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Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by txcookie, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. txcookie

    txcookie Well-Known Member

    If you got some experience with them please tell me. Lookin pretty hard at them right now! Anything from a wolf to electra
  2. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    I have a CVA Buckhorn. I like it for the fact it got me into shooting black powder. But overall its not the gun to get. I would not recomend it to anyone. Not because its a CVA its because of how its designed. First just to use it. The loading is all the same so thats not an issue. The sites are awesome. Then you pull back the bolt. Put the safety on. Then put a 209 cap in the capper and put in the rifle. No problem. take off safety pull trigger. Now you take the capper which also serves as a wedge to take out the 209 cap. and you have to fight with it almost bending the capper to get it out. Now you repeat.
    This is your range experience.
    Now you get home you feel pretty good about the shots you placed. You kinda blocked out the capper problems. Now its time to clean the gun. So you take out the back screw holding the bolt in place. You think (man that spring is strong). You pull off the side bolt the one you actually pull back. You find that its just in there nothing really held it in place. So now the rest of the actual bolt comes out. You think wow that was easy. Now for the bitch plug. I mean breach plug. It usually takes my son or myself to hold the rifle while the other has the tool in place with a long pipe over the end for added leverage to loosen it up. We have it down to about 4 minutes now. The first time took about 30 minutes. Now the clean up is the same. Putting it back is rather simple. Except the end spring. then i usually have to cut a little piece of cloth to put around the side bolt to act like a gasket to make sure the side bolt does not come off.

    So with this its rather a chore to shoot the gun. I still shoot it. Howeve i often ask myself WHY. Go through this a few times and you will see. So now i am looking forward to getting another BP rifle another inline. However i am really looking at a break action. It just looks a lot more practical and easier to operate and clean compared to the buckhorn i have.
  3. Shultzhaus

    Shultzhaus Well-Known Member

    CVA Buckhorn

    I have CVA Buckhorn, and have ball with it. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble cleaning it. My procedure is, remove the barrel from the stock first. (mine is a two screw hold down) put the barrel in a vise, wrapped in a towel or heavy cloth, with the muzzle to the left. leave the trigger mech. in place for now - it gives you something to brace against turning. Take the back plug out, and bolt assembly. use the breach plug tool as stated. Your problem with a hard to open plug maybe it was in too tight in the first place. The manual warns against over tightening, and you may not have used anti-seize on it. I use Vaseline instead of commercial anti-seize. It is easy to dissolve in hot water, and does not interfere with firing, even though it is a petroleum product. Hope this is some help.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
  4. wvmountaineer

    wvmountaineer Well-Known Member

    I had a CVA staghorn and it was probably the cheapest and most accurate bp gun I owned, 90 grns bp and a 50cal power belt,and it would shoot two inch groups @ 100 yds all day. Like a dummy I sold it, wish I had it back.
  5. RoaringBull

    RoaringBull Well-Known Member

    Could I ask why not go traditional instead of inline? NOT trying to start a fight, honest, just curious.
  6. txcookie

    txcookie Well-Known Member

    Roaring Bull

    I would prefer too but Trad seems to cost more and take more knowledge! I am considering it alot though!
    Can I use The Pyro pellets with Trad gear?
    How hard is it to cleanem?
    How much would it cost me to get going?
    I would expect groups of 3inches at 50-75 yrds can I get that(I am a PAR shot)?
  7. Shultzhaus

    Shultzhaus Well-Known Member

    Trad vx inline

    Roaring Bull & TXcookie
    If you are interested in Traditional that can load pellets, look up the specs for Traditons PA Pellet flint lock. I have one - nice looking rifle, but I need more range time with it. The rifle can use pellets, but there is a special loading technique to do so. Check out the Traditions web site, and look at the owners manual on line. This will give you the whole story.
  8. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    nope i used antisieze and do not over tighten it. i find that the more rounds i shoot the harder it is to remove. i was almost thinking of removing it at the range. maybe shoot 10 rounds. Then remove and run some water patches through the gun then relube the breach plug and put it back in.
  9. ravenwolf71

    ravenwolf71 Active Member

    I have a Firebolt 209 Ultra Mag. Love it. Make sure you use Powerbelts, accurate as hell in CVA's
  10. Shultzhaus

    Shultzhaus Well-Known Member


    Maybe a plug with bad threads. Cabelas has replacements for about $12.00 I have spare - just in case.
  11. Mike 56

    Mike 56 Well-Known Member

    I plug the nipple and pour some windshield washer fluid in the barrel and let it soak a few minutes melts the fouling and the breach plug comes right out.

  12. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    Now that you mention it. Sounds possible. I think im going to order one and try it out. As i dont have a tap and die that big to check the threads.
  13. RoaringBull

    RoaringBull Well-Known Member

    I have both inlines and Traditionals in my house...... I prefer the traditionals myself, love to shoot my Pedersoli Kentucky .50 flintlock, but also like my CVA and Traditions cap locks too. The inlines are for the organization that I teach through for the kids to get an idea what they are about, but in my own time I only shoot the traditionals.
  14. txcookie

    txcookie Well-Known Member

    I have decided to go trad. Unfortunetly CVA doesnt do that nowadays I am [robably gonna go used and if I love it upgrade from there:evil: Inline is just a muzzleloaded rilfe IMO but their still very fun.
  15. frontiergander

    frontiergander Well-Known Member

    actually deercreek bought out the cva stock of traditional rifles. If someone can supply you with their # i am sure they have a nice .54cal sidelock/flintlock mountain rifle for ya.
  16. mykeal

    mykeal Well-Known Member

    Deer Creek Products
    PO Box 246
    Waldron, IN 46182
  17. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    Here's a new .50 CVA Mountain Rifle caplock with a 32 inch barrel for $260 plus shipping:


    Folks should also buy up the CVA .36 caliber rifles while they still have them! :D
  18. txcookie

    txcookie Well-Known Member

    Found me a CVA Hawkins on gunbropker! Got it for 150 supposed to be very clean and in excellent shape:rolleyes: Sure hope it is had a bunch of pics I couldnt see anything wrong with it at all! Will be here next week and I am really pumped about that
  19. frontiergander

    frontiergander Well-Known Member

    sounds great. my brother has a .50 cva hawken, his hunting load is a 295gr aerotip powerbelt with 80gr pyrodex rs. 2" groups @ 100 with open sights. Those rifles have a 1:48 twist so you can shoot conicals and round balls.

    Post some pics!
  20. scrat

    scrat Well-Known Member

    thats a good price really good

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