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Deer hunt Montana?

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by PDshooter, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. PDshooter

    PDshooter Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever hunted deer in Montana? I'm a Nonresident. My buddy owns land out there. Going to send in my application and check.
    What do you think the "Odds are":confused:
  2. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Well-Known Member

    I have friends that live just outside of Red Lodge Montana, about an 1 hour south of Billings. I've been going out there every other year hunting Elk and Mule Deer. Most of the time you can get a license about every other year through the lottery. Add the couple of extra bucks:) for the extra points. Also, if you can swing it, go with the big game combination license for 1 Elk and 1 Mule Deer. Ya, it's $638 (not including the extra point money) but when you see that elk at 200 yards it will be worth it. Montana gives out about 11,500 license to out of staters. If you don't draw a license you will get your money back except the extra $10 for the extra Lottery points. Have your buddies go around to some of the local Ranchers and see if you can get on some of the many hundreds to thousands of acres spreads. Then make sure someone does some scouting. In 2002, the hunting between Fish Tail Montana and Red Lodge was poor for elk (they were HIGH in the Mountains) but not to bad for Mule Deer. I carry a Wthby 300 Mag with a 5.5 to 22 scope. It's a little heavy but I'm a big person so it hasn't been a problem for me. I've been lucky enough to drop everything I hit in its tracks. I've taken 3 Mule Deer and One elk in 3 years of hunting. The Mulies have been a 5x5, 5x4 and a 4x4 the Elk is a great 6x5. Have them all mounted and hanging in my house. I've seen Elk every time I go out, it's just a matter of getting a shot at them before they know you're there.
    Good Luck, let us know what happens!
  3. PDshooter

    PDshooter Well-Known Member

    Thanks Black Dragon for the Info.
    Do you drive out there? of fly!
    Where did you get your Mounts done, MI,MT?
    I don't expect to get a tag this year, being this is my first time around:(

    Thanks again:)
  4. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Well-Known Member

    I drove out to Montana. We would camp out in the Mountains Near Fish Tail Montana so I needed to take some camping gear with me. I don't like how the airlines handle firearms so the next best thing was to drive. For me the trip was 1534 miles one way. From Michigan I took I94 to Chicago and then I90 North and West through South Dakota. Once I got to Rapid City SD I took a two lane highway through the edge of Wyoming into Montana and would cross the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation and come out at the Little Big Horn Battle Field. A funny story is that I got pulled over by a reservation Indian cop. He wanted to know what a truck from Michigan was doing out there. When the guy walked up I swear he looked like Graham Green from the Movie "Dances with Wolves". Of course I never said a word about that to him.
    I got my mounts done at a place here in Michigan. The Elk head took about 8 months, the Mulies about 6 months. Great jobs done on all.
    Still buy the extra lottery point for $10 because they will carry over to the next year. The more points the better chance to get the license the next year.

    Good luck
  5. PDshooter

    PDshooter Well-Known Member

    Well mailed application yesterday!They said I've got about 20% chance first time around!:(
    Oh well thats life!
  6. Fed168

    Fed168 Well-Known Member

    I had the best time hunting mulies out there. I went with Robert Doletta, near Terry, and bagged mine on the first day. He is a 4x4, decent size, and my mount is on the way from Sportsman's Taxidermy out of Circle MT, run by a guy named Colby Loudon.
    I am out of state, and the license cost me $850, and my dad picked up the rest.

    Lots of ground to cover, and alot of flat shooting where we were. I think the average shot was about 200 yards, and I shot mine at 154 yards.

    Gunwise, our party used one 7 STW, two .06s, and a .300 Weatherby.
  7. PDshooter

    PDshooter Well-Known Member

    :( Oh well
    I didn't get my license this year:(

    Better luck next year:confused:
  8. WYO

    WYO Well-Known Member

    Bummer. If you were interested in hunting Wyoming, there often are leftover deer tags for some areas. This information is published after the resident draws in July. The tags are $220 plus a $10 conservation stamp. $850 seems a bit steep!

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