLaver

    EdLaver New Member


    How many S&W 59 series have you seen with a small bore? I have never seen any. So thats how I knew without a doubt it was a BB and nothing more. I wouldn't call it lucky, I would call it smart because I know S&W's.
  12. Wesker

    Wesker member

    I still say you were incredibly lucky. The reason I say it is this: parking garages probably put a lot of people on high alert mode. Theres a million places for danger to hide, lurk, stalk, and pounce on victims. They're poorly lit and often without surveillence or security. In the heat of the moment of having a gun pointed at you the average person wouldn't be able to look at a gun, determine it's make and model and dismiss it.

    You just might have a superpower in being able to do so :)
  13. Tom Servo

    Tom Servo New Member

    You've got better eyes than I do. As soon as the gun starts coming out, the time for words is over.

    I'm worried that you waited long enough for him to draw it. If it HAD been real, you may not be alive to post this today.

    I'm glad it ended without loss of life, but sorry, I would have kept my eyes on him as soon as he made verbal contact, and had he reached for anything resembling a gun, that would have been it.
  14. EdLaver

    EdLaver New Member

    In response to erik,

    The guy pulled so fast he would have beat me, so not knowing if it was real or fake why take a chance and provoke him into firing if he see's me drawing also? Now had it been real and he beat me to the draw which he would have, then I would be a gonner. My CCW class instructor taught us all these different scenarios. If someone has beaten you to draw, dont provoke them to fire by having a lost draw, wait until a better time presents itself and thats exactly what I did.

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