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Does your significant other shoot?

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by trapper1, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. trapper1

    trapper1 Well-Known Member

    I've been with my better half now going on close to 5 years. When we met, she lived in a small town, and never dreamed of being a country gal, let alone shoot guns. Since then, she's moved out in the country with me, enjoys shooting clays, pistols and bow hunts. She's already up to owning 4 guns herelf. A Mossberg pump 20 gauge, a Remington 11 87 20 gauge, a Tuarus Tracker .357, and most recently, a Browning Sliver Hunter in 20 gauge. I used to worry about asking her about a new gun purchase, now she gets excited, and wants to shoot it. :what:

    Just wondering of any of you other folks have spouses that enjoy shooting?

    *in advance....nope, she doesn't have a sister:D
  2. jonnyc

    jonnyc Well-Known Member

    She doesn't have a BIG problem with guns, just no interest at all in shooting them.
  3. ngnrd

    ngnrd Well-Known Member

    A couple of weeks ago, my wife asked me to buy her an AR... said it could wait until our anniversary so I didn't have to pay panic prices. So... yeah.
  4. ATBackPackin

    ATBackPackin Well-Known Member

    Enjoy? Not at all. However we came to an agreement. I get to teach her how to shoot and take her to the range a few times a year for practice. She gets me to no longer try to get her into shooting. I am happy because if necessary she can protect herself when I am not home and she is happy because I quit pestering her about going to the range with me.

    It's a compromise.

  5. lpsharp88

    lpsharp88 Well-Known Member

    My first date with my girlfriend was a trip to the range, we've been dating for 2.5 years now. She doesn't particularly enjoy shooting and isn't the biggest fan of guns, but she supports me and my hobbies!
  6. Teachu2

    Teachu2 Well-Known Member

    My wife's father was a champion skeet and trap shooter, but raised his kids to fear handguns. She didn't want anything to do with them for the first 23 years we were married, but would shoot rifles fron the bench. A couple of years ago, I started competing in local pistol matches, and she came and observed. She decided it might not be so scary, and realized that a time might come when she'd need to know how to shoot a handgun, so she asked me to teach her to shoot.

    She's a very accurate pistol shooter, not fast but getting less slow. Has her own M&P9c and is applying for a CCW later this month.
  7. Robert

    Robert Moderator

    Nope, she has no interest. She loves that I compete and hunt but she has no desire to shoot.
  8. mljdeckard

    mljdeckard Well-Known Member

    My ex was grudgingly cooperative, under the grounds that all of the adults in the house need to know how to run the guns. She never liked it. (One of MANY things that were revealed in the divorce process.)

    My wife not only loves it, she nags me to go, and gets mad when I go without her. I know, it's a nice problem to have. Got her an XD-9 that she loves, she shot my friend's Makarov and now she wants one.
  9. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Lil bit.

    Her with her .38 Spcl

    With her Ruger M77 in .243

    With my .45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk.
  10. Darkbob

    Darkbob Well-Known Member

    My wife does enjoy shooting, but only if it's not too much work. Before our recent move, there was a local indoor pistol range that, on Fridays, had 1/2 price on range time and rentals for all ladies (and men accompanied by ladies).

    We would shoot there a couple of times per month.

    She liked shooting the .22 pistol a lot, especially with the silencer on. Zombie targets for her. :) The .45 and 9mm were too much recoil for her to enjoy.

    So far I haven't ever convinced her to come out to the rifle range to shoot any long guns. Hopefully I can change that this spring once the weather turns nicer.
  11. Sniper66

    Sniper66 Well-Known Member

    We have been married for 21 years. I finally got it right with the 3rd try at marriage. She supports my shooting hobby/passion. Just ordered a Browning 1911 .22 A1 for her. At one point she wanted nothing to do with shooting guns. What changed? She has become acquainted with an increasing number of other women who have learned to shoot and are pursuing concealed carry. Don't know if she wants to do concealed carry, but we are going to the range soon. She has no interest in long guns.
  12. Akita1

    Akita1 Well-Known Member

    Mine is OK with it but not an enthusiast. She grew up with shooting/hunting father & brother so not a shock to the system. She owns a LadySmith .38 for home defense and is imperative about me teaching the kids gun safety, handling, etc.
  13. Akita1

    Akita1 Well-Known Member

    Well now you're just showing off brother!
  14. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Guilty. :)
  15. CoRoMo

    CoRoMo Well-Known Member

    Most of my "significant others" shoot.
  16. shotgunjoel

    shotgunjoel Well-Known Member

    My fiance's father is a university professor, so you can guess her family's views from that. She thinks that guns should have to be locked up in the home, and compliance should be periodically checked. I mentioned the other Constitutional issues with that, the reply I got was 'It's just a piece of paper.' She is okay with me owning them though, and she is fine with me buying more. Don't worry, she's shown interest in going to the range and she wouldn't be the first anti I've converted.
  17. ThorinNNY

    ThorinNNY Well-Known Member

    No. She dosen`t shoot but then again I don`t watch chick flicks, either. Works for us.
  18. Skylerbone

    Skylerbone Well-Known Member

    On occasion. After 10 years of marriage you might think I'd learn but all 3 of our kids are showing an interest in target shooting and have their own rifles. My prediction is that her competitive and motherly sides won't allow her to skip range days when everyone else heads to the range in a few years (kids are too young for anything but 1 on 1 training right now).

    AP, that lady of yours sounds darn near perfect, you might reward her with some protective eyewear to better see that you're one heck of a guy!
  19. Tinker

    Tinker Well-Known Member

    My lady went from "I'm not comfotable with a gun in my house." to "No range trip this weekend for us.....Walmart is out of 9mm again."

    Is that awesome or what? She has always been smart, it just took her a while to shuck the programmming. :D
  20. Tinpig

    Tinpig Well-Known Member

    We've been married 45 years and my wife has never liked or been interested in guns.
    She grudgingly tolerates my habit, and in return I don't clean guns on the kitchen table (when she's home.) ;)

    Last year I was going through her late father's WWII Navy papers (he was a surgeon attached to the Marine Corps) and found his issue receipt for an M1Carbine from when he was on Kwajalein. I asked her if she's be interested in seeing and maybe shooting the same type of rifle as her Dad once had. Suddenly she sat up and took an interest. We went to the range on a beautiful fall weekday, had the place to ourselves, and she had a blast and shot very well. The Carbine is a great "beginner's" rifle. She even shot my AR.

    She's still not what you'd call a gun person but is much closer to "getting" what my sons and I are talking about.



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