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CZ40B with Houge Rosewood grips

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by WVleo, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. WVleo

    WVleo Well-Known Member

    Hi, Thanks to Nat I finally got to put some wood on my CZ40B ! Nat yours will be in the post on Monday !

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  2. Marshall

    Marshall Well-Known Member

    Great looks!! :)

    How do like the 40B? I've never seen one in real life, is it about commander sized?
  3. CZSteve

    CZSteve Well-Known Member

    Hey WVleo,

    Glad to see your quest finally paid off.
    Nice aren't they. I still plan on Hakan's some time in the future, just can't justify $ when the ones I have work well. Almost look forward to getting them damaged so I can justify a set of either Cocbolo or Amoyna grips.

    I ended up sanding the back side some to thin them slightly. Seem to fit my hand perfectly.

    Only down side is I had removed the high gloss finish and pure tong oil is not glossy enough.
    The spray laquer I had laying around in workshop didn't hold up to body sweat.
    Going to try exterior rated polyurathane next. ???
  4. WVleo

    WVleo Well-Known Member

    CZ40B Grips

    Hi, Really like the CZ40B Marshall, now it is My carry sitting in a Hume J.I.T. on my hip as I type . Never held a colt commander so not really sure about the comparison .

    CZSteve, Yeah you got to love those Hakan grips ! Just can't spend that kind of cash for a set of grips . Only spent $280 for the pistol . But I found these and damn there sweet ! Nat E. traded Me My stock CZ40B grips for his houge ones . His will be in the mail monday ! They fit my hand nice ! Everything about this pistol has been going my way ! ......WVleo

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