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ebay is a four letter word

Discussion in 'Blackpowder' started by 6Gun4Fun, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. 6Gun4Fun

    6Gun4Fun Well-Known Member

    I'm discovering why people are choosing to abandon ebay auctions. I've been a seller for over 9 years and created a new user name to sell the loaders. After the auction was over, ebay/paypal put a hold on the funds until I offered proof the item had been sent, or the buyer has left positive feedback. Ummmm excuse me, but the funds to send the item are included in the money they were holding up! How stupid! They put a hold on the funds because the new user hasn't had over 100 feedbacks yet! 100 !!!!! That's crazy! It's the same old PayPal account with over 2000 transactions! I'd love to lose ebay all together. The very mention of that 4 letter word is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Anyway, I chose to list another loader anyway (grudgingly), under my other user vtgtreasuresgalore. At least this way they won't put a hold on funds received. ok....rant is over....
  2. Tomahawk674

    Tomahawk674 Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about Gunbroker?
  3. 6Gun4Fun

    6Gun4Fun Well-Known Member

    I am now!
  4. JCT

    JCT Well-Known Member

    I had my situation with ebay about a year ago.....I sold an item for $250, shipped it out, got my money.....seemed fine. Then I get an email that paypal took $250 out of my bank account because the guy that bought my item had used a stolen credit card. ( no way I could have know that! ) so because paypal had made a mistake.....I lost out. The guy that bought my item got it free, I lost $250 and paypal thought that was ok.....
  5. 6Gun4Fun

    6Gun4Fun Well-Known Member

    Not at all surprised to learn that the fees on GunBroker would be half of that of on Ebay. ummmm ....... geeee.......doesn't take much to figure that one out!
  6. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    Why not just let some of us more "daring" folks avoid paying extra Paypal, eBay or Gunbroker listing fees and sell to us direct at a set price without having to bid against each other for the same unit? :)
  7. arcticap

    arcticap Well-Known Member

    The dirtiest 4 letter word that I know of is "fees"! :D

    We all buy guns & accessories from the THR trading sub-forums by money order all of the time. Everyone has been honest except one fraud in the past, and anyone can tell that you're not one.
    So consider selling one or however many loading presses that you have made on this site with a set price under THR trading forum rules. Then whoever doesn't trust you can buy off the auction site and pay all of the extra fees.
    How does that sound? :)
  8. Voodoochile

    Voodoochile Well-Known Member

    I still have both an Ebay & Paypal accounts but I use them sparringly because of the past.
    Paypal I'll still use more than Ebay because of some people preferr the security it falsely gives.

    I agree instead of the fees & what not why not sell your loader here & on the Firinglines trading forums & accept Money Orders, when ever I sell something to some one they ask if they can send a personal check & I reply back stating that I will but the shipment will be delayed up to a weeks time longer to assure the P.C. will clear the bank, most have agreed or sent a M.O. instead.
  9. 4v50 Gary

    4v50 Gary Moderator Staff Member

    Non blackpowder subject.
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