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Favorite OWB Holster For Small Revolvers?

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by Monkeybear, May 9, 2008.

  1. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Well-Known Member

    Whats your favorite OWB holster for small revolvers? Something for conceal carry. I plan on getting a SP101 for CC and just want some recommendations from you guys about what works and what dose not.
  2. Rexster

    Rexster Well-Known Member

    I have a pair of Milt Sparks PMK holsters for my SP101 snubbies, which are turly great. FWIW, I have one for my Speed Six, too. I have been carrying guns for over two decades, trying many rigs; the Sparks PMK and my Bulman FDS for my P229 duty pistols are the most comfortable holsters I have used, period.
  3. BikerRN

    BikerRN member

    I just ordered a PMK based on what Mr. Rexster said. :)

    I too have an SP101 that I'm going to start carrying. It seems that we are both lawmen that like the wheelgun. :D I'm currently using a leather Holster similar to the PMK that I picked up at my local Gunshop. It doesn't have a metal reinforced mouth however, like the PMK. I really like a reinforced mouth as I practice a lot and I'm constantly in and out of the Holster.

    I have other Milt Sparks Holster, so I'm familiar with their quality, which is first rate BTW. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Warren

    Warren Well-Known Member

    My Blackhawk Speed classic works great with my J-frame.
  5. Piney Woods

    Piney Woods Well-Known Member

  6. Kor

    Kor Well-Known Member

    +1 on the BlackHawk CQC Speed Classic - unfortunately for you, it's only made for S&W J-frames right now. I think BlackHawk is missing out on a sure bet by not making this holster available for the Ruger SP101.

    An inexpensive alternative is the Don Hume JIT Slide, it wears and carries sorta like a really stripped-down version of the Sparks PMK or BH Speed Classic. IME, if you wear it on a daily basis, you should monitor it for loosening after the first year's worth of daily carry, and immediately replace it if it gets too loose.

    The Galco Speed Master is nice, but a little too bulky and a lot too pricey for my tastes.

    www.simplyrugged.com offers a pancake-style holster that can be converted to IWB with a strap kit, if desired. Lotsa guys on THR give them high marks for quality, value for price, and customer service.

    If you're willing to wait, Alessi Holsters makes excellent leather. I used to use their Talon IWB with my SP101, and it served me well until I (foolishly) sold the gun and holster as a package.
  7. SWDoc

    SWDoc Well-Known Member

    Good question, and I'm interested in the answers. Particularly interested in holsters without belt loops. Something easy to take off and on....

    S&W 642, left side carry.

  8. cortego

    cortego Member

    Google Zip Slide by Wilderness Tactical..I really like mine...Light and easy on/off...
  9. Spoonman

    Spoonman Well-Known Member

    I carry my SP101 in a Silver Dollar Pancake from Simply Rugged. It's a solid, handcrafted holster that conceals easily under an untucked t-shirt. Rob is a great guy and turnaround time is very quick. I also have a belt and cartridge carrier from him. Outstanding quality, very reasonable price.

  10. Glockman17366

    Glockman17366 Well-Known Member

    Take a look at the Don Hume Double 9 OWB holster. I just picked one up for my SP101 (3.06" barrel).
    Well made holster and Hume makes them for a lot of handguns. Not too expensive, either..about 60 bucks delivered.

    Personally, I prefer a retention strap for OWB holsters, but the Hume holsters are available with, or without, the strap.
  11. Owen Meany

    Owen Meany Well-Known Member

    About six months ago I resolved to try an OWB holster for a J-frame for the first time ever. Accordingly, I looked around carefully and decided on a "Micro" from UBG Holsters.

    I am pleased as punch to be able to say that I got it right the first time around. There may be other OWB holsters that are as concealable, but I can't imagine any more concealable than the Micro. It has the three features that you need in order to hide a handgun successfully OWB:

    1) High ride - It is true that the short-barreled revolver lends itself to OWB concealement because it's short by its very nature, but the Micro does everything it can to boost it even higher, so that there is very little of the muzzle left below the belt - maybe 1" or so with a S&W Airweight.

    2) Lots of cant - You can specify how agressively angled you want the gun to be when it's sitting in the holster. I told Mr. Gable of UBG that I wanted the end of the gun's grip directly over the muzzle. He followed my instructions faithfully, and consequently this thing is a joy to wear; so glad I insisted on 30 degrees or so of cant. It's not so severe as to make drawing the gun awkward, but it does let you wear the holster at the 4:00 position and still hardly print at all when you bend forward in a chair or to pick something up.

    3) Rides tight and close to the body - When it first came, it was stiff as a board and was really annoying to wear. But after two weeks of use, it had perfectly conformed to my body and hugged me so closely I was (still am) amazed. Note that neither the belt slots nor the holster body is pre-formed in any way. You break it in and make it adapt to your individual body shape, which it will, given a little time. It's well worth it.
  12. Karate

    Karate Well-Known Member

    Can't find a Micro on UBG wegsite
  13. wuchak

    wuchak Well-Known Member

    I carry my SP101 in a Galco Fletch and am very happy with the setup.
  14. dairycreek

    dairycreek Well-Known Member

    +1 on a Silver Dollar Pancake by Simply Rubbed. Here's a pic of mine with a S&W Mod 60 with a 3" barrel.
  15. BikerRN

    BikerRN member

    Milt Sparks PMK
  16. Owen Meany

    Owen Meany Well-Known Member

    Karate said:

    Wow - neither can I, when I revisited his "Belt Holsters" page just now and looked for it. Apparently, he has discontinued that model.

    I purchased mine in November of last year.
  17. GingerGuy

    GingerGuy Well-Known Member

    Simply Rugged Holster

    They shipped when they said they would...

    Sourdough pancake holster is their most popular style.

    It offers many carry options with the removable loops.

    If you go this route you will not be disappointed.
    That's my 3" barrel SP101 by Ruger..."the Little Tank".
  18. GDW

    GDW Well-Known Member

    Delfatti ISP-DD

    I like this set up; however, the lead times are HUGE. HBE made something like this for me for a new 3 inch Colt 1911. I am beginning to be a big fan of AIWB carry.

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  19. teknoid

    teknoid Well-Known Member

    I've been using a Fobus revolution for my SP101. Works great on either side. I plan on using it until my Speedy Spanky shows up from High Noon. I need the easy on/off of a paddle, and the ability to use it for crossdraw. Too much drive time, and in/out to posted places (Job, can't help it) for anything else.
  20. dairycreek

    dairycreek Well-Known Member


    This is a S&W Model 60 with a three inch barrel in a Silver Dollar Special by Simply Rugged. I can't say enough good things about the work of Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged.

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