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cva magbolt 150 broke

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by poor man, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. poor man

    poor man New Member

    ok i am at a loss i tried everything that has been suggested and it still wont fire, i called cva all they had to say was clean it and if i didnt want to clean it then they would sell me a new one(thanks) i loaded it with fresh pellets and a sabot yesterday and tried to shoot it ..no go, poped 3 caps and then pulled the breach plug and checked the flash hole still open but wont fire the powder, i guess this is what i get for not staying with my 30-06 or 343win :)
  2. Curator

    Curator Active Member

    Are you sure you have loaded the "pellets" in the correct way? Pyrodex pellets have an "igniter" on one end that should be positioned towards the breech. Pyrodex is sometimes difficult to ignite if it is old and improperly stored. You might try "fresh" pellets or granulated powder.

    A common occurance with new muzzle loading shooters is to load their rifle without first clearing the flash channel. It is a good idea to pop several (at least two) caps or primers in the empty gun before attempting to load. I usually bring the muzzle of the gun to within 6 inches of some dry leaves or grass so I can see if air is discharged from the gun when firing the primers. If a pulse of air comes out the flash channel is clear and dry and the gun can be loaded.

    If there is oil in the breech/flash channel and the gun not cleared before loading, the oil will be blown into the charge preventing proper ignition.
  3. rantingredneck

    rantingredneck New Member

    Another trick (WITH NO POWDER OR BULLET IN THE BARREL) is to put a dry patch on your ramrod/jag and put it all the way to the breechplug. Cap the gun and fire. The ramrod should shoot about halfway out the barrel and the patch should be burned significantly from the primer/cap. I do this several times prior to loading to dry any oil from the plug. If you are not getting reaction from the ramrod and your patch isn't burned, you have a problem in your fire channel.
  4. Wait a sec, does your mag bolt use #11's or 209 primers?
  5. poor man

    poor man New Member

    it "suposta" use 209 shotgun primers. thats what fits in there, isnt the #11 caps? like my old sidelock? thanks
  6. arcticap

    arcticap New Member

    When you said that the flame was coming out from the sides of the bolt, I wondered if the primers were inserted backwards. But because I don't know what type of bolt mechanism you have, I'm not sure if that would even be possible. But why else would the flame not enter an open flash channel in the middle of the breechplug?
    Some Knight rifles do have a flash channel that's too narrow to reliably set off the new Blackhorn 209 powder, but it still hangfires. One fix is to drill out the flash hole slightly to enlarge it, while in the meantime Knight is designing a better one.
    But I haven't run across any other complaints with the Magbolt similar to yours.
    Is this a new rifle or a used one that was previously fired?
    Maybe you can just send in the old breechplug and get a new replacement from CVA?
    What brand of 209 primers are you using anyway?
  7. Omnivore

    Omnivore New Member

    If the caps are firing and the flash channel is open, the only possibility is contaminated propellant.

    Swab the bore dry, make sure there's no oil in there. Bore lube intended for black powder won't be a problem, but if you're using oils or solvents, that could be the problem. There are a thousand things that could be contaminating the powder.

    Use a different propellant. The consensus is; real black powder ignites easier than all the others, but I've used Pyrodex pellets in my sidelock with the far less powerfull #11 caps and still had it go "boom".
  8. poor man

    poor man New Member

    Ok i got it to work, thanks for the help....

    This was a new used gun, the guy i bought it from bought it new and left it in the box for a long time then he finly got it out to shoot it but it didnt want to shoot right so he gave up, it was out of warentee and he didnt want to mess with it so he sold it to me,,,,, ANYWAY i compaired a NEW breach plug to mine... well the new ones have a bigger flash hole so it picked out this one with a ice pick and it fires fine now :) :D

    thanks again to all............
  9. its not out of warranty they carry a lifetime warranty.

    if the bolt,trigger or such were to mess up, you simply send it in for replacement.
  10. poor man

    poor man New Member

    Hi, i called them on the phone and asked about the breach plug and they said it was not covered :( no biggie on the breach plug i seen new ones at the gun shop here for 17.00. as for the bolt we will cross that bridge when needed Hopefully never :)

    thanks again to all
  11. oh yeah the breech plug is never covered lol. I thought you meant that they said the entire rifle wasnt covered.

    cabelas sells a darn good plug for the cva. I had an X-150 which is basically the mag bolt but with a good # of upgrades.

    Let me know if you need any help with some starting loads.

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