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Colorado gun control

Discussion in 'Activism' started by IlikeSA, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Mayvik

    Mayvik Well-Known Member

    Slippery slope from "Mr DA, prove I acquired it after the ban" to "Mr Defendant, prove you had it before the ban"...
  2. MErl

    MErl Well-Known Member

    that proposed law at least specifically states the burden of proof is on the prosecution.
  3. pty101

    pty101 Well-Known Member

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  4. bnolsen

    bnolsen Well-Known Member

    Sadly the east and west coasters have overwhelmed the state. Don't expect the electorate in CO to care much anymore. It's very very sad :(
  5. mokin

    mokin Well-Known Member

    Meanwhile back at the capital.....

    H.B.1229 which requires background checks for private transfers, (we know what that means), has made its way to the House Judiciary Committee and is awaiting a hearing date. Now we can discuss bills yet to be named, or, we can contact our representatives and let them know specifically what we want them to do.

    Here is the text I sent to my reps.

    Please oppose H.B. 1229 which would require background checks for firearm transfers between private individuals. This will create a de facto registration in the state and cause an unmanageable backlog for licensed dealers as well as the CBI while inconveniencing law abiding citizens. Furthermore, it will do little to prevent crime as those individuals bent on crime will disregard this law anyway.
    Thank you,

    This will only take a few minutes, I promise.
  6. Motega

    Motega Well-Known Member

    Hi Colorado, and welcome to NJ!
  7. Dr.Rob

    Dr.Rob Moderator Staff Member

    Ok that magazine bill is FAR WORSE than I ever imagined. And confusing.
  8. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Call the office!

    Since you folks in Colorado are pushed for time, try this simple but effective tactic.

    Look in your landline phone books for the phone number of local Democrat and Republican Party Headquarters. With luck they may even have an 800 number.

    In any case call both, and you will likely get a nice lady on the line, so be polite and hold your tongue. You want to make a favorable impression.

    They will ask what you are calling about, and you tell them which legislature (Colorado or U.S.) the bill number(s) and that you are strongly opposed!

    They will log all this, along with your name, address and phone number; and then pass the information on to the concerned legislators and likely the Governor.

    Very, very few of them will ignore what they hear from their respective party offices. What comes to them from Home Base will at least carry the weight of e-mail - but you should continue to do that too.

    You don’t have to call on a landline - cell phones are fine. :evil:
  9. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    How so? It doesn't seem as bad as what Illinois tried to pass. That one would have made me a felon like 300 times over. It looks like Colorado is just misdemeanor charges.
  10. coloradokevin

    coloradokevin Well-Known Member

    Important information regarding pending Colorado gun control bills

    It is my understanding that a variety of gun ban bills will be heard in the Colorado State House Judiciary Committee this week. From what I understand, this committee has the power to kill the bills that may lead to far more restrictive gun laws in this state.

    For those of you who are so inclined, here is the contact information for the members of this committee. The time to act is now.

    Let them know how you feel about these proposals:

    Rep. Daniel Kagan, Chair: 303-866-2921, repkagan@gmail.com
    Rep. Pete Lee, Vice Chair: 303-866-2932, pete.lee.house@state.co.us
    Rep. John Buckner: 303-866-2944, john.buckner.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Lois Court: 303-866-2967, lois.court.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Bob Gardner, 303-866-2191, bob.gardner.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Polly Lawrence, 303-866-2935, polly.lawrence.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Mike McLachlan, 303-866-2914, mike.mclachlan.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Rep Carole Murray, 303-866-2948, murrayhouse45@gmail.com
    Rep. Brittany Pettersen, 303-866-2939, brittany.pettersen.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Joseph Salazar, 303-866-2918, joseph.salazar.house@state.co.us
    Rep. Jared Wright, 303-866-2583, jared.wright.house@state.co.us
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  11. IlikeSA

    IlikeSA Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting this; it makes it easy to cut and paste the e-mail addresses.
  12. Fred Fuller

    Fred Fuller Moderator Emeritus

  13. cologuy

    cologuy Well-Known Member

  14. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

  15. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    OOOOH crap now I see why it's so frigging bad.

    The manufacturers are banned too.

    Good grief that'd affect the entire country, albeit indirectly.


    Anything out-of-staters can do to help you guys?
  16. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member


    I beg this of all of you in every activism thread that I make: http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=689238

    The state of Colorado is utterly dependent on tourist dollars. This state would not exist if it weren't for the revenue brought in by skiers, hunters, campers, and all others who visit, vacate, and recreate in this state. This state would dry up and die if it weren't for tourism.

    So now... you come out to visit/go skiing and you bring your daily carry piece... say a Glock 19... the magazine had better be older than the date of this legislation because car accidents happen. You don't want the responding LEO to find you in possession of a +10 magazine too new for this legislation.

    Also... if you tote a carbine with you on road trips out here when you go camping/fly fishing for a week's vacation, if the magazines you bring are newer than the legislation, you are in violation of the law we see looming there.

    And... if someone were to come hunt a Rocky Mountain elk with their AR10, deer/black bear with their 6.8mm, or prairie dogs with their AR15, etc. and the game warden were to check your firearm, you might be in a bit of trouble if his eyes land on one of those 20-round .308 mags or a 25-round 6.8 mag or the most evil of all, a spare 30-round .223 mag that travels with your rifle everywhere it goes.

    Contact our governor by CLICKING HERE. Describe how different all of your vacation plans will be if he signs new gun legislation. You would not want to be treated like a criminal or worse, prosecuted as one, if you were to be in possession of something in Colorado that is perfectly legal where you live.

    If you do have a history of vacationing here, look up a member of our state legislature where you would return to hunt, ski, camp, etc. and let the rep from that district know that you will not return to spend your money in their district. Contact a few members of our General Assembly by CLICKING HERE.
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  17. MRH

    MRH Well-Known Member

    I doubt that these will make it out of the committees, but CO SB 13-140 and HB 13-1187, sponsored by Republications tries to keep anyone in CO from enforcing the federal gun laws.

    These are going before the state, veterans & military affairs committees.
  18. longknife12

    longknife12 Well-Known Member

    You might try the S&W site or email those listed. Trent, several of us attended a town hall meeting by one of the Col Reps on Saturday morning. One thing we mentioned was existing laws....the lady was unaware of a 4473 or what it contained....and she is going to be voting on this stuff! This is even more scarey than the bills themselves!
  19. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    Something like this?

  20. Trent

    Trent Resident Wiseguy

    Or this:


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