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Finally bought one of my dream guns.....

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by Rubber_Duck, May 9, 2013.

  1. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    I just bought a Sig-Sauer P228. After reading about how perfect they are and the cult status they have reached I have wanted one for a VERY long time but the people that have them just aren't selling them. I've never seen one in person let alone held one but I knew I had to have it. I finally got my chance last week so I drove halfway across the state to pick this one up and it was worth it. I don't usually buy guns sight unseen but this one was in much better shape than I ever hoped for. Very satisfied. No box or manual but came with two 13-round mags for $700.

    Date code is KE (1994), matching triple serial numbers, and it's West German-manufactured. Couldn't ask for a better gun. I'm used to my P226, which is pictured for comparison (also a W. German model), and when I picked up the P228 it just felt right, even more than the P226. The slightly shorter barrel and grip just feel better, and if I could only have one handgun this would be it. It's now the second nicest handgun I own (1st place goes to my Colt XSE LW Commander).

    I consider it a collector piece but also a shooter, so with that in mind I put 350 rounds through it in one range trip and I have to say it does not give up anything to the P226 in shootability. No failures of any kind, as expected. Just as accurate, just as easy to shoot, and the trigger is slightly better than the P226. I don't notice the difference in sight radius. The sights on it are Tru Dot night sights which to my surprise still glow bright enough for use, my P226 has a brand-new set of Trijicon HDs and the Tru Dots on the P228 are about 75% as bright as the HDs on the P226. Nice surprise, I was expecting them to be dead from age like the night sights that came on my P226. Now I just need some of those Mec-Gar 15-round mags. For now I can use all my P226 mags which is a nice feature as I have a bunch of the 18-round flush-fit P226 mags.

    There isn't a single thing I would change about this pistol, everything is perfect! I completely understand the cult following now!


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    Last edited: May 9, 2013
  2. allaroundhunter

    allaroundhunter Well-Known Member

    Beautiful gun to be sure, and I am jealous! Keep on shooting it, you aren't going to wear out that collector's piece!
  3. bannockburn

    bannockburn Well-Known Member

    I had one years ago and I used it almost exclusively for testing my handloads at the range. The gun would feed anything with complete reliability and had outstanding accuracy. Enjoy your new SIG.
  4. Arkansas Paul

    Arkansas Paul Well-Known Member

    Love me some Sigs. Right now I only have a SP2022 and I like it very much.
    I want a 220 though.
    Great guns. I'm super jealous.
  5. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    Here's a shot of the night sights, Tru Dots on the P228 on the left, Trijicon HDs (2012 manufacture) on the P226 on the right:


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  6. Fremmer

    Fremmer Well-Known Member

    Nice pistol, congrats!
  7. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    Thanks, as a bonus the P228 fits just fine in my IWB holster I use for my P226, but I don't intend to carry it. It's too beautiful. I've been eyeballing the M11-A1 as a hard-use gun, because I like the size though I know they are not true P228s and are looked down upon by the P228 aficionados.
  8. Hurryin' Hoosier

    Hurryin' Hoosier Well-Known Member

    If it has a 1994 date code, I wonder why its says West Germany. Reunification took place in 1990.
  9. Rubber_Duck

    Rubber_Duck Well-Known Member

    Hurryin' Hoosier,

    Not sure exactly but it isn't a fluke. There are literally thousands of Sig P226s, P228s, and P220s made after 1990 that are stamped "W. Germany."
  10. JDR

    JDR Well-Known Member

    Enjoy yours; I really wish I hadn't sold mine.

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