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did some chronographing of my new 3" .357

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by MCgunner, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Seems the ol' .357 does pretty good out of a 3" tube, at least my hand loads. So here's what I got.

    Here's some comparisons I have from three guns:

    Winchester 125 grain JHP/18 grains 2400

    Ruger Blackhawk 6.5" 1620 fps/730 fpe
    Rossi 4" M971 1472 fps/603 fpe
    Taurus 3" M66 1365fps/517 fpe

    Lee 158 grain cast gas checked SWC/14.5 grains 2400

    Ruger Blackhawk 6.5" 1470fps/760 fpe
    Taurus 3" M66 1198fps/504 fpe

    I never shot the Rossi with that 158 grain load, wasn't real accurate in that gun, and didn't take my 4" Taurus 66 today. I didn't do any .38 loads this trip, either.
  2. Old Fuff

    Old Fuff Well-Known Member

    Both of those loads are on the hot side. They won't bother the Ruger Blackhawk, but you might get an expanded chamber in either the Taurus or Rossi. For the shorter barreled/smaller framed guns I suggest you cut back, and use a powder other then #2400. In the 6.5" Ruger you have a revolver that's built on a .44 Magnum frame, and has enough barrel length to burn the slower brning powder.
  3. MCgunner

    MCgunner Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I limited the .357 round count in that Rossi and I'm doing the same with the Taurii I have, mostly shoot .38 Wadcutter at about 750 fps with 2.6 grains Bullseye which are very accurate in these guns. Been carrying the 125 grain fire breather and the 158 grain load gets shot the most because I cast the bullet. It's also a great outdoor carry load. I think my old Speer manual had a max load of 15.5, but it showed sticky extraction and primer pockets didn't last too long. No signs like this with the 158 grain load. But, you're right, best to limit the round count in the two Taurus 66s.

    I do shoot a 158 grain .38 special SWC cast load over 5 grains unique if I want a little more lively round on the range, too. I have one handload which I don't like to list because it shows somewhat sticky extraction in the Ruger. I limit it strictly to the Ruger. It involves AA#9 and a 180 grain Hornady XTP putting 785 fpe at the muzzle. That's a flat shooting load, too, and what I've been hunting with in lieu of the 158 grain load and carry in the Ruger afield. I probably should play with the AA#9 with the lighter bullets. It's a good powder, clean, meters smooth.

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