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CZ 527 american in 223

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by vikz, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. vikz

    vikz Well-Known Member

    in 223.. I have been wanting to get this rifle since i saw it in one of the shop that i go too and i finally decided to get it yesterday..I like 223 becs hardly a recoil and a little cheaper than 308(ammo)..I love the single set trigger of CZ..i will probably try it on monday..here she is..

  2. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    accuracy is tops, it will only take 45 to about 62 grainers. it will be a one hole punch from 45 to 55 grainers though. if you can , find the walmart white box, 45 varmints, or the black hills blue box , standard 55 grainers. then the plain remington/umc 55 grainers; these three will be fantastic.
    mine did not care for wolf 55 grainers, but kept the wolf 62 grainers, under 1 inch , at 100 yds.
  3. vikz

    vikz Well-Known Member

    Rangerruck thanks for the tip on what ammo i should use, Have you tried shooting at 200yds and 300yds??I'm asking becs i want to try shooting 200 and 300yds..
  4. vikz

    vikz Well-Known Member

    Range report!!!

    Range report...

    hello guys i was able to try this rifle today with my own loads and so far so good..2 5shot groups at 100yds..55gr vmax by hornandy, 25grains of hogddon varget powder, cci primers and i'm not sure of casings i used..the tighter groups was my last 5 rounds..I will do more loads and try 200yds and 300yds and see what happens..



    here is the rifle again..
  5. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    they should get better and tighter, make sure you clean for copper, out of your bbl. here are my groups for comparison; you can clearly see how it begins to open up, as the weight increases.

    Now then, these are 100 yds groups, with a 24 x scope.
    also the bore has had a molyfusion job, which i say improves consistency, at a minimum.
    and yes , some of those winny groups, are in the same hole. I give all kudos to the rifle, and the molyfusion job, and the cz single set trigger, not me. Also, if you do not know sir, you can cock the bolt, then pusht the trigger forward, until it clicks. this will set the trigger right on the edge of breaking. so you barely touch the trigger, and it will shoot. Also, if you look up in the trigger guard with a flash light, you will see a little slot head screw protruding down, this will enable
    you to set that single set trigger, lighter or heavier in pull. In case you didn't know this stuff,
    which is why I wrote it here... I had mine set down to go off , with just mind control...
  6. mr.trooper

    mr.trooper Well-Known Member

    NICE! I have the same gun in .204. :)
  7. alsaqr

    alsaqr Well-Known Member

    i have the left hand version of that gun. Mine wears a Leupold FXIII 6X42 scope. With my favorite handload it makes <.50 inch groups at 100 yards.
  8. esmith

    esmith Well-Known Member

    I have been debating whether or not to buy this rifle. Can some one give me some details on the rifle? Does the single set creep at all? How smooth is the action? How much does it usually run on the market?

    It has been a long time since i have held a cz.
  9. Bartkowski

    Bartkowski Well-Known Member

    I single set I used had no creep and was very light. The normal trigger had a fair amount of creep but wasn't any worse than other factory guns.
  10. peck1234

    peck1234 Well-Known Member

    Nice groups, thinking of picking up the same rifle in 7.62/39, then the ammo really cheaP! : )
  11. rangerruck

    rangerruck Well-Known Member

    do not worry about smoothness of action, regular trigger is just that, regular. the set trigger is all about crispness... you cannot judge anything on smoothness of the action. some are smooth, some are not. some are very, very tight. Mine is tight, it has to be thumb pushed from the rear a bit, to get the bolt started forward. they all differ a bit, loosen up a bit over time, and all stay more accurate than you will ever be able to shoot usually...

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