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Experienced opinions wanted....taurus 94

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by 115grfmj, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. 115grfmj

    115grfmj Well-Known Member

    Okay I saw one of these the other day in 2". I was originally going to get
    a Ruger single six, since my wife just authorized a purchase. I mainly wanted
    it for plinking, but now Im thinking the 94 could double as a backup, or a
    deep cover gun. (yeah, I know what everyone thinks of .22 as a defensive
    round, my main gun is a 686+). How does the 94 stack up in accuracy,
    ruggedness (?), reliability, and quality. Are any of you that own them happy,
    or unhappy, and why. Is it likely to last a lifetime? Where I live the Single six
    is $385. and the 94 is $350., please help. Also I'm just looking for info
    on these two. I understand that there are other options, but these have
    some draw for me. :)
  2. craig

    craig Well-Known Member

    i had a 94. it was reasonably accurate when you could get it to fire more than two shots. the cylinder kept locking up. took it to a smith and he fixed it. had some brass in the works. this was a brand new gun. the trigger pull was very heavy. if you tried single action the hammer serrations would wear out your thumb. do i think it'll last awhile? not the one i had. when you buy a taurus you have a 50/50 chance of getting a good one. buy the ruger.
  3. BryanP

    BryanP Well-Known Member

    I have a 4" 94. The DA trigger pull is quite heavy, but it is accurate and reliable.
  4. ChristopherG

    ChristopherG Well-Known Member

    My experience with the 94 extended to exactly one pull of the DA trigger, which told me all I needed to know. I would surely take a SA Ruger over any DA that bad (of course, that could've just been that specimen).

    The ideal gun for what you're describing is a new S&W 317, but that's over 4 bills; or maybe even better, a used 2" 34; but you'll be lucky to get that for under 400, too.

    Realistically, I'd suggest you look for/at a Ruger SP101 in .22 before you jump on either of the ones you've seen so far. Better DA and sturdier by far than the Taurus, but capable of concealment in a short-barrelled version (they do make a 4" sp101, too, I think).

    Poke around gunbroker to see pics of these and other models; just search the 'revolver' section for "22", and you'll get several pages of results, new and used, and an idea for what's out there and what it generally goes for.
  5. 115grfmj

    115grfmj Well-Known Member

    I like the 317 too, but its an all aluminum gun, with clear coat. I'm sorry but
    I'm not paying over $500. for that. I would rather buy a smith but the only
    other thing they make is HEAVIER that my 686+ (the 617). I want a steel
    revolver that will hold up to both me and my kids lifetimes. For some reason
    the ruger sp series just doesn't do it for me, and while I love the single six,
    I can't use it as a hideout gun. There lies the crux, thats why I wanted
    people with experience with the 94. I have heard of peoples complaints
    about cylinder binding with 22s, and I have also heard that very frequently
    this is do to oil in the chambers. Cylinder should be left dry, other wise
    the rimfire rounds have a tendency to back out under fire and bind them up.
    Has anyone else heard of this??
  6. Nick96

    Nick96 Well-Known Member

    If you want a light "deep cover" .22 DA revolver, you are pretty much stuck with the S&W 317. I believe the 317 Kit Gun is all aluminum - but as I recall there is a steel / alloy model in 2" as well that's a bit less pricy.

    Ruger only makes the .22 SP 101 with a 4" barrel now. That approches the size & weight of a 3" K frame S&W. I've got an older, somewhat rare, 2.25" SP in .22 that weighs in at around 26 ounces or so. A good all around plinker and understudy for my .357 SP - but not what I would consider to be a "deep cover" gun.

    I've not been impressed with the Taurus .22 DA revolvers I've handled. I actually paid as much for the Ruger SP101 used than a brand new Taurus M-94 just because of the superior fit, finish, feel & trigger action of the Ruger (and I understand the S&W's are even smoother than the Ruger). And from what I've read - getting a Taurus is a 50 / 50 gamble. You may luck out and get a good one. But if you get a bad one it's my understanding they are not particularly fixable (factory worked anyway - and not worth the cost of a good action job).

    Another thing to consider with a .22. Ammo is dirt cheap, and you will literally be shooting 50 to 1 more rounds through whatever gun you get than a comparable centerfire. So getting one of good quality, durable and with a decent action out of the box is going to be critical. So my recommendation would be to avoid the Taurus - and spend the extra bucks on a Ruger or S&W. Years and thousands of rounds down the road you'll be glad you did.
  7. Al Thompson

    Al Thompson Moderator Staff Member

    Had one of each (Ruger and Taurus) sold both. Save up for the S&W M34 - much better gun. My Taurus had both a crappy trigger and poor accuracy. Ruger was much better, but quite heavy for the six shots. :(
  8. 115grfmj

    115grfmj Well-Known Member


    :scrutiny: alright well I guess since no seems to have anything really good
    to say about Taurus products, then I won't get one. Although I must admit that I'm sort of suprised. I'll stick with my original idea of the single six.
    Thank you kind sirs. :D
  9. seeker_two

    seeker_two Well-Known Member

    Not so fast, 115grfmj...

    I bought my wife a 94 to teach her how to shoot. She's really taken to it and can sometimes outshoot me with it. And, all the way, that Taurus has been accurate & reliable. I wouldn't trade it for anything....

    ...but I wouldn't recommend it for your stated use.

    Get the 941 in .22Magnum. A lot more power at tap, better bullets, and you still have eight rounds instead of five. And, if you still feel you need a S&W brand, S&W has a 7-shot .22Mag too.

    Also consider the Ruger Bearcats. A lot smaller than the Single-Sixes, and you can have them modified to .22Mag as well.

    Good luck shopping... :D

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